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  • DocuSign ensures the security & mobility to digitally transform businesses. Sign docs for free.

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As the world moves toward greener lifestyles, corporations seek business practices that optimize their workflow yet are easy on the environment.

DocuSign is a company aiming to eliminate the need for mounds of paperwork.

The days of stuffing papers into jam-packed file cabinets can stay in the past.

With DocuSign, everything is electronic and easy to store online.

Paper clutter is gone!

Businesses using DocuSign find joy in saving paper and keeping all their agreements digital.

DocuSign at a Glance

Here is a brief overview of DocuSign.

  • Market Segment: DocuSign’s market segment is those who frequently deal with extensive paperwork/agreements.
  • Best For: DocuSign is best for businesses and employees who frequently complete contracts and other paperwork.
  • Plans & Pricing: DocuSign offers three core plans for its eSignature features.
    • Personal: $120 annually
    • Standard: $300 annually
    • Business Pro: $480 annually
    • Enhanced Plans: contact the sales team to discuss plans

DocuSign offers its plans as monthly installments at an increased rate.

DocuSign also provides plans and pricing specific to real estate agents and agencies.

There are also plans for developers.

What Is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an electronic paperwork organization software offering simple methods of managing agreements.

What Is DocuSign Used for?

DocuSign allows its users to successfully manage their paperwork and agreements in a safe, secure online environment.

DocuSign eliminates the need for piles of papers to negotiate deals.

DocuSign uses eSignature, which allows customers to sign documents electronically.

People can use DocuSign on phones, tablets, and computers.

The days of needing a pen and paper to reach a contractual agreement are gone.

How DocuSign Works

Users of the popular paperwork replacement need only sign up for the account plan that works best for them.

A user then creates a new project of documents, called an “envelope,” and will upload the paperwork to be signed.

DocuSign gives total power to the user to determine what goes where.

The user can indicate where signatures, names, dates, and other important information are needed.

The user then determines who will be the recipient of the document, and the system sends it out.

The recipient reviews and fills out their information into the document before sending it back.

Even if the recipient does not have an account with DocuSign, they will still be able to fill out, sign, and return the paperwork to the original creator.

Notable Features of DocuSign

DocuSign offers many features that stand out, but here are five that customers love.

1. Electronic Signature

The number one use of DocuSign’s services is to sign documents and paperwork electronically.

The eSignature solution gives employee productivity a boost by saving time and paper.

All parties involved may quickly complete and sign from anywhere at any time.

All signatures captured electronically are legally binding and permissible in court, should the need arise.

2. Authentication

DocuSign’s ability to allow clients to sign from anywhere comes with added security.

DocuSign allows creators to add authentication settings to ensure that the person signing the document is the intended audience.

Users can require signers to prove their identity through email address, access or SMS code, phone, or ID verification.

Any authentication steps the creator assigns will require completion by the client before document access.

3. Document Creation

DocuSign is compatible with all of the common file types.

Word documents, PDF files, slides, and spreadsheets from multiple programs will work with their interface.

Users can allow signers to do almost anything they wish with their documents.

Signatures aren’t the only feature.

Users can collect names, dates, company names, titles, and currency.

The document can collect comments from either party if needed.

DocuSign also allows the insertion of drawings or pictures.

4. Archiving

DocuSign allows users to create, send, and store paperwork directly inside the interface.

Users of the platform can download and store their signed documents in a separate location.

However, DocuSign offers the ability to store all agreements and other completed paperwork in their cloud.

This feature frees storage space on computers and external hard drives.

Users can access their former paperwork at any time in DocuSign.

5. Reports

For any company, data tracking is crucial to driving the business forward.

DocuSign gives users access to information such as the status of documents, recipient information, rate of completion, and more.

Overall the reports help customers understand how productive their business is using DocuSign.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements To Use DocuSign?

Anyone can use DocuSign’s services, as their basic plan is ideal for single users.

People can use DocuSign for personal or business-related services.

How Much Does DocuSign Cost?

There are quite a few options for pricing, depending on the intended use for DocuSign.


The basic eSignature packages provide use for most of DocuSign’s features.

These packages are most common for user subscriptions.


The basic plan is offered at $120 annually (or monthly at $15) and includes the basic features.

These users can send up to five documents per month.


The Standard Plan is $300 annually (or monthly at $45).

The plan adds the ability to share documents with coworkers, add comments, view detailed reports, and include company branding on documents.

Business Pro

Business Pro is $480 annually (or monthly at $65).

This executive level adds additional authentication ability, bulk sending capability, and the ability to collect payments from signers.

Real Estate Use

DocuSign for Real Estate offers specialized services for real estate agents/agencies.

Real Estate Starter

This plan is similar to the Personal package in many ways.

Agents will be able to access all standard real estate forms.

The only requirement is for agents to verify their National Association of Realtors (NAR) membership.

DocuSign For REALTORS®

This plan is $240 annually (or monthly at $35).

This price is an exclusive rate for members of NAR.

This plan adds the same features in the Business Pro plan along with the ability to integrate zipForm® Plus.

NAR members can also enjoy REALTOR® logo branding in their documents.

Real Estate

This plan is $300 annually (or monthly at $45).

Surprisingly, this plan has all the same features as the former but excludes zipForm® or logo branding.

It may not make sense for agencies to utilize this plan.

API Usage Plans

Developers and those working with an application programming interface (API) have a few plans to select.


This plan is free of charge.

DocuSign offers this plan to developers wishing to test the platform’s features.

This plan allows developers to see if working with DocuSign is a good plan.


The Starter pack provides basic features for $600 annually (or $65 monthly).

Developers may create up to 40 envelopes per month, access unlimited templates, use additional authentication, and conduct transactions in multiple languages.


The Intermediate plan is $3,600 annually (or $450 monthly).

The plan tacks on the ability to embed agreements to a company’s website, add company branding to emails, and view real-time reports.


The final developer plan is $5,760 annually (or $720 monthly).

The Advanced plan allows users to bulk-send agreements, create PowerForms for commonly-used forms, and access DocuSign Connect.

DocuSign Connect transports agreements back to company pages once they are signed.

screenshot of the docusign pricing table

Does DocuSign Have An Enterprise Version Available?

DocuSign offers a few added plans that require users to schedule a call with the company.

  • eSignature Enhanced: Additional customizations added to the features from basic plans are available here.
  • Enhanced Real Estate Brokerage Plans: This plan adds even more features than the top-level real estate plans.
  • Enterprise Offerings for API Usage: Enterprises seeking additional customization and larger volume capacity are encouraged to seek more information.

DocuSign Savings & Promotions

In addition to the many plans and prices already offered, DocuSign does have a few ways to save money.

Does DocuSign Have a Free Trial?

DocuSign offers its eSignature plan for a 30-day free trial.

Does DocuSign Offer Coupon Codes?

DocuSign does, occasionally, offer discount/promo codes.

Users can access the codes above pricing plans on their website.

Does DocuSign Have a Lifetime Deal?

DocuSign does not offer a lifetime deal on its website.

However, users who wish to use DocuSign for the basic signing of paperwork may use the platform for free.

This option is unlimited but only allows for document signing, sending, and storing.

Who Are DocuSign’s Main Alternatives?

DocuSign has a few competitors on the market.

Here are the top three companies providing a similar service to DocuSign.

1. Acrobat Sign

Acrobat Sign offers many of the same features as DocuSign.

Users can sign documents electronically, add branding to emails and paperwork, and bulk-sending.

Acrobat Sign also integrates with leading corporations, meaning users can add the software to the programs already in place.

While Acrobat and DocuSign have many things in common, they may serve different audiences.

Acrobat Sign seems to be the best fit for smaller businesses.

They do not offer as many plans and features for their users as DocuSign does.

Acrobat Sign does not market itself specifically toward real estate agents either.

DocuSign would be a better choice for larger companies and enterprises.

2. HelloSign

HelloSign is another high-powered software for capturing electronic signatures.

HelloSign specifically markets itself as being a better option than DocuSign.

In addition to offering electronic signatures, HelloSign features mobile forms and online faxing services.

The company provides support teams for API users.

HelloSign provides more languages than DocuSign, and its most basic plan is free of charge.

However, they do not offer 24/7 customer service where DocuSign does.

Companies unsure of which option to choose would be wise to test both options.

3. signNow

signNow is yet another electronic service for signing paperwork and agreements.

signNow is unique from our predecessors because it markets itself to a larger audience.

The website offers methods of use in healthcare, education, government, insurance, construction, and others.

signNow offers fewer plans with more features than Docusign.

signNow is also a bit more affordable to use.

However, several of DocuSign’s features make it more marketable to specific audiences.

Components such as automatic placement, ability to modify documents, and workspaces make DocuSign the winner for best features.

How Does DocuSign Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

DocuSign markets itself as one of the more versatile options for electronic paperwork needs.

The company works to provide fast, secure, and easy-to-use software for the most basic or complex business needs.

Who Is DocuSign Best for?

DocuSign is best for businesses, corporations, agencies, or anyone who works with contractual agreements.

Why Is DocuSign Best for Contractual Agreements?

DocuSign has gone out of its way to make its product the stand-out choice.

The features offered are world-class and make business easy for all who use their services.

Is DocuSign Easy To Use?

DocuSign is easy to use.

Due to the product’s varying levels aimed at differentiated groups, DocuSign is the easiest choice of software for anyone.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Here are two features that stand out as user favorites.

Transactions Anytime

DocuSign provides its software for 24/7 use.

There are no boundaries to when and where a person or business can use DocuSign.

Their mobile app is available on all operating systems, making it universal.

Reminders & Expirations

DocuSign will send reminders to all parties involved in agreements.

This feature gives a gentle nudge to the signer that they are running out of time to complete their paperwork.

If too much time passes, the document will expire, adding additional security to agreements.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Here are two features that may cause frustration for users.

No Edits to Documents

DocuSign allows users to edit tools specific to the platform.

However, users cannot alter the original text of an uploaded document.

The user must edit the source and then re-upload the revised version.

This process can be tedious and frustrating.

Levels of Support

DocuSign offers 24/7 support, but only if you pay for it.

Specific plans include all-day support, but not all of them.

Depending on circumstances, this may or may not be an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common queries users have when using DocuSign.

Guide to Freelance Contracts

How Does DocuSign Get My Signature?

Depending on the device, users may capture signatures with a mouse, stylus, or even your finger!

Can I DocuSign a PDF?

Yes, PDF files may be uploaded and used in an envelope.

The interface allows users to insert a wide range of tools into a PDF file.

How Safe Is DocuSign?

DocuSign offers bank-level security to all customers.

Their document protection is top-notch.

Wrapping Up

DocuSign offers the world a high-class method of completing paperwork and agreements.

Businesses no longer require employees to stand at the copy machine for hours during every business deal.

DocuSign saves time and paper for everyone!

DocuSign is perfect for users with the most basic or complex needs.

Users will enjoy their catalog of options and ease of access.

As the world moves to more efficient means of accomplishing tasks, DocuSign is the proactive business partner everyone needs and deserves.

Please be sure to leave us a review in the review section below!

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DocuSign is the original paperless way to sign documents. Easier and faster than printing, mailing, faxing, and copying a paper document, DocuSign offers easily integrated signatures on legal documents. Whether you have a small company or an enterprise, DocuSign is the highest-rated way to get contracts signed.
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  • Clunky user interface
  • Difficult to edit completed documents
  • No space for drawing signature
  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • A limited free trial


  • Wide range of applications
  • Legally binding contracts
  • Easily editable before sending
  • Hundreds of integrations
  • 24/7 customer support
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