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In this modern era, convenience is everything, a concept that Mailshake understands perfectly.

Mailshake is a company that specializes in allowing its users to send mass emails.

This ability is essential for many businesses and organizations in the current market, so Mailshake is definitely worth your consideration.

As a company, Mailshake offers a wide selection of different services, all tailored to help your online bulk emailing experience run as smoothly as possible.

Mailshake is also widely compatible with thousands of apps, ensuring compatibility with users.

Mailshake at a Glance

  • Market Segment: Small businesses
  • Best For: Mass-email users
  • Plans & Pricing: Mailshake offers two different plans on their website for flexibility:
    • “Email Outreach” plan starts at $44 a user per month.
      Some of the features that this plan offers are an email warm-up service (normally $29 each month), AI email writing with the company’s SHAKEspeare technology, and 1000+ integrations via Zapier.
    • “Sales Engagement” plan, starting at $75 a user per month.
      Mailshake’s “Sales Engagement” offers everything in their Email Outreach plan, a power phone dialer, unlimited free dialer minutes to North American phone numbers, and 10,000 list-cleaning credits monthly.

What Is Mailshake?

Mailshake is a sales engagement platform primarily used to send bulk emails.

It can also be integrated into thousands of apps, making it an effective tool for engaging with phone users and social media.

How Mailshake Works

First, Mailshake needs to be connected to your email account.

From there, you will need to set up your “Sending Calendar Rules” so Mailshake will send out the right amount of emails daily.

Your signature needs to be set up next, after which you are ready to start your first campaign.

Notable Features of Mailshake

Mailshake has several notable features which make it advantageous for launching mass email campaigns.

1. SHAKEspeare AI Email Writer

One of the most noticeable features of Mailshake is the SHAKEspeare AI Email Writer, the artificial intelligence that comes free with every Mailshake account.

Powered by information from thousands of campaigns, SHAKEspeare is suited for most tasks.

2. Sales, Public Relations, and Link Building

Mailshake is also great for sales, PR, and link building.

It can be personalized for sales prospecting, offers efficient PR templates, and takes the grind out of link building.

If there is something you need in any of these three areas, Mailshake has got it.

3. Mail Merge

Mailshake’s Mail Merge is one of the most convenient features.

It lets you send a personalized email to a large group of contacts at once.

You can add the recipients one by one or upload a CSV file to fill your roster.

4. Google Chrome Extension

Being one of the most used browsers on the web, it only makes sense for Mailshake to have an extension on Google Chrome.

This extension puts your Mailshake account at your fingertips, offering even more convenience.

5. Dialer

For users still interested in more traditional telemarketing campaigns, Mailshake provides a phone dialer.

It has built-in calls and multi-channel outreach to promote active engagement with prospects.

The integration of cold calling and tracking of call-related tasks makes Mailshake’s dialer a valuable marketing tool.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Mailshake?

The only thing you will need is an email address to link with your new Mailshake account.

After that, Mailshake is pretty intuitive.

If you happen to struggle with any of Mailshake’s features, they have tutorial videos to aid users in navigating their programs.

How Much Does Mailshake Cost?

As listed above, if you are interested in their Email Outreach plan, that will cost $44 per user a month.

If you are considering their Sales Engagement plan, expect to pay $75 per user each month.

Does Mailshake Have an Enterprise Version Available?

No, Mailshake does not offer an enterprise-level version on their website.

Mailshake Promotions & Savings

Mailshake routinely offers several ways to make savings on their plans.

Does Mailshake Have a Free Trial?

No, Mailshake does not offer a free trial, but they provide a full refund within the first 30 days if you are not satisfied.

They also provide demos to give you the chance to see Mailshake’s features in action on their website.

So, check these resources out before you purchase a plan.

Does Mailshake Offer Coupon Codes?

Yes, Mailshake does offer coupon codes.

You can redeem them right as you sign up for an account by clicking on the “Apply Coupon Code” link and entering your information.

If you are already a user, go to“Billing” and click the pencil icon next to “Billing Address”.

Then, click on “Apply Coupon Code.”

Does Mailshake Have a Lifetime Deal?

Mailshake does not mention a lifetime deal on their website, though some online reviews have mentioned a lifetime deal promo.

Does Mailshake Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

Mailshake’s website currently does not offer any information on their Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts, but they have offered them in the past.

Who Are Mailshake’s Main Alternatives?

Marketing is a core aspect of outreach, so, unsurprisingly, there are alternatives to Mailshake.

1. Outreach.io

Outreach.io is an alternative sales engagement platform that also utilizes AI to help in predicting sales.

Mailshake offers all of the core services that Outreach.io provides, but with more of a focus on cold email marketing than a pure computer software-driven focus.

Outreach.io is geared more toward larger businesses in the mid-market compared to Mailshake’s gravitation towards smaller businesses.

Mailshake also performed better in reviews than Outreach.io, scoring higher in categories like ease of use and administration.  

2. Salesloft

Like Mailshake, Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that heavily focuses on email tracking and automation.

Salesloft’s “Modern Revenue Workspace” allows sellers to have all their features in one place.

Mailshake is still the dominant sales engagement platform compared to Salesloft, as its email automation ranks higher than Salesloft by a narrow margin.

Mailshake is overall more focused on marketing and advertising, whereas Salesloft leans more towards computer software.

3. Mixmax

Mixmax is one of the leading sales engagement platforms for businesses utilizing Google.

As with Mailshakes, it is geared towards small businesses, with Mixmax even offering a $9 starter plan.

Mixmax also focuses on increasing productivity with its automation systems.

Compared to Mailshake, Mixmax falls short in a couple of areas.

For starters, despite being more small business-friendly than some of Mailshake’s other competitors, it is still lackluster compared to Mailshake.

Mixmax’s primary category in the reviewers’ industry is “other.” making it more of a mixed bag.

How Does Mailshake Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Mailshake has all of the key features offered by competitors like Outreach.io, Mixmax, and Salesloft.

What separates Mailshake from these other services is its strong dedication to small businesses, as well as its heavier focus on marketing and advertising.

Their email automation routinely scores more favorable reviews than their competitors, with their ease of access to the platform a standout quality in the sales engagement market.

Mailshake will also provide you with their best-in-class customer support team to ensure your Mailshake experience works as smoothly as possible.

Who Is Mailshake Best For?

Mailshake is going to be the best for small businesses and their owners.

It does not offer services on the scale that much larger businesses and corporations need, but it is suitable for those on a smaller scale.

Many of the reviewers of Mailshake only had less than a dozen employees at most, with the largest count going up to two hundred.

Why Is Mailshake Best for Small Businesses?

Mailshake is best for small businesses as it offers all of the necessary features to help start their campaigns at an affordable price.

Its plans are also scalable, giving companies the flexibility to adapt to evolving needs.

Is Mailshake Easy to Use?

Yes, as mentioned above, Mailshake offers a diverse array of services for you, all of which are fairly intuitive to use on your own.

There are guidelines to follow if you have trouble, as well as videos and a help center to answer any pressing questions.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Positive reviews are in abundance for Mailshake, with ratings consistently above four stars out of five.

Several users laud Mailshake’s simplicity and ease of access, praising it as one of the most effective mass mailers on the market.

Another feature loved by Mailshake’s users is its automation, which allows businesses to invest more time in other tasks rather than deal with setting up mass emails.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Mailshake routinely exhibits good reviews on any site, but that does not mean it is perfect.

As with most services and products, Mailshake does receive the occasional negative review.

One user complained about their automation progress, claiming that it routinely broke their campaigns.

One common theme amongst the few negative reviews is customer support.

Some users claim that customer support does not reply to their issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about Mailshake, read on to discover the answers to several common queries.

How many emails can you send in a day with Mailshake?

It can vary, but if you are sending emails through Gmail, you will have a daily cap of 500.

If you are utilizing a G Suite account, your daily limit is increasing to 2000.

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to utilize an email warm-up function before you launch a campaign to improve your account’s reputation and boost delivery rates.

Mailshake offers such a feature.

What is cold email marketing?

Cold email marketing is a type of email telemarketing designed to outreach to potential prospects that you have had no previous contact with.

Successful cold email marketing is when your emails get read and you get replies back from potential prospects.

Can I schedule a Mailshake campaign?

Yes, you can.

Scheduling your Mailshake campaign should be one of the first things you do when setting up a Mailshake account.

The process is simple, just look for the Sending Calendar in your menu, then click Settings, and customize your scheduled campaign(s) from there.

How many mail accounts can I send from?

With each user you pay for per plan, you are allotted one email account to link with.

So, to send from more than one email account, you would need to purchase for multiple users.

If you are planning to send campaigns from five different email accounts, you would need to pay for five users.

What is the difference between follow-ups and drips?

Drip Messages are routinely sent out, regardless of the response from a recipient.

One example of drip messages is educational emails sent out periodically to inform a group of individuals about specific topics.

Follow-ups will only be sent when a recipient is nonresponsive to earlier chain emails.

If set up as a reply, the follow-up email will include all of the previous emails from the chain in the body.

Follow-ups are sent to recipients if they reply by default, a feature you can change if you desire.

How do I add new recipients to an existing campaign?

When looking to add new recipients to an existing campaign, go to the “Add Prospects” tab.

You can choose your method of adding recipients of either a CSV file or manually.

In addition, you can import recipients from an app or an existing list.

Once you have added your prospects, review and confirm your actions.

Wrapping Up

In short, Mailshake is objectively one of the best mass mailers on the market.

It offers top-notch efficiency and advanced features to help your campaigns get off the ground and reach the right audience.

Mailshake stands out amongst its competitors and is an intuitive option for new users.

Moreover, small businesses will benefit from its numerous features and scalable plans.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think of Mailshake, or if you prefer an alternative.

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