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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or two, you’ve likely seen display advertising like the example below across numerous sites all over the internet.

They are eye catching, have killer headlines and are making site owners millions of dollars in the process.

Ayboll is one of the ad networks behind this type of native advertising, which gives site owners the opportunity to generate passive income with their traffic and also not having to rely on traditional methods such as banner advertising and Google Adsense.

It’s one of our favorite Adsense alternatives, by the way.

Though this type of advertising might be more visually appealing and drives a much higher click through rate… the monetization factor is still the same — which is getting paid when your site visitors take action.

An Overview Of Display Advertising

Ayboll sponsore advertising

The concept behind this type of advertising is simple… add a short code to your site and Ayboll will start rotating different ads for users to see.

Should any of your site visitors click on any of the ads, they will then be sent over to another web site or article.

This is where the money comes in — if the site visitor then takes action on any of the sites (lead or purchase), your site would then earn a 50% commission.

Now I’m sure the thought of getting paid on a per lead basis might turn some of your off, but it can actually work out in your favor for a few different reasons.

  • More people are going to click on these ads because they are engaging and attention grabbing
  • Commissions on some of these offers range in the in $50-$100+ range
  • The ads are in rotation to show the best converting offers

Ayboll is continually adding new ad campaign and campaigns to their network all the time… as the more you earn, the more they earn as well.

The concept is very similar to Google Adsense, in that you just need to place a line of code on your site and let the advertising platform do the rest.

Are Blogs Earning Money With Ayboll?

Ayboll is making a decent amount of money for both themselves and the sites they are advertising on.

As mentioned, they want the ads to perform extremely well, as it backs out to them earning more as well.

After talking with the team over at Ayboll, they sent over a screenshot from one of their top partners who is running their ads.

The $2o0+ a day in earnings is nice, but the $12.12 RPM is what’s more important to look at.

The placement for this advertising was also done near the bottom of the page and in addition to other monetization on the site, which is always good.

rsz ayboll revenue screenshot min

Network-wide stats for Ayboll also show there are over 2,000 premium advertisers being rotated through all of the advertising, and their is an average eCPM of $6 for US based traffic.

Site owners also won’t have to worry about fill rate, as it’s always at 100% since the campaigns are all on a performance basis.

The Simple Process Of Making Money With Ayboll

Just like Ezoic, Google Adsense or Media.net, the process for going live with Ayboll is very simple.

First, you will need to create an account at https://ayboll.com. Click on “Sign Up” or “Get Widget”.

After signing up, you can then access your dashboard area, where you can then add your web sites / blog and grab your ad code.

ayboll widget creation

When adding your sites and create your ad block, you can choose between Safe, Moderate and 18+ ads to appear on your site.

You can also play around with the sizing (based on columns and rows) to fit your site. Most sites are using Ayboll at the end of their regular blog content.

As you continue to customize the look and feel of your ad placements, you will see a preview like the one below.

Ayboll Widget Preview

As with all on-site advertising, the last thing you need to do is grab your install code and place it on your site.

Place one code at the head of your site and the other where you would like your advertising to appear.

Ayboll Widget Code

Once the code is placed on your site, Ayboll will start delivering ads immediately.

You can then back into the members area at any time to see what your current stats look like.

Boosting Blog Revenue with Ayboll

As with all blog monetization, it’s all about testing and seeing what works best.

If you have an entertainment or general audience blog with a lot of traffic, I could see Ayboll performing pretty well because of the type of ads they have and the high click through rates across the board.

The important thing to remember is that the network is based off a performance model and that your site earns a commission when someone takes action.

This means you could be serving thousands of impressions on your site and not seeing any revenue, but once a lead does come through, your eCPM could jump drastically.

To get started with Ayboll, you can creeate an account, setup your widget and start serving ads immediately.

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