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As the world of technology continues to evolve, so does how we use it.

Day-to-day communications between people are made simple through advancing technology.

Smartphones, text messaging, and video conferencing are things we once deemed as “futuristic.”

Video calls are one of the most popular ways to keep in touch with others.

Virtual meeting platforms are moving to the forefront of society’s workforce as companies and businesses shift toward a more virtual working structure.

One such software is Google Meet, and countless users have found it to be an enjoyable experience.

Google Meet at a Glance

While Google Meet is accessible for free to anyone on the internet, there is a target audience Google tries to reach.

Market Segment: Small & mid-sized businesses

Best For: Small and quick meetings

Plans and Pricing: Google offers several price plans to suit many needs and purposes.

  • Business Starter: $6 per user per month
  • Business Standard: $12 per user per month
  • Business Plus: $18 per user per month

What Is Google Meet?

Google Meet is Google Workspace’s application that provides instant video conferencing between individuals.

People use Google Meet for a variety of reasons.

Businesses can host daily meetings, while teachers can use it to teach virtual classes.

People can use it to connect with those they can’t meet in person.

In the world of social distancing, people have turned to Google Meet more than ever.

What was once software only specific people found useful has become an integral component of everyday life for many individuals.

What Is Google Meet Used For?

Google Meet helps people connect when meeting in person is not the ideal option.

The software provides people with ease of communication from just about anywhere.

People can create, start, or join virtual meetings from anywhere and on various devices.

Google Meet makes connection a little easier and safer for everyone involved.

How Google Meet Works

Google Meet works about as simply as any video conferencing software could.

It is one of the best options for software to help manage meetings.

Depending on your role (host or attendee), the experience may differ slightly.

Hosts create a meeting by opening their Google Calendar to create/schedule a call.

They may also head to the Google Meet main page and start a new meet from scratch.

Once a host starts a meeting, anyone invited may join.

People begin communicating as soon as they enter the meeting interface.

Hosts reserve all control over participants in the call and can end the meeting at any time.

While participants cannot access as many features as hosts, they will find the Google Meet interface user-friendly.

All those who use Google Meet will enjoy fast communication in a business-forward virtual environment.

Despite Google Meet giving businesses fantastic meeting spaces, people have found all types of purposes for virtual meeting software.

Notable Features of Google Meet

People trust the Google name for many things.

Google Meet adds to that trust by providing several key features in their meeting interface that users love.

1. Breakout Rooms

Meeting hosts or moderators can split their meeting attendees into small groups and send them into a private sidebar meeting to discuss topics and work together.

Attendees have all the same features in breakout rooms that they would if they were in the original meeting space.

Hosts enjoy the ability to pop in and out of any breakout room at any time.

Hosts may also set a timer for breakout rooms which effectively closes all rooms and brings all participants back to the original meeting space at their conclusion.

This feature is helpful for teachers who wish to provide group work time or businesses that split their employees into private committees.

2. Polls

Meeting moderators can host a poll for meeting attendees to vote on a particular topic.

The quick data gathered from these polls can provide the host with the information and data they need.

Participants may cast votes anonymously, or they can share their information, depending on settings put forth by the host.

Poll information gets deleted upon the meeting ending, but Google emails polling data to the host afterward.

3. Hand Raise

Sometimes, it’s good to know that participants have something to add to the discussion without the undesirable interruption of cutting conversation.

Google created the “hand raise” feature to allow participants to signify that they wish to speak.

Google Meet sends a small notification to the host without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

The host can “lower” everyone’s hands whenever they wish.

4. Attendance Tracking

Hosts can track who attended their meetings thanks to a new feature.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Google sends the host an email with a link to a Google Sheet.

The sheet contains the name, emails, and timestamps of everyone who attended the meeting.

It lists the time attendees joined the call and the time in which they left for good.

Attendees who leave and rejoin multiple times won’t be marked any differently than those who were at the meeting consistently.

However, Google will include the duration of time a particular attendee logged into the call.

5. Live Streaming

Depending on the price plan purchased, hosts can live stream their Google Meet so people can watch a meeting without being active participants.

Moderators can control who has access to view the live stream during its broadcast.

Google allows recording of the live stream event, which means people can view the video later and as many times as they would like.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Google Meet?

The most basic requirement to use Google Meet as a participant is a device connected to the internet.

Users may join a meeting from their phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

Hosts must have a Google Workspace account before they can create a meeting.

How Much Does Google Meet Cost?

Depending on customer needs, Google Workspace offers a few plans to suit the needs of any potential user.

  • Business Starter: The Business Starter package is Google Workspace’s basic plan. This package allows users to host meetings with a maximum of 100 participants. This plan also includes several other features of Google Workspace and costs $6 monthly per user.
  • Business Standard: The Business Standard package slightly improves upon the Starter pack. This plan offers an additional 50 participants to host meetings and considerable extra cloud storage. Video recording is also available to people at this level, and the plan costs $12 monthly per user.
  • Business Plus: The Business Plus plan is ideal for large corporations or companies. These subscribers can host a maximum of 500 participants in a single Google Meet. At this level, Google provides attendance tracking to hosts, and the plan costs $18 monthly per user.
screenshot of the google meet pricing table

Does Google Meet Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Yes, Google Workspace offers an Enterprise package to customers.

This package includes top-notch features of Google Meet, including noise-cancellation, live-streaming, and endless cloud storage.

Google doesn’t openly list prices for this plan.

Instead, they urge those interested to contact their sales department.

Google Meet Promotions & Savings

For those unsure whether Google is the right company to subscribe to, there are a few ways to check it out before spending too much money.

Does Google Meet Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Google Workspace offers a free 14-day trial of its services.

This trial period includes some of Google’s best features, such as Meet, Docs, Sheets, and more.

Does Google Meet Offer Coupon Codes?

At this time, Google Meet does not have or offer any coupons or discount codes.

Does Google Meet Have a Lifetime Deal?

Google Workspace does not offer any lifetime deal.

Users may subscribe to their plan for as long as they wish.

Does Google Meet Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

Google Meet does not offer any discounts or promotions around the holiday season.

Who Are Google Meet’s Main Alternatives?

No company is without its competition.

Luckily, Google Meet has been proactive and stayed competitive in its market.

Here are the top competitors for Google Meet.

1. YouTube

YouTube has been a top competitor for any video application or software for over a decade.

illustration showing a hand holding a mobile phone with a youtube subscribe button popping out of it

The video streaming service is one of the most visited websites in history, and users can get lost for hours in endless content.

YouTube provides more than just binge-watching opportunities for users.

Live streaming is a key draw for the service, which can directly compete with one of Google Meet’s features.

However, YouTube does not offer any virtual meeting space, giving Google Meet an advantage.

2. Microsoft Teams

A competitor more on-level with Google Meet’s services is Microsoft Teams.

microsoftteams homepage screenshot 1

Microsoft launched its virtual meeting software in 2017 and paved the way for users with brand loyalty to host and attend meetings.

Microsoft Teams has many of the same features as Google Meet.

Meeting hosts can share screens and open chat rooms for participants to add input.

Microsoft Teams focuses on creating an environment where everyone has a voice.

This focus pays off well, but some of their features may turn potential clients away.

All participants can access certain features they do not have in Google Meet.

Host control is a feature Google Meet boasts more than Microsoft Teams.

3. Zoom

Perhaps the best-known name to emerge from the pandemic, Zoom has become a staple in many households in the 2020s.

zoom homepage screenshot 1

Zoom is easily Google Meet’s biggest competitor.

Offering many of the same features as Google Meet, Zoom allows users to create, host, and attend virtual meetings from anywhere and on (almost) any device.

Despite this, Google Meet is among top-rated Zoom alternatives.

This is because many people already subscribe to Google Workspace or consistently use one (or many) other Google products daily.

How Does Google Meet Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Google Meet is a subsidiary of Google Workspace.

When someone signs up for Google Workspace, they get more than just virtual meetings.

Customers of Google Workspace have instant access to word processing, spreadsheets, form creation, calendar organization, and so much more.

By signing up for Google, getting work done becomes simple and practical.

Who Is Google Meet Best For?

Google Meet is best for anyone who needs to host a virtual meeting.

No matter the meeting type or purpose, users will find the ease of access to an array of tools and features that aim to make connection easy.

Why Is Google Meet Best for Virtual Meetings?

With the trusted and familiar name of Google attached to the title, customers know they are in good hands.

Google is a pioneer in the realm of technology.

The company dedicates itself to progressive, proactive technology that works with and for the customer.

Google Meet is no exception to this.

Is Google Meet Easy To Use?

Anyone who has ever used Google Meet can attest to its simplicity.

Though its features may be vast, Google Meet is very easy to use.

Navigating the meeting interface is easy, and Google offers support to customers around the clock.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

While Google Meet offers many favorite features, here are two that truly stand out.

  • Background Blur: While working from home can be nice, worrying about what is in the background can be annoying and time-consuming. Google Meet allows participants to blur their backgrounds so only the person in the camera is visible.
  • Tiled Layout: It’s always nice to see who you are meeting! Google Meet allows a participant to see up to 49 people on their meeting screen at once. This feature allows participants to see each other, leading to more collaboration in meetings.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Even the best fall down sometimes.

Here are two things Google Meet users find frustrating.

  • Screen Sharing: Sometimes, sharing part of your screen with others is necessary. While Google Meet offers this feature, it can lead to lagging and computer freezes. It can also be hard to discern between the options of sharing just one tab or the entirety of your screen.
  • Limitations: When someone is not in the “trusted organization” of a meeting host, they must receive permission to enter the meeting. Hosts must approve every person who requests to join or needs access granted. This task can cause confusion and frustration for participants and hosts alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about Google Meet and its features?

Here are the most typical questions asked about Google Meet.

Is Google Meet free?

People can use Google Meet for free!

As long as the host has a Google account, they can meet with a maximum of 100 people for a 60-minute time limit.

Is there a time limit in Google Meet?

Users with a Google Workspace account can host a meeting for as long as they wish!

Wrapping Up

As the world continues to find ways to communicate more effectively, we can be sure that virtual meetings are here to stay.

Google Meet has given the world an impressive treat in its ability to connect people near and far.

Users find joy in seeing their loved ones on their screens and also in being able to bring the office home.

Google Meet works to bring the world a little closer together from afar.

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