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Whether you are a content creator or part of a small or large business, one of the most crucial factors to manage is the documents.

It’s essential to ensure that everything is structured and organized when keeping track, creating, and managing your documents to avoid potential issues and for efficiency in your work environment.

So how can you manage and create content in one place?

Businesses usually utilize content and custom relationship management systems, especially if they have an eCommerce website.

Though, if you are interested in just managing documents, there is document automation software as well.

Several examples of these would be DocuSign, SignWell, and HelloSign. However, another reasonably popular solution to this would be PandaDoc.

If you are interested in document automation software but wonder if PandaDoc is right for you, don’t worry!

In this guide we will review its features, pricing, and more.

PandaDoc at a Glance

Market Segment: Document Automation Software

Best For: Professional Business Institutions

Plans & Pricing: 

  • Plan #1 Free eSign
  • Plan #2 Essentials
  • Plan #3 Business
  • Plan #4 Enterprise

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is a document automation software that helps manage workflow, sign documents, and create documents.

Its sole purpose is to share and edit documents with others online for efficient management.

One of the beneficial factors of using this for your records is that it also provides CRM and Zapier integrations, but that depends on what type of pricing plan you select for your business.

What is PandaDoc Used For?

As previously mentioned, PandaDoc is mainly used to handle, manage and create official business-affiliated documents.

Several examples of what you would use it for would be contracts, business transactions, and other types of content.

When using this software for your business, the central departments that usually utilize this to their advantage are HR, financing, and marketing.

They also use this for hiring potential employees.

How PandaDoc Works

How PandaDoc works is that its sole purpose is to convert physical documents into paperless online ones to make them easily accessible for those to view them.

Not only does it help organize your documents, it allows you to customize and edit them however you like with their drag and drop and template feature.

Also, if you are using this for contracts, it allows you to sign and approve these documents online to avoid having to complete them manually.

Notable Features of PandaDoc

PandaDoc ensures efficiency when utilizing its software for business-affiliated documents.

Here, we will go over several features it provides that enhance users’ content.

1. Templates

Templates are one of the primary features PandaDoc provides its users.

They offer a wide variety of templates to choose from, ranging from different categories.

This gives users the ability to customize, edit,  and create a document based on what the document represents.

So, if you are having trouble creating your document, this feature comes in handy.

2. Drag and Drop

This is another feature that benefits users when producing documents.

In comparison to the templates feature, it gives the user default options to drag and place into their document based on the category.

Another advantage to utilizing drag and drop is its ability to organize documents, making them easier to manage and keep track of.

3. Electronic Signature

This is one of the most critical features as it gives users the ability to sign paperless documents online.

Electronic Signature is mostly used for contracts so that any user can have easy access to.

One of the ways this is beneficial for businesses is that not only does it eliminate the hassle of producing physical document copies, but it’s also legally binding.

This also benefits teams to work in collaboration on a specific document.

4. Document Creator

Another beneficial feature that PandaDoc provides is its document creator.

Here, users can produce any type of document they want and manage other content.

This is ideal if you want to create business contracts, proposals, quotes, and more.

One of the advantages of utilizing this tool is that it works efficiently with both drag and drop, electronic signature, and templates.

5. Document Archives

This feature works in unison when using a document creator.

Once you have created your document, you can organize and reorganize them based on its categories.

So if you have to find a document, whether a contract or something else, it’s easily accessible, and you don’t have to waste time searching for it on your own.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use PandaDoc?

Now, regarding the requirements to use PandaDoc, there aren’t any mandatory factors to consider.

However, if and when you create a contract, proposal, or other documents that require an eSignature, it must follow the ESIGN and UETA act.

Another factor to note is that, although it’s not mandatory, it is vital to have internet access and a device to work with.  

How Much Does PandaDoc Cost?

For its pricing plans, PandaDoc provides a variety of package deals to select for business documents.

One of the benefits of this software is that although it doesn’t offer a free trial for its services, it does have a free package plan.

  • Plan #1 Free eSign: This plan features a mobile app, unlimited legally binding eSignatures and documents, and payments.
  • Plan #2 Essentials: This payment package offers the same features as the free one. It includes templates, a drag-n-drop document editor, pricing tables, and full-time email and chat support.
  • Plan #3 Business: This provides the same features as free and essentials. It includes a content library, CRM, Zapier integrations, custom branding, and more.
  • Plan #4 Enterprise: This includes features from the previous pricing plans and offers user performance, salesforce integration, and content reporting.

Does PandaDoc Have an Enterprise Version Available?

PandaDoc does provide an enterprise version for its pricing plan.

However, unlike the other package plans, it doesn’t offer its price, so you would have to contact them for a quote.

Since this is for a large business or enterprise, you can figure out which features you are utilizing more.

PandaDoc Promotions & Savings

PandaDoc is a free-to-use document automation software.

However, as for promotions and savings, it isn’t officially determined whether or not they provide them.

Here, we will go over its deals and coupon codes.

Does PandaDoc Have a Free Trial?

PandaDoc does offer a 14-day free trial to its users, and they also provide a free pricing plan for its software.

However, if you consider acquiring their free pricing plan, its features are limited.

Does PandaDoc Offer Coupon Codes?

PandaDoc doesn’t officially offer coupon codes for its users.

There are, however, third-party promotion and savings websites that provide coupons and other deals.

If you are interested in adjusting the price for your work, we recommend the enterprise version for their pricing plan.

Does PandaDoc Have a Lifetime Deal?

PandaDoc, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a lifetime deal. We recommend choosing the enterprise version if you want unlimited features, as it provides many tools.

However, you would have to contact them for pricing.

Does PandaDoc Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

PandaDoc doesn’t typically offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.

If you are interested in this software, you can look for unofficial deals from third-party sites. Though, ensure that these are credible.

Who are PandaDoc’s Main Alternatives?

PandaDoc ensures that your documents are managed and secured for your documents.

However, other alternatives achieve this.

1. DocuSign

DocuSign is a primary alternative to PandaDoc.

This software does provide the same features, especially with its main one being eSignature.

Another advantage they share is integration with Google Drive so that users can upload your documents into their accounts.

They don’t offer a free pricing plan, but they do have a 30-day free trial.

2. SignWell

SignWell is another option for document automation software.

Users also can scan and sign documents and create them in their accounts.

Aside from using it for business-affiliated documents, users can also use it for educational content.

For pricing plans, it does have the same starter payment of $10 and a free package plan.

3. HelloSign

HelloSign is another eSignature and document management software.

One of its most crucial features is its certification and security, which encrypts users’ documents and protects them.

Another beneficial feature is its audit trail, which keeps track of who edits what document and when they did it.

How Does PandaDoc Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

PandaDoc differentiates itself from competitors by providing an array of pricing plans and features for its users.

Even if their business is on a budget, users can still use their software for free.

This way, users can experiment to see if they want to purchase the other pricing plans for unlimited features.

Who is PandaDoc Best For?

PandaDoc is best for professional business companies that require software to keep track of their documents.

The sole purpose of this service is to manage, edit and create documents for users’ business.

Several examples include educational institutions, marketing and finance institutions, and law firms.

Why is PandaDoc Best For professional business companies?

PandaDoc might be best for this by keeping track of documents that deal with marketing strategies and analytics.

However, this is mainly used for an electronic signature and document automated service.

Is PandaDoc Easy to Use?

PandaDoc is an easy-to-use software for your business.

Once you establish a payment plan and your account, it does guide you through its top features.

Another note is that they also have a structured dashboard to navigate easily.

Depending on your package plan, you have access to full-time customer service if you are still having issues.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Some of the features that they enjoy would be their template and drag-n-drop feature.

They love using the template feature because it gives them a default setting to work with so they can build off that specific document.

This way, users won’t have to worry about what to produce.

One of the ways users love the drag-n-drop feature is because of its ability to customize documents however they like.

It also lets the user edit and change what they want to.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Features that they find frustrating are its document creator and archives.

Users dislike the document creator because they cannot edit a document once submitted.

So, if they spot errors, they cannot go back and fix them.

Another disadvantage concerning this is that sometimes technical issues cause the viewers difficulty accessing new documents.

This prolongs the process of signing and reviewing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about PandaDoc.

Is PandaDoc legally binding?

Yes! The type of eSignature software that PandaDoc uses is legally binding compliant.

Does PandaDoc integrate with DocuSign?

Yes! PandaDoc does allow you to integrate automatically with documents from DocuSign.

Final Thoughts

So, to review, what is PandaDoc? It is a document automation software used to keep track, manage and edit documents, primarily for your business.

Several of its features include templates, drag and drop, electronic signature, document creator, and document archives.

The majority of business departments that utilize this software to their advantage are HR, marketing, and financing.

For pricing plans, although they do not provide a free trial, they do offer a free pricing plan for their software.

Of course, if you want a similar software that provides the same features, there is also DocuSign, SignWell, and HelloSign.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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