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If you’re looking for a way to reliably check documents for plagiarized content, Plagium may be the service you need.

The platform offers a selection of innovative features to check long and short documents for plagiarism in written content.

Users, including large companies and researchers, turn to the service to check a text’s originality and ensure it’s up to their standards.

Plagium at a Glance

  • Market Segment: Companies and individuals
  • Best For: Checking text originality
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • Quick Search – $0.04 per page
    • Deep Search – $0.08 per page
    • File Search – $0.005 per page
    • In addition to these pay-as-you-go prices, Plagium also offers monthly and prepaid plans.

What is Plagium?

Plagium is an online platform designed to help businesses of all sizes ensure originality in their written work.

The service provides an affordable way to check writing for plagiarized content.

Plagium supports various file types, allows for side-by-side comparisons, and more.

What is Plagium Used For?

Plagium checks documents for content copied from other the web or text sources.

It is an easy-to-use service that scans written work and ensures that all the content is original.

Businesses can utilize the service’s Quick Search or Deep Search services to check for levels of plagiarism.

How Plagium Works

Plagium is known as an easy-to-use platform.

Users can copy and paste the text into a simple text box on the Plagium homepage and select whether they want to complete a “Quick Search” or “Deep Search.”

You can choose up to 1,000 characters at a time.

Users who want to take advantage of Plagium’s Deep Search feature, which is slightly more expensive, can choose to upload files, like PDFs and Microsoft Word files, to the platform.

Plagium generates a report on the amount, or lack thereof, of plagiarized content in the file.

The platform also offers a File Search feature that allows you to compare visual similarities between text formatting.

Plagium is easy to integrate with various other platforms, like Google Docs.

Notable Features of Plagium

The platform offers a few different services for users.

The most notable are:

1. Quick Search Feature

Searches copied and pasted text for instances of plagiarism.

Plagium scours the web for any unoriginal content within the pasted text.

This service is free if you only use it occasionally.

Frequent use will incur a charge of $0.04 per page.

2. Deep Search Feature

A deeper search that requires a Plagium account.

With this service, Plagium completes an in-depth search of your document (which can be uploaded or pasted).

It also provides users with extra tools to improve the quality of their written content.

The feature costs $0.08 per page.

3. File Search Feature

A unique service that costs $0.005 per page.

It scans uploaded pages and checks them for visual formatting similarities between other pages on the internet.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Plagium?

There are no minimum requirements necessary to use Plagium.

It is an easy-to-use service that’s suitable for writers of any level.

It’s used by companies, individual freelancers, teachers, students, and more.

Plagium’s affordable prices also make it suitable for all budgets.

They offer various options depending on how many words or pages you want checked, how frequently you use the service, and what kind of search you want.

How Much Does Plagium Cost?

Plagium offers a variety of pricing packages at a variety of different costs.

screenshot of the plagium pricing table
  • Quick Search: $0.04 per page – basic plagiarism check that is free if you only use it occasionally.
  • Deep Search: $0.08 per page – extra levels of plagiarism search and more tools.
    Users can upload files, like PDFs, for Plagium to check.
  • File Search: $0.005 per page – upload files to compare visual differences in format.
  • Prepaid Plans: choose any dollar amount and receive the corresponding number of search credits.
    For example, $50 in search credits will allow you to search 700,000 characters.
    Plus, Plagium offers a free bonus depending on how much money you add to your account at a time.
  • Monthly Plans:  from $9.99/month to $99.99/month – depending on your plan, you add a certain number of search credits to your account monthly.

Does Plagium Have an Enterprise Version Available?

No, Plagium does not offer an enterprise version of its services.

But, their services are easy to use and very well explained on their website.

They also have a few tutorials to help new users navigate the platform.

Plagium Promotions & Savings

Plagium is a very affordable service that offers several payment levels and options depending on how you want to use the platform.

Does Plagium Have a Free Trial?

Not exactly, but Plagium does allow free searches within the Quick Search text box on their website.

They note that a few searches a month are free, but if users do too many, they will have to pay $0.04 per page.

Does Plagium Offer Coupon Codes?

Plagium does not offer any coupon codes at this time.

But, users can select exactly how much money they want to spend (according to the search credits they need).

Users can also choose to subscribe to a recurring monthly payment plan.

Does Plagium Have a Lifetime Deal?

No, Plagium does not offer a lifetime deal.

But, they do have several pricing tiers and options to buy only the search credits you need.

Does Plagium Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

No, Plagium does not usually offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts.

The service maintains its normal pricing throughout the year.

Who are Plagium’s Main Alternatives?

1. PaperRater

PaperRater is a plagiarism checker and proofreading software designed for businesses.

It identifies grammar mistakes and gives users a score that helps make further changes.

It uses AI to suggest content changes and provide users with immediate results between 5 and 15 seconds after a document is uploaded.

How is Plagium Different From PaperRater?

Plagium only checks plagiarism errors.

It does not, as PaperRater does, also provide users with grammar and content suggestions.

Plagium offers its services for free on a limited basis but does not define what exactly that means.

PaperRater clearly states that users can complete 10 plagiarism checks for free.

Plagium offers several subscription tiers and the option to purchase search credits, something that PaperRater does not do.

2. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is another plagiarism checker that advertises its ability to find instances of paraphrasing and similar text through AI.

It quickly checks documents and provides a clear and fulsome report of what it found.

It can check documents against each other and has access to academic resources that are not available to an average user.

How is Plagium Different From Copyleaks?

Plagium does not, as Copyleaks does, offer an enterprise edition of their program.

But, they offer more pricing tiers and the ability to only pay for the searches you need.

Copyleaks offers several pricing tiers starting at 20 pages, or 5,000 words for free, up to more than a million words a month.

3. UniCheck

Unicheck is a plagiarism checker that’s mainly advertised to educators and students.

It checks authenticity within documents and points out similarities between an uploaded document and information available on the internet.

It also offers a free plagiarism checker for up to 200 words.

How is Plagium Different From UniCheck?

Unicheck offers a selection of pricing plans based on how many pages a user wants to be checked, from twenty pages for personal use up to 10,000 or more pages for educators and businesses.

Plagium is open regarding its pricing tiers, but with UniCheck, users must create an account to see the platform’s cost.

How does Plagium Differentiate Itself from Competitors?

Plagium differentiates itself from competitors in its clear, multi-level pricing plans that are suited to various budgets and needs.

Whether you’re a business, student, or educator, there is a plan and price range suited to what you’re looking for.

Competitors often define their product as ideal for businesses and corporations or students and educators, but Plagium is available to everyone.

Plagium also has a unique File Search feature that allows users to scan documents for visual and formatting similarities.

This is a feature that other plagiarism checkers do not include.

Who is Plagium Best For?

Plagium is best for individuals who want a few pages checked for plagiarism or large businesses needing many thousands of words checked.

It’s used by everyone, from freelancers to corporations.

But, it’s best for smaller companies with a number of, but not a huge collection of, files they want to search.

Their comprehensive selection of differently priced plans allows users to pick a service that’s right for them.

Plus, if none of the plans seem suited to your needs, you can pay for the exact number of search credits you need to check a document or series of documents.

Why is Plagium Best for Small Companies?

It is best for small companies because the platform is easy to use, but after a few searches, it does require users to pay.

For individuals, this may become frustrating quite quickly, especially if you are a student and want to check multiple research papers throughout the year.

It may not be as well suited to larger businesses because the platform is not always 100% accurate when checking for paraphrased content.

Is Plagium Easy to Use?

Yes, Plagium is easy to use.

On the homepage, users immediately have access to the Quick Search text box in which they can paste content up to 1,000 words.

Below the box is the pricing plans if you complete more monthly searches than the free plan supports.

Plagium also makes its pricing and services very clear.

Users do not need to dig too deep into the website to find out what it costs to use their various services.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Users love that Plagium is easy to use and that after completing a search if plagiarism is detected, the related page opens immediately.

Plagium’s ability to detect paraphrasing is also a feature for which users use the service.

If only a few words are changed, Plagium quickly identifies the source where the original text came from.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Plagium’s search results are sometimes frustrating for users.

The platform may occasionally return an error message and require you to reenter the text you previously searched.

Users find the limited number of free searches a month frustrating as well.

It’s unclear how many free searches are allowed before you have to pay the $0.04 fee per page for a Quick Search or $0.08 for a Deep Search.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of things to write about - people using writing items to write a blog post

How do you know if a text is stolen?

If you think someone stole a text, the best way to check is with an online plagiarism checker.

Many easy-to-use resources are available to check texts of any length.

Depending on how many searches you need to complete and how long your documents are, you may be able to check a text for free.

How do you take down stolen content?

If you find stolen content, the best thing to do is to contact the website owner via their email address or phone number.

Make it clear which text you believe is stolen, and provide a link to the original.

If they take it down, they can avoid a formal complaint.

Does Plagium integrate with Google Docs?

Yes, many users enjoy using Plagium because it integrates with Google Docs.

It is available as a plugin that users can download and use while writing in Google Docs and across their Google Drive accounts.

Main Plagium Takeaways

In conclusion, Plagium is an easy-to-use platform that offers three different search options for users.

They are:

  • Quick Search: to quickly scan your text for instances of plagiarism.
  • Deep Search: a paid service that completes a more in-depth search.
  • File Search: a paid service that scans uploaded files for visual similarities.

Plagium offers a range of prices for their services depending on your needs.

This means that most people, from students to large corporations, will find something that fits their budget.

Plus, the service does allow users to complete a few free searches before paying the standard rate per page.

How did you find your experience with Plagium?

Leave a review below and let us know how the plagiarism checker worked!

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