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  • Web Design
  • A streamlined web app that helps you create and collaborate in real-time on wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes.

  • https://moqups.com/

If you’re looking for the best option to work remotely with a team of people in a collaborative space, look no further — use Moqups.

Moqups combines all the best collaborative tools needed to succeed in one program.

Some features included are a whiteboard, a diagram, and design tools, all in one app.

This easy and user-friendly app is accessible to anyone, whether they are on the same continent or across the ocean.

The Moqups app provides the best prediction tools and detailed notes so you can envision your finished project.

Your files are in the cloud, and anyone you work with has constant access to them.

What Is Moqups?

Moqups is a platform that allows the user to create wireframes.

This app is the most time-efficient for creating content and working with others.

Moqups’s simple UI design makes it possible for no distractions for users.

Many professionals use Moqups, including product managers, business analysts, UX professionals, executives, and cross-domain teams.

Moqups is best for those still in the planning, researching, and brainstorming stages of their business projects.

Moqups can be used as a loose outline design for employers and people on the same business team to reference.

How Moqups Works

Moqups allow you to build wireframes, mockups, and prototypes all under the same app.

This app makes it easier to visualize and edit as you go from the very beginning of your project to the very end.

Most functions in the app are drag and drop, so there are no complex keys and other things to remember when planning and brainstorming via graphs, charts, whiteboards, or designs.

Moqups makes it easier to avoid printing out a PDF of your plans; instead, you can make adjustments as needed.

Moqups at a Glance

Market Segment: Large groups of people working towards the same common goal of working for the same company.

Best for: Professionals who need to collaborate remotely or in person.

Plans & Pricing:

  • Solo: Includes one seat and is only $13 per month.
    It includes unlimited projects and objects, PNG, PDF export, and view-only guests.
  • Team: Includes three seats and is only $23 per month.
    It has the same features as the Solo plan, plus real-time collaboration, roles and permissions, and Jira and Confluence integrations.
  • Unlimited: No seat limit and is only $67 per month.
    It uses all the same features as Team plus no per-user fees, unlimited teams, single sign-on, and enhanced access controls.

Notable Features of Moqups

Moqups has many beneficial tools for all aspects of your business.

Here are some of the most popular.

Wireframe Tool

This tool uses UI shapes and icons, callouts and annotations, and reusable components.

You can also use other collaborative tools to share with the team when using this tool.

Flowchart Maker

The flowchart maker is best for complex systems and business processes, using a simple design to explain difficult concepts.

There are so many different templates and ways to customize the flowcharts.

The types of diagrams you can make on Moqups are:

  • Process flowcharts
  • Organizational charts
  • ER diagrams
  • UML diagrams
  • Mind maps
  • Site maps

Graph Maker

There are four easy steps to create the best graph for you

  1. Choose a template.
  2. Add your data set.
  3. Customize and style your graph to fit your aesthetic.
  4. Share and export your graph.

Some of the graphs you can create in Moqups include:

  • Bar charts
  • Column charts
  • Line charts
  • Stacked bar charts
  • Stacked column charts
  • Area charts
  • Stacked area charts
  • Pie charts
  • Donut charts
  • Funnel charts

Online Whiteboard

With the whiteboard, you can collaborate with your whole team, present with screen sharing while video conferencing, and export PDF or PNG files.

There are many customizable templates you can choose from, a creative hub with boards or pages, and Moqups extensions to screenshot your work.

UML Diagram Tool

For this tool, you can use any browser to share your work instantly.

Some of the diagram tools provided are:

  • Class diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Use case diagrams
  • Activity diagrams
  • Component diagrams
  • Composite structure diagrams
  • Deployment diagrams
  • Package diagrams
  • Profile diagrams

You can also map out all different kinds of flows using process flowcharts, org charts, ER diagrams, UML diagrams, mind maps, and site maps.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Moqups?

There are no minimum requirements for Moqups, except that you need a computer.

Currently, there’s no app available for smartphones, so it must be downloaded on your computer.

The only other necessary feature to have is an internet browser that supports extensions, which is how Moqups works and operates properly on your computer.

You don’t have to pay for the Moqups program right away as there is a free trial so you can see if the application is right for you.

How Much Does Moqups Cost?

As mentioned before, there are three different plans for Moqups.

Those mentioned were for the yearly subscription.

The other options are month-to-month.

  • Solo: $17 per month
  • Team: $2 per month
  • Unlimited: $89 per month

They are a bit more expensive than the yearly subscription, but if you are unsure about committing to Moqups, the month-to-month subscription is a safer way to go.

Currently, Moqups does not have an Enterprise Version available.

Moqups Promotions & Savings

Now that you’re familiar with all of Moqups’s offerings, let’s talk deals.

Does Moqups have a free trial?

Moqups does have a free trial if you are unsure if this program is best for you.

This is what they call the enterprise version.

The free program only includes very limited resources, which are three active projects, a limit of 500 objects per project, 25MB of image storage, 50 contributors, and 3 guests.

Some of the features it doesn’t include our Teams and team roles, project permissions, private projects, archiving or exporting to PNG, PDF, and HTML.

Does Moqups offer coupon codes?

Various discount coupon websites offer 20 to 30 percent off your price for using Moqups as a subscription.

Does Moqups have a lifetime deal?

No, the longest you can subscribe to Moqups is a year.

Does Moqups usually offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts?

No, Moqups doesn’t usually offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts.

Who Are Moqups’s Main Alternatives?


This program is another collaborative app used for businesses and teams.

The program focuses on collaborating more than presenting as a whole and has specific resources for product, HR, marketing, and design teams.

All your collaborative apps are in one place without you moving from the InVision screen you are on.

This is one of the different features of Moqups.

There are a plethora of meeting and project management apps directly in InVision to keep you on track.


This program is a collaborative app, which can be used by big groups of people working on the same project.

The program focuses mostly on design for a company and less on brainstorming and the analytical aspect of the project.

This differs from Moqups due to the extensive tools for the design process and has a lack of tools for the whiteboard and not much to do with graphing and charts.

The advanced design aspect can make consumers’ designs more interactive and precise as they need it.


This collaborative system mainly works with charts and graphs, hence the name of the program.

You can chart out anything your company and professional team are needing to plan and figure out.

Lucidchart provides clarity and solutions for engineering, IT, operations, product, sales, and education.

Lucidchart has more of a focus on the technical and analytical background for the planning period for an idea or product.

Consumers of the program can communicate how systems connect, document your codebase, visualize your databases, understand user and data flows within your systems, and create mockups and wireframes.

The layout of using these features is always in charts and graphs, which differs from Moqups.

How Does Moqups Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

While InVision, Figma, and Lucidchart all have similar characteristics and features to Moqups, they all specialize in a specific area rather than including all the other features.

Moqups is an app that allows professionals from all kinds of companies and skill levels to use.

The program allows consumers to use it how they please and it’s not strictly for design or analytical tools for the company.

It also includes more templates for graphing and using the whiteboard, so if design and creativity aren’t where you thrive, Moqups can help get you started.

Who Is Moqups Best For?

Moqups are for any professional who needs to collaborate with a team of people and plans their projects.

The projects can range from analytical background to something more concrete, like website design.

Why is Moqups best for NICHE?

The program is specifically for professionals who can’t work on projects in person and is a remote option for working collaboratively.

Is Moqups Easy To Use?

Moqups is user-friendly and offers little to no learning curve when first using the program.

People who are beginners can get the hang of it very early on.

All you have to do is drag and drop where you need specific elements to go; no other skills are required to use it.

Based on reviews, users find the program to be so easy to use, even if they’re new to Moqups.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Users love the wireframe feature.

This feature allows consumers to focus on the flow of the project in an easy and organized way.

This feature stands out to many because it has so many options and doesn’t distract users from their brainstorming and planning process.

Another feature users love is the abundance of templates.

With the variety of templates on Moqups, consumers never struggle to find the best one for them.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

One of the annoyances consumers find with Moqups is there are never any notifications when the program has to be renewed.

If you miss the renewal period and want to cancel your subscription, it’s hard to obtain a refund.

Another feature that causes issues is the flowcharts.

Although very easy to use, the creation of the flowcharts can be a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save in Moqups?

You can use the free version to not pay for it; however, this comes with limited resources.

Instead, it’s better to do one of the pricing plans that cover you for a year.

When you choose one of these plans, three months of the subscription is guaranteed to be free.

Does Moqups have an app?

Moqups has an app, but the version is online only.

So, unfortunately, it is not accessible on your mobile devices.


If you’re just starting your business and need extra support to collaborate, Muqops offers so many options to do this easily from your fingertips.

This easy-to-use platform can give you and your business the best and most organized plan for whatever products and business execution you are aiming for.

No matter your business needs, Moqups has different tools and ways to succeed the best way.

It’s important to explore what kind of tools and resources you need for your planning process to know for sure that Moqups is best for you.

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