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  • PlagScan is a plagiarism checker that compares billions of documents in order to find duplicated text in assignments, websites and more. Check for free now!

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When competing for spots in search engine results, original content is the key to getting recognized and generating website traffic.

With all the content on the internet, standing out will distinguish you and attract positive attention.

The online glut of content, however, can also make it hard to make sure brilliant content is original.

Scanning the entire internet to check that you or your company’s writers are not committing plagiarism is impractical.

Failing to prevent plagiarism though can lead to serious consequences.

That is why companies like PlagScan exist; to help content producers avoid copying content even accidentally.

PlagScan at a Glance

  • Market Segment: Small Business, Education
  • Best For: Adults, Students
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • Plan 1: 6,000 words/20 pages
      • $1 per 1000 words – $5.99
    • Plan 2: 17,500 words/60 pages
      • 74 cents per 1,000 words – $12.99
    • Plan 3: 40,000 words/140 pages
      • 63 cents per 1,000 words – $24.99
    • Plan 4: 100,000 words/320 pages
      • 50 cents per 1000 words – $49.99

These plans allow users to check for plagiarism in several documents at a reasonable cost without a subscription.

However, there are also plans for businesses broken down as follows for 200 pages, with 250 words on each page:

  • Lite: $18/month
  • Professional: $20/month
  • Enterprise: $23/month

What is PlagScan?

PlagScan, at its most basic, is a plagiarism detection service produced by TurnItIn.com.

It cross-checks uploaded documents with a vast array of sources and documents across the internet to assure that a document contains original content.

PlagScan’s services highlight three different types of matches on documents, allowing you to see if the issue is an error in the citation or if the content looks suspiciously like other content.

Several companies trust PlagScan to make sure their writers produce original content, and you may want to too.

What is PlagScan Used For?

Companies and schools use PlagScan to check submitted documents for copied, uncited, or plagiarized text.

High Schools and Universities use PlagScan to compel students to follow their academic honesty policies.

By identifying matches with sources, quotes, books, articles, and essays on the internet, educational institutions can tell students have not copied papers or use content that is not their own.

On the business side, PlagScan still has excellent value for companies.

Businesses such as writing platforms or content-writing services use PlagScan to assure their writers create original content and do not use content others have created as their own.

PlagScan, therefore, helps avoid any potential consequences of plagiarism and encourages writers or students to be honest in creating their content.

How PlagScan Works

For Universities, schools, and companies PlagScan works the same way.

Writers can upload the piece they have written to PlagScan.

The document can either be uploaded as a PDF, Word, or another document from either local files or cloud storage.

PlagScan then scans the document’s entirety and generates a report based on the document’s content.

The report contains “matches” with sources – red, blue, and green.

Red matches are exact matches of copied material from a source.

Blue matches correspond to close matches and text that seems to copy structures or content from another source without change.

Green signifies citations.

The report indicates percentages of each of these, telling you the percentage of the document that each color composes.

Once the plagiarism report is complete, you can download it to see the details of the matches.

Using PlagScan’s “side-by-side” view, you can compare the scanned document with the documents it has matched with.

Using this feature, you can verify the report’s conclusions and determine the authenticity of the scanned document.

Notable Features of PlagScan

According to several user reviews, PlagScan has several useful features but the most useful are:

1. Thorough Plagiarism Check

PlagScan is among the most extensive plagiarism check services you will find.

Its scan searches books, articles, blogs, and thousands of academic journals and newspapers.

2. Simple Interface/Great User Experience

PlagScan is easy to navigate for both technologically literate users and the less tech-savvy.

Users, no matter their walk of life, will usually have no problem understanding the plagiarism reports and their discoveries.

3. Side-by-side View

Instead of simply saying that a text is copied from another source, PlagScan will show you the source in comparison to the uploaded piece.

Many users appreciate this feature and the ease of comparing the scanned document with other sources.

4. Privacy

PlagScan’s encryption systems keep your documents completely secure.

Their upload process will maintain a safe connection for your work.

The company will also never share your documents or information.

You can trust original content with PlagScan because they know the importance of keeping your work safe.  

5. Works on Every Operating System

No matter the interface you use, PlagScan will work on your computer and allow you to use its other notable features.

Dell, Macbook, Acer, and other computers support their interface.

The operating system or computer you use does not matter; you can download and review their plagiarism reports with limited problems or inconveniences.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use PlagScan?

There are no minimum eligibility requirements necessary to use PlagScan.

However, the platform is most used by businesses and educational institutions.

Thus, it will yield the highest benefit for students, professors, writers, and editors for SEO agencies, ghostwriting platforms, or journals.

How Much Does PlagScan Cost?

PlagScan has two different tiers of pricing for both private use and business use.

It has four private use plans:

  • 6,000 words – $5.99,
  • 17,500 words – $12.99
  • 40,000 words – $24.99
  • 100,000 words – $49.99

These plans offer a full plagiarism check for all the words in the submitted piece(s).

Since this service caters to the education market, their services tend to work on an “assignments” basis.

If you need to check a short piece, the 6,000-word plan will suit you.

If you need to check 17,500 words between several documents, $12.99 will cover this cost.

The payment plan for 40,000 words covers longer form works such as theses or dissertations but can check any documents within the word count.

Their highest payment plan for 100,000 words can help a user with multiple college theses, a book, or several documents.

As a business, you can subscribe to PlagScan.

The cost is higher than the private plans and changes with word count and pages.

For example, to scan about 200 pages (50,000 words) a month:

  • Lite: $18,
  • Professional: $20,
  • Enterprise: $23.

Lite offers the plagiarism check the private services offer.

This subscription service also offers URL checking within the citations and offers email support.

Professional affords you the same features and API access to connect PlagScan to different apps.

This pricing tier also gives you more thorough reports regarding plagiarism.

The Enterprise version allows you to see documents used to check for duplication.

With this subscription, you gain a wealth of sources and truly verify the authenticity of documents.

screenshot of the plagscan pricing table

Does PlagScan Have an Enterprise Version Available?

PlagScan has an Enterprise Version available for businesses that need to process thousands of words.

If a business needs to process up to 102,400 pages a month, PlagScan gives them the Enterprise option for $9,120/month, nearly $100,000 a year.

PlagScan Promotions & Savings

If you’re already interested in Plagscan, chances are you could use some information on discounts and any other promotions.

Does PlagScan Have a Free Trial?

PlagScan offers free use for up to the first 2,000 words from a user.

Does PlagScan Offer Coupon Codes?

No, PlagScan does not offer Coupon Codes.

Does PlagScan Have a Lifetime Deal?

No, PlagScan does not offer a Lifetime Deal.

Who Are PlagScan’s Main Alternatives?

PlagScan’s plagiarism reports are easy to understand, thorough, and help you ensure the authenticity of the content.

Their side-by-side features help you see how the plagiarism scan detected a “match.”

Additionally, their security features help users rest easy knowing that their original content is safe.

1. Grammarly Business

screenshot of the grammaly homepage

Grammarly Business’s plagiarism feature scans numerous documents and databases to see if your piece has borrowed content from other writing or content.

Grammarly provides originality scores and links to sources for content that you may need to cite to avoid plagiarism accusations.

While Grammarly can check extensively and fast, PlagScan searches further and allows you to compare your document to the cited, copied, or borrowed piece and see where mistakes were made and how to avoid this problem.

2. Copyscape

screenshot of the copyscape homepage

Copyscape is an inexpensive solution that can scan documents quickly and also compare documents and texts for matches between two specific pieces.

This feature is especially useful for SEO agencies where writers often have to use example content.

To use Copyscape, either upload a document or copy and paste your text and the processor will scan it.

Copyscape may be inexpensive and popular, but its features may be less convenient than PlagScan, which allows you to upload from both your local files or straight from the cloud, thus saving you transfer time.

CopyScape also indicates plagiarism – not the source it came from, how to cite it, or anything else on the document.

3. Plagium

homepage of the plagium homepage

Plagium is very similar to PlagScan in several respects.

It runs a thorough scan of the text and detects not only exact matches but close matches in content, structure, and writing.

Plagium is also fairly inexpensive, starting at $9.99 a month.

PlagScan may be superior to Plagium even though it is more expensive.

Its breakdown of content is more thorough and rather than simply telling you that it has found a close match, the side-by-side feature allows you to see both documents and how the problem can be addressed.

How Does PlagScan Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

PlagScan may be more expensive than some competitors and offer an odd pricing scheme in comparison.

Its services, however, are worth the money according to reviews.

While other interfaces just mark plagiarism, which can feel like punishment and unproductive, PlagScan breaks down the instances of “match” from copied or duplicated content.

Doing so shows you how to potentially rectify the issue.

Who is PlagScan Best For?

Educators, Writers, Editors

PlagScan can help Educators and Students avoid the case of accidental plagiarism and help them catch errors in a citation, quotation, or their research with mentally taxing assignments.

Additionally, PlagScan can help Writers and Editors for SEO agencies, content agencies, blogs, and publishing companies avoid even the slightest chance of duplicating content with their thorough search feature.

Is PlagScan Easy to Use?

PlagScan offers an almost universally positive user experience.

Its reports are easy to read and understand and its reviews indicate that its users are happy with its interface.  

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Users especially love the document comparison feature that saves them the hassle of having to constantly switch between documents or search the source that the scan detected.

They also love how easy the reports are to understand.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Some users find that PlagScan can take longer than other scanning services or interfaces to complete its search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding Plagscan.

image showing an illustration of how to write an ebook

How do I cancel my PlagScan free trial?

PlagScan does not require payment information for a free trial.

To avoid paying for a “free” trial or the subsequent fees, do not surpass their 2,000-word limit.

Does PlagScan save your document?

PlagScan saves your document to its “Plagiarism prevention pool” and may share it with your employer or organization but will never save it to share with the internet.

Can I trust PlagScan?

PlagScan’s reputation is built around its trustworthiness and security features.

Many users trust PlagScan and choose to use it for these features over other similar services.

Wrapping Up

PlagScan offers one of the most thorough services for plagiarism checking on the market.

Instead of merely indicating instances of similarity or outright copying, the program provides evidence and shows you the source of the duplicated content.

Additionally, it will save your document to prevent plagiarism but keep your work protected through encryption.

Users love it for its document comparison capabilities and its user experience.

While it may be expensive in comparison to competitors like Copyscape and Plagium, its services are enhanced and help users prevent the trouble that comes from plagiarism.

If you use PlagScan, leave a review below and help us gather opinions on this product.

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