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Blogging has become one of the most common ways consumers find information on any topic.

From DIY kitchen organization to parenting advice, there’s a blog for every topic.

Yet one of the biggest problems bloggers and writers often face is a lack of readers or engagement. 

Fortunately, that’s where services like ProBlogger come in.

ProBlogger is the perfect way for bloggers looking to build their following or monetize their content to gain traction. 

So, how does this wonderful blogging service work?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using ProBlogger.

​​ProBlogger at a Glance

Market Segment: Bloggers and freelancers

Best For: New or struggling bloggers

ProBlogger Plans & Pricing

One of ProBlogger’s best features is that it’s a mostly free service.

There’s no paid subscription required to join.

Most of the courses, resources, and monetizing advice are available at no cost to you. 

There’s also a podcast, a job board, and information on live events and webinars to bolster your knowledge. 

However, you can purchase courses, ebooks, and blogging kits that provide an in-depth look at monetizing your blog

In addition, ProBlogger’s six paid resources have a ton of helpful information to supplement the comprehensive collection of content on the main website. 

What Is ProBlogger?

ProBlogger is an online service that connects writers to paid blogging opportunities.

It also offers tons of resources to learn all about blogging, from finding a niche to crafting articles readers will want to engage with. 

What Is ProBlogger Used For?

ProBlogger is designed to get you started if you’re a blogger looking to boost your following, grow your platform, or monetize your content.

In addition, it’s an excellent tool for bloggers who need some guidance or want to find paid blogging opportunities. 

ProBlogger also offers bloggers with existing sites a plethora of knowledge to improve their content.

You’ll also find resources dedicated to time management, understanding new tech, finding readers, and finding work. 

How ProBlogger Works

ProBlogger’s website offers an intuitive interface that leads you directly to the content you need.

You can opt to poke around the site, explore the resources, or subscribe to Darren’s newsletter to get regular updates on available jobs and topic ideas. 

If you want to use ProBlogger to find work, you’ll need to be a registered user.

Then, as with other job boards, you’ll have to fill out some information about yourself, including relevant work experience, your preferred niche, and your education history.

Then, you’ll be able to quickly apply for jobs with a few clicks. 

Notable Features of ProBlogger

ProBlogger is an established name in the blogging and freelance industry.

It’s gained a solid reputation due to several key features.


ProBlogger’s main draw is that it’s a free service.

Although there’s some paid content, most of its resources are free to subscribers, including job applications, a library of ebooks, and marketing and social media tools. 

Job Listings

ProBlogger offers a job search engine specifically for bloggers and freelance writers.

The listings page makes it easy to find writing gigs based on your niche and the type of work you’re looking to gain.


A writing community is crucial to success for bloggers.

ProBlogger offers heaps of advice on how to build your community, get more comments, and write guest posts on blogs similar to yours. 

Optional Paid Content

ProBlogger’s founder has put hours of time and expertise into crafting extensive courses and ebooks.

These resources are for sale on ProBlogger’s site for a fee and are an excellent option if you’re serious about learning every aspect of blogging. 

Monetization Resources

Most bloggers dream of making a living from a job where they write about what they love.

So, ProBlogger has dedicated much of its content to monetizing your blog using various methods.

You’ll find information on advertising using AdSense, affiliate links, and writing reviews.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use ProBlogger?

For most of ProBlogger’s content, you can simply explore the website to find what you need.

However, you’ll need to become a registered user if you want to apply for jobs.

It’s free to join and doesn’t cost anything. 

How Much Does ProBlogger Cost?

ProBlogger’s main content is free for all users.

However, it has several paid resources that can enrich your blogging experience.

Marketing Tactic Bundles

ProBlogger offers several marketing bundles that consist of eBooks and courses.

They cover all the basics of blogging, writing, and marketing.

These bundles are a one-time cost.

Prices range from $19.99 to $49. 

Marketing and Content Creation Courses

As of this writing, ProBlogger offers eleven online courses.

Each course consists of multiple lessons and works on a self-guided model so you can work through the courses at your own pace.

Prices range from $7 to $99. 

Does ProBlogger Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Since ProBlogger is mainly a free resource with no subscription, there’s no enterprise option available.

You can’t share the books and courses you download with others.

So, if you have writing staff and want to give them access to ProBlogger’s paid resources, you’ll have to purchase the tools for everyone.

ProBlogger Promotions & Savings

As of July 2022, ProBlogger offers two discounts.

The first discount is on its eBook and course bundles collection.

If you purchase all six resources together, you’ll receive a 47% discount, bringing the cost down to $107.

The regular price is $200.

ProBlogger’s other discount is on its courses.

Specific courses have a discount if you purchase additional supplementary courses.

Some options are as much as 50% off when you purchase them in bundles. 

​​Who are ProBlogger’s Main Alternatives?

ProBlogger is an excellent resource for bloggers and freelancers.

However, it’s not the only option out there.

Here’s a brief look at a few of ProBlogger’s top competitors. 


Upwork is a popular job board for freelance writers looking to delve into almost any type of writing, from blogging to copy editing.

From eBooks to landing pages, freelancers can find tons of work on Upwork.

Similar to ProBlogger, Upwork allows you to create a profile and apply for jobs with just a few clicks.

However, it doesn’t offer the same collection of resources ProBlogger does. 


BloggingPro’s business model is a bit more like ProBlogger.

It offers helpful resources for bloggers and freelancers, including blogging advice and a job search engine.

Most job listings are through BloggingPro, but many are taken from other sources.

Unfortunately, its content isn’t quite as robust as ProBlogger. 


Contena is similar to ProBlogger, focusing on making you a successful blogger.

It provides resources to help you build a freelance writing business.

Contena also offers writer training that’ll give you a leg up on getting hired.

Unfortunately, Contena isn’t a free service.

Instead, its memberships start at $40 a month.

How Does ProBlogger Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

ProBlogger has two features that make it stand out from its competitors. 

First, it has one of the most comprehensive collections of resources available for bloggers, freelance writers, and content creators.

Its courses and eBooks are designed to help you succeed as an independent blogger or contractor.

In that sense, ProBlogger is wholly focused on your success as a writer. 

Second, most of ProBlogger’s services are free.

While there are paid resources, a library of eBooks is available to members at no added cost.

In addition, there’s no monthly membership fee, so the only things you’ll pay for are the courses, which are a one-time cost.

Who Is ProBlogger Best For?

ProBlogger is best for every type of blogger and freelance writer.

It’s centered around helping writers succeed no matter what blogging area you enter. 

Why Is ProBlogger Best For Bloggers and Freelancers?

ProBlogger is best for bloggers and freelancers because its entire business model is about crafting the best blogs and content.

So, if you’re trying to build a blog from scratch, enhance your current site, or ghostwrite for other creators, you’ll have the resources to help you do it right.

ProBlogger also offers an extensive and intuitive job search engine that connects writers with jobs.

Some of the work is contracted, while other jobs are ongoing freelance positions.

And, if you sign up for a free account, you’ll be able to apply for jobs quickly and easily. 

​​Is ProBlogger Easy to Use?

Part of the reason ProBlogger is so popular is that it’s easy for users of any skill level to navigate.

All of its courses and eBooks are available with just a click.

Its job board makes it easy to apply for a job in a few minutes.

And its well-rounded selection of free resources is easy to access and digest. 

ProBlogger is also perfect for new bloggers who are just getting their feet wet.

If you want to create or grow your blog or community, ProBlogger will have resources to help guide you.

According to the website, ProBlogger has more than 8,000 blog posts filled with blogging advice and tutorials. 

What Features Do Some Users Love?

When you start to explore ProBlogger, you’ll quickly understand why users enjoy it so much.

From free content to tutorials on building a successful blog, you won’t have any trouble hitting the ground running.

That said, a couple of features stand out among the rest. 

ProBlogger’s best asset is the quality of its content.

Not only does it have a broad selection of content in various formats, but it also has high-quality information.

As a result, you’ll find posts, videos, and complete tutorials filled with rich information and no fluff. 

Another aspect users love about ProBlogger is its pricing model.

A ProBlogger membership is completely free.

It’ll give you access to free eBooks, allow you to apply for jobs, and give you updated content regularly.

The only resources you’ll pay for are the eBooks and courses you want.

In other words, you won’t pay for a ton of content you don’t need.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

By and large, ProBlogger is a valuable tool for bloggers.

However, despite its usability and extensive resources, ProBlogger has some negative aspects some users have found frustrating. 

One negative aspect is the job search engine.

It’s easy for bloggers to find tons of jobs to apply for.

However, because many of the jobs are for content creation companies, most businesses could end up with hundreds of applications.

That means you’ll have a lot of competition for jobs, which can be discouraging.

Second, many writers would prefer completely free content.

Although there’s no subscription fee, some users find the eBook and courses to be cost-prohibitive.

That said, it’s important to remember that ProBlogger is a business, and businesses are designed to make money.

​​Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about ProBlogger?

Although this writing resource is pretty robust, there’s a lot to navigate on the ProBlogger site.

How good is AI writing?

AI writing is a tactic many bloggers take when developing their content.

These tools build outlines and even write full articles in a matter of minutes that read as if they were written by an actual writer.

If you’re looking to monetize your blog, AI writing is an option that provides good content, depending on which service you use.

Is ProBlogger legit?

ProBlogger is an entirely legitimate online resource for bloggers.

The job board is filled with actual businesses looking for work, and the blog consists of rich content that goes a long way in ensuring your blog is the best it can be.

Wrapping Up

ProBlogger is a well-rounded website with content developed to make bloggers’ lives easier.

Whether you’re attempting to create a blog, expand your following, or ghostwrite for others, you’ll find plenty of content to help you.

You can also apply for jobs, take courses, and build your online community through ProBlogger. 

Have you used ProBlogger or a similar service in the past?

We’d love to hear about your experience, so drop a comment below.

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