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  • iWriter is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to have content written for your website.

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The market for freelance writers has never been more competitive.

Those who possess the writing talents and seek to work from home have a plethora of writing opportunities (literally) at their fingertips.

Any experienced freelance writer knows that with countless opportunities, it’s necessary to do the proper research to determine which route is best.

Some writers choose to obtain work through a freelance platform.

Other writers may work directly with specific, individual clients.

One particular writing platform, iWriter, has offered a unique approach to providing work for writers and has garnered the attention of thousands.

iWriter At A Glance

  • Market Segment: Clients needing high-quality SEO content
  • Best For: Writers seeking flexible projects
  • Plans And Pricing:
    • iWriter’s pricing plans are their wages for writers.
      When requesters submit projects, they also add funding to their projects.
      The money the requesters add to their projects is what pays the writers who accept and complete the work according to the project instructions.
    • Writers earn the ability to advance payment tiers as a result of quality writing and high ratings from requesters.
      The tiers for writers are:
  1. Standard – all writers begin here
  2. Premium – writers with a minimum of 4.1 stars after 25 reviews
  3. Elite – writers with a minimum of 4.6 stars after 30 reviews
  4. Elite Plus – writers with a minimum of 4.8 stars after 40 reviews

As writers submit content, requesters leave reviews of the writer’s skills.

Once writers complete a minimum of thirty articles, iWriter may promote them to the next payment tier if their rating maintains a specific level.

What Is iWriter?

iWriter is an online exchange platform that provides clients with a database to post writing projects they need for their company.

It also gives writers a home base from which to gain work.

iWriter offers simple ways for clients to find skilled writers to complete their blog posts, SEO-driven articles, eBooks, and more.

What Is iWriter Used For?

iWriter is a connection portal between clients and writers.

Clients create and post projects and request a writer.

The writers browse available projects and select the ones they wish to write.

The platform gives clients an easy way to post projects that require skilled writers.

It also provides freelance writers a way to claim work and earn money on their schedule and at their discretion.

iWriter is a fantastic way for skilled or starting writers to make money doing what they love.

How iWriter Works

Clients who utilize iWriter, called “requesters,” post detailed descriptions of their project(s).

They include details in their instructions such as headings, target keywords, and the layout they require for their article.

Once requesters post their projects, they are immediately available for freelance writers hired by iWriter to claim.

The writers follow the directions given by requesters and complete the order in a timely fashion.

The requester will then review what the writer has produced.

They can either accept or reject the article as written.

If the project is accepted, the writer gets paid and the transaction is complete.

If the requester determines the written work is not what they requested, payment does not occur.

The project will be available for a different writer to claim.

Requesters can expect to have their articles written by writers who have had to pass skill tests and prove their ability to craft high-quality, well-written work.

Writers employed by iWriter can find the flexibility to write and work as much or little as they want.

There are incentives to work harder and produce writing that exceeds expectations, such as rate increases and the ability to select more complex projects.

Notable Features Of iWriter

Here are some of the most important iWriter features

1. Writer Portal

A freelance writing platform would be nothing without its writers.

iWriter does a fantastic job of providing a beautiful, user-friendly home screen for its writers.

Writers can see all their progress and browse through projects available to be claimed.

Writers can also see how many of their projects are currently in draft, pending approval, rejected, or completed.

The system displays the income the writer has earned.

Payments are made to writers once the writer has made at least $20.

iWriter pays its writers through PayPal, so writers will provide their account information before receiving payment.

2. Requester Portal

iWriter has made it extremely simple to post projects to the website.

Their requester portal is easy for all users.

When requesters create new projects, they set their prices, including detailed instructions for the writer, list target and secondary keywords, and provide the required word count.

Requesters instruct the writer as to what tone should be set by the article.

They also detail the purpose of the article. The more information the requester provides, the better!

iWriter informs the requester when a writer has claimed their article.

The system also notifies them of when the writer has completed the project.

The requester can then download the written work and determine if they will accept or reject the article. The requester can also request a rewrite from the writer if they choose.

As an added perk, requesters can choose which writers will be able to write their content.

A requester can send the article to all writers or only those with Premium or Elite status.

3. Content Syndication

If the requester seeks exposure for their content, they came to the correct place!

iWriter offers content syndication as a feature for its clients for $49.

iWriter guarantees to show your content on more than 300 news stations.

Stations such as ABC, NBC, FOX, and several other high-profile names are networks iWriter will send content.

4. Favorite Writers List

In addition to requesters being able to send writing requests to specific tiers of writers, they can also build a list of their preferred writers.

The writer has a reason to work harder to provide quality content.

The payoff could mean more consistent, familiar work with a requester who enjoys their work.

The requester has peace of mind knowing the writer is familiar with what they need and how to get it done.

5. Opportunity for Great Income

iWriter provides a visual model of how their writers earn money as their projects are accepted.

Upon first glance, the writers who are just starting might feel a little discouraged, given that rates for projects may not be as high as opportunities they have found elsewhere.

However, as writers advance along the tiers of writing (premium, elite, elite-plus) they begin to earn more money for the same amount of words written.

A writer just starting their journey on iWriter will notice that a requester will only pay $3.30 for a 500-word article.

This means that the writer will not earn much money for this piece.

However, as the writer publishes high-quality content that requesters need, they’ll move up the ladder. That same writer will begin to earn much more money for the same amount of words written.

Writers can also earn tips from requesters and a commission on an article.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use iWriter?

The application asks the writers to input basic information and allows them to link to their social media accounts.

The application will also ask the writer to answer two 200-word questions.

The first question asks the applicant to tell iWriter about themself.

The writer also should explain why they want to write for the website.

The second question is a mini-project in which they can showcase their writing and researching abilities.

iWriter requires the writer to provide 100% original work.

How Much Does iWriter Cost?

iWriter is available for use at no added fee or charge to the requester.

The requester only pays money when they accept an article.


Requesters submit projects for the lowest price.

These projects will be available to all writers on iWriter.


The requester will pay about double the cost for an article at this level.

Only writers who have reached premium status can claim these articles.


The price continues to increase as do the ratings of potential writers.

Elite Plus

The highest-rated writers are the only ones who can write these articles.

These are the most expensive articles on the website.

Screen Shot 2022 07 12 at 11.50.55 AM

The pricing plan is available via their company website.

Does iWriter Have An Enterprise Version Available?

No, there is no Enterprise version available on iWriter.

All requesters pay the same amount regardless of volume.

iWriter Promotions and Savings

As with any platform, it’s always good to learn about potential offers.

Does iWriter Have A Free Trial?

There are no trial periods of any kind on the iWriter website.

Does iWriter Offer Coupon Codes?

No, iWriter does not offer any coupons or discount codes.

Does iWriter Have A Lifetime Deal?

iWriter does not offer any deals or discounts to those who intend to use it long-term.

However, given that there are no monthly or annual fees, a requester can use the program for as long as they desire!

Who Are iWriter’s Main Alternatives?

There are other alternatives to iWriter for freelance writers.

1. WebFX

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that works with clients, companies, and enterprises.

Their goal is to market companies to a global audience.

The difference between WebFX and iWriter is that iWriter focuses almost solely on articles and SEO-driven published content.

WebFX provides an array of services.

These services include digital advertising and management, social media advertising, website design, and more.

Clients who need only articles written and do not require major projects or advertising may not require WebFX.

WebFX seems ideal for large enterprises needing assistance from a strong marketing agency.

2. Copify

Copify offers a closer resemblance to the interface of iWriter.

Copify brands themselves as “copywriting made easy.”

Their services include website content, blogging, article writing, email writing, and more.

Copify offers a few more services than iWriter, with a focus on SEO-driven content.

Copify differs in pricing, in that they charge a flat rate per word ($0.06) rather than offering various tiers.

They do not provide a syndication service.

3. Scripted

Scripted is another close competitor to iWriter because it focuses on written content.

Its platform is similar.

Clients post projects they need to be written.

Freelance writers pick up work as they choose.

Scripted pays up to ten cents per word.

Clients pay monthly fees to request and submit work.

While writers claim to love working for them, several clients have posted scathing reviews online regarding how impossible it can be to cancel their subscription.

How Does iWriter Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Requesters can post projects and payments. Freelance writers can pick up work as they see fit.

There are opportunities for advancement for writers.

There are opportunities for business relationships between requesters and clients.

iWriter has seemingly made it their mission to make the entire process as simple as possible for everyone involved.

Who Is iWriter Best For?

iWriter will be the best option for clients seeking highly qualified writers who provide the best writing and SEO-driven content.

Given its simplicity, iWriter will be best for small companies and businesses.

It will also be the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who don’t require full-blown marketing strategies.

iWriter is also ideal for writers who seek to build clientele and earn decent money.

Why Is iWriter Best For SEO Content?

iWriter gives all the power to the requester.

If the requester is detailed in their directions, the writer will be able to provide everything required.

iWriter makes it easy for requesters to attain high-level articles.

Is iWriter Easy To Use?

iWriter presents itself as a very easy-to-use platform.

Prices and applications are readily available for writers and requesters.

There are explanation videos available to walk everyone through the process.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Here are the user’s favorite features.

Favorites List

Requesters love that they can work with writers they have previous experience with.

They know that the articles these writers will produce are ones they can trust.

Increases in Pay

Writers love that as they produce quality content, they can advance in the payment scale.

The payment tiers provide additional motivation for writers.

iWriter provides more customer reviews on their website.

What Features Do Some Find Frustrating?

Here are the user’s frustrations.

Low Starting Pay

Freelance writing is a competitive market, making it difficult to earn decent money.

Some writers may find it frustrating to earn such low wages when they are just beginning their journey with iWriter.

Claims Of High Earnings

iWriter claims on their homepage that writers can earn up to $80 per 500 words.

However, upon looking at their pricing plans, this can be misleading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding Writer.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a piece of paper and another hand writing on it, with crumpled papers on the side for the what to write header image

Is iWriter Accepting New Writers?

iWriter is always actively accepting applications for freelance writers.

Hopeful writers need only visit their website and click on the “write content” tab.

This tab opens the writer application.

How Good Is iWriter?

iWriter is an excellent solution for those in need of high-quality SEO content.

Writers have proven their ability to produce content that clients want.

Requesters know that the writers who accept their projects will fulfill their needs.

Wrapping Up

iWriter is perfect for those seeking an effective solution for their SEO needs.

It may not offer all the bells and whistles that a full-blown marketing agency will provide.

However, the services it offers will satisfy the needs of writers and clients alike.

iWriter has proven itself able to provide a quality, risk-free environment.

There are no risks of being scammed and clients get what their money’s worth.

Writers can improve their skills and earn money accordingly.

In the end, iWriter is one of the best platforms for writers and SEO-driven clients.

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