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If you’re struggling to get views on YouTube and aren’t sure why you might want to turn to an external resource such as Morningfame.

Morningfame has a variety of useful functions that helps users gain vastly more recognition for their videos through precise analytics and search engine optimization.

It can also point out which of your videos performed well and which didn’t.

Whether you’re trying to promote a company brand or grow a small channel, Morningfame is an excellent option to get started.

What Is Morningfame?

Morningfame is an algorithm optimization tool for YouTube content creation.

Its main purpose is to help you utilize the most effective keywords according to analytical research and trends to give your videos the best chance of getting views, comments, and likes.

It provides feedback on how effective certain keywords may be based on these analytics and serves as a planning tool to help you organize and maximize your video performances.

What Is Morningfame Used For?

The main purpose of Morningfame is to help you get views on YouTube.

It helps save time on the amount of research it would take to optimize the video yourself and is just overall convenient.

You can also use it to predict how well a video will do, know-how videos have performed in the past, and get some insights into why some videos might have done better than others.

How Morningfame Works

Once you’ve constructed the titles and descriptions and chosen a topic for your video, Morningfame will tell you how relevant your video would be compared to already existing content.

It will rank you in relation to the topic’s popularity and bring up big YouTubers who may have already covered the subject.

Once your videos are uploaded and available to the public, Morningfame will then provide you with statistics such as viewer watch time, traction rating, views, and engagements.

Morningfame at a Glance

Here’s a quick overview of Morningfame and its service:

Market Segment

Small YouTube channels looking to grow their audiences.

Best For

Increasing total views on YouTube channel.

Price & Planning

  • The Basic Plan: $4.90 monthly or $46.80 yearly
  • The Plus Plan: $12.90 Monthly or $118.80 yearly

Notable Features of Morningfame

Morningfame is a versatile tool with many functions, but here are some of the most useful/notable ones:

Precise Channel Analytics

When your videos go live, you’re going to need frequent updates on how they’re performing.

Morningfame gives you stats on how many views your video got, how much engagement there is (comments, likes, and dislikes), average viewer watch time, and whether or not it met expectations.

Channel Comparison

Morningfame will also compare your channel to channels of similar size.

This will help you better understand common themes that work and don’t work.

Additionally, the tool will also give you suggestions on what aspects of your videos need improvement and how you can make these changes.

Optimize Metadata

Considering that metadata is how anything on the internet is found, it’s going to play a pretty important role in the success of your video.

Morningfame will first compare certain keywords from your video to other videos on the same topic.

It will then give you a gauge of how likely your video is to get views based on competitiveness, saturation levels of similar content, and how high you’ll rank in YouTube searches.

Follows Analytics and Trends

Since it will be giving recommendations and advice based on concurrent trends, Morningfame is constantly changing and improving.

It tracks relevant, up-to-date analytics to help you make your videos the most optimized as possible.

Video Grading System

Before you post a video, you can put in all the metadata of your video, and it will give you a rank.

This rank will indicate how good or bad your video will potentially perform so that you can make the necessary changes.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements for Morningfame?

No, there aren’t any minimum requirements to use Morningfame.

Anyone who legally pays for a plan is allowed to use their tools and services.

Their interface is simple yet effective, making it great for expert video producers and novice YouTubers alike.

How Much Does Morningfame Cost?

There are two pricing plans for Morningfame:

  • The Basic Plan: $4.90 monthly or $3.90 x 12 ($46.80) yearly – access to channel analytics, limited keyword research tool access (available for 24 hours every 12 days).
  • The Plus Plan: $$12.90 Monthly or $9.90 x 12 ($118.80) yearly – access to channel analytics, full access to their keyword research tool.

Does Morningfame Have an Enterprise Version Available?

No, as of now, Morningfame does not have an enterprise version available, nor do they seem to have plans to add one in the future.

Morningfame Promotions & Savings

Morningfame is incredibly cheap at its base, making it relatively affordable for small businesses and YouTubers.

Even the Plus Plan is inexpensive compared to similar services.

As expected, there aren’t very many ways to save money on their services.

Does Morningfame Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Morningfame does have a free trial.

Once you join their website, you’ll be able to fully use their keyword research and optimization tool for 24 hours.

Afterward, you’ll have access to their analytics for a month.

Does Morningfame Offer Coupon Codes?

Aside from their free trial, Morningfame does not offer coupon codes or anything similar to discount prices.

Does Morningfame Have a Lifetime Deal?

No, Morningfame does not have a lifetime deal.

Plans can be paid for either monthly or annually (which is slightly cheaper).

Does Morningfame Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

Morningfame does not seem to offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts.

While they may do this in the future, it is unlikely due to the nature of their service and how cost-efficient they already are.

Who are Morningfame’s Main Alternatives?

Morningfame isn’t the only keyword research tool on the market; there are actually many companies that offer a similar service.

Here are a few of the most prominent/well-known ones:


TubeBuddy is a browser extension for Chrome that adds a sidebar menu to the YouTube interface.

When you search a keyword through the YouTube search bar, you’ll see a list of analytics such as search volume, searches per month, competition rating, and some other useful statistics.

How TubeBuddy Differs From Morningfame

The main difference between Morningfame and Tubebuddy is that Tubebuddy is a free browser extension (with paid extras) while Morningfame is an external tool.

While they offer similar analytics, Morningfame also gives stats on your individual videos.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer allows users to input keywords, and the tool will then run a scan through a database with over six hundred million YouTube keywords.

It gives specific analytics on these keywords like their global volume, the number of clicks per keyword, and a general search volume.

It employs the use of percentages, graphs, and number estimates to give users the most precise statistics.

How Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Differs From Morningfame

You’ll find that the main difference between Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and Morningfame is that Ahref offers more regional analytics than Morningfame.

It actually has more statistics in general, but the caveat is that it doesn’t help you optimize your videos as Morningfame does.

If you’re well versed in the subject already and want to do your own research, then Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is likely more suitable for you.

Google Trends

Accessible to everyone, Google Trends offers a variety of up-to-date statistics on what keywords are rising on YouTube and what keywords are declining.

It has an extremely simple function and is free to use, but it is a valuable tool for anyone who is trying to keep track of modern-day trends and patterns.

How Google Trends Differs From Morningfame

Google Trends isn’t an application, software, or an extension. It’s a free service run by Google that anyone can use.

As such, it won’t tell you the best keywords to optimize your video, nor will it give you information relating to what you search for other than the exact topic you put in.

How Does Morningfame Differentiate From Competitors?

While Morningfame and many of its alternatives offer similar statistics and analytics, Morningfame seems to be one of the few that helps users gain views through a hands-on optimization process.

Furthermore, they are extremely cost-efficient, making them one of the most viable and effective keyword analytic services on the market.

Who Is Morningfame Best For?

Morningfame is best for small to medium-sized YouTubers and businesses trying to get views on their channels.

The site promotes that their methods work for larger channels as well, but they seem to be more oriented towards small ones.

Given the generalistic use and the versatility of YouTube videos as promotions, the Morningfame has a pretty universal application that can be utilized in a variety of different circumstances.

Why is Morningfame Best For a Niche?

Helping brands and YouTubers in a niche is a specialty of Morningfame.

If your niche isn’t trending amongst the general population, then it’s probably going to be hard to connect to the associated community.

A keyword analytic tool such as Morningfame can aid you by tracking your niche’s populous and search habits on YouTube.

This will ultimately allow you to optimize your videos so that they show up to the right people at the right time, which in turn, will increase views and subscribers.

Is Morningfame Easy to Use?

Ease of access is one of the best parts of Morningfame, so yes, it is easy to use.

Upon signing up, users are met with a comprehensive and simple-to-use interface that almost anyone can understand.

Furthermore, it breaks down the complex topic of metadata into something more digestible to the average internet user.

Morningfame isn’t meant for professional coders or SEO specialists; it’s meant for everyday people and small business owners to gain recognition for the hard work they put into their videos.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

People seem to latch onto the prospective ranking for videos and the proceeding analytics of video performance.

Many users claim that it’s an enjoyable experience to see a different perspective on the statistics of their YouTube videos and receive tips on how they can improve them in the future.

This aspect is also favorable to many because it helps them make exponential growth they wouldn’t see otherwise.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Morningfame is well received by its users and has positive reviews all around.

There aren’t really any complaints about it as the tool functions adequately, the design is optimal for who is using it, and it’s overall efficient for its price.

The only issue one may find is if they’re running a larger channel with more at stake and require a higher degree of statistics to perform well.

In this case, they would likely have to invest in a pricer alternative with more features and analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Morningfame.

How can I join Morningfame?

Upon going to the website, you can join through an invite code that they provide you on that same site.

Does Morningfame have an affiliate program?

Morningfame does not have an affiliate program as of this moment.

How to use a Morningfame invite code

Once you have the Morningfame invite code, you hit “join” and input your code in addition to any other sign-up information requested.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Morningfame is a well-received, inexpensive keyword analytic tool that serves the dual purpose of research and video optimization.

If you’re a YouTuber who’s just starting out or a small business owner trying their hand at YouTube promotions, the Morningfame should be your go-to tool for gaining views and keeping track of video performances.

If you’re interested in bolstering the views on your YouTube videos, click here now.

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