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ScrapeBox is the go-to solution for optimizing content and scraping internet data.

Popular and somewhat controversial, ScrapeBox is the Swiss Army Knife of SEO.

ScrapBox’s affordable suite of tools is an effective way to analyze and update your content.

ScrapeBox shows its versatility through customizable and key features.

These features include a search engine harvester, keyword harvester, and comment poster.

It has all the elements you’re looking for in an SEO optimization tool.  

What Is ScrapeBox?

ScrapeBox is a suite of SEO tools used to optimize online content by seeking out topic keywords, targeting audiences, and improving freelancers’ written work.

It is utilized by some of the largest online platforms, including Fortune 500 companies, to create and expand their content.

While a poor reputation sometimes affects it, the website has a wide variety of very effective resources for web owners that fall into the “whitehat” category.

What Is ScrapeBox Used For?

Users choose ScrapeBox as a tool for website optimization.

ScrapeBox allows you to improve the Google ranking of your pages.

You can find thousands of long-tail keywords and links relevant to your niche.

Scrapebox is a flexible platform that can suit all your needs.

It is best for businesses that want to improve their content and outreach.

ScrapeBox shows you what to tweak and what keeps users’ attention on your website.

You will explore how to improve the ranking of your web pages on Google and receive recommendations for keywords and formatting.

ScrapeBox has more features compared to its number one competitors at a price that’s hard to beat, so it’s also used as a cheap alternative to more expensive options.

How ScrapeBox Works

ScrapeBox works by finding innovative ways to improve your SEO and content creation.

Its easy-to-use tools scrape the internet for long-tail keywords that support your topic.

The customizable platform allows you to choose the features that support your business.

The program is also constantly growing.

A new edition of ScrapeBox, ScrapeBox v2, recently got released.

Since its first release, it has gone through 500 new versions in twelve years.

Customer feedback and cutting-edge SEO tools inspired and informed these updates.

ScrapeBox at a Glance

Market Segment: Companies and freelancers

Best For: Data scraping

Plans & Pricing:

  • One $197 payment with access for life
  • $97 for a limited time, all-inclusive ScrapBox plan

Notable Features of ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox comes with an incredible array of tools.

Some, however, stand out more than others.

The Keyword Harvester

The keyword harvester is a powerful ScrapeBox feature that seeks out new long-tail keywords based on your specific base keyword.

It will produce thousands of game-changing results to boost your content creation.

With this feature, you can harvest keywords from:

  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo, Google
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google Play
  • Alibaba
  • And other sites!

Search Engine Harvester

ScrapeBox’s search engine harvester scrapes the internet for any URLs similar to yours.

The tool is trainable and comes with around 30 previously trained search engines to get you started.

You can run over 3,000 connections at once and harvest thousands of URLs every second.

Proxy Harvester

The proxy harvester is free with ScrapeBox. It allows you to filter by speed, country, and port.

With this tool, you can use multiple proxies to harvest URLs, create backlinks, and more.

Comment Scraper

The comment scraper allows you to scrape blog comments and is yet another trainable ScrapeBox tool.

It lets you load a list of specific WordPress URLs and extract the comments from each page.

It is free with ScrapeBox.

The comment scraper includes the following features:

  • Selectively skipping comments with URLs or links
  • Ignoring comments above and below certain word limits.

Bulk Anchor Text Creator

The bulk anchor text creator is an extremely fast new tool that allows you to create HTML and BBCode links.

It takes all the trouble and stress out of creating links.

You can use it along with the keyword scraper to find the best keyword suggestions.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use ScrapeBox?

There are no minimum requirements to use ScrapeBox.

Scrapebox is for companies and freelancers who want to improve their SEO content and optimization and want to scrape the web for competitor data, emails, and more.

It’s best for those who are already familiar with the basics of SEO and keyword research.

But it is easy to use and accessible for beginners as well.

The program is compatible with Apple Mac, Windows, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, and more.

The only true requirement for ScrapeBox to function is an internet connection.

Their website does suggest a screen resolution larger than 1024x78px for optimal performance.

How Much Does ScrapeBox Cost?

ScrapeBox offers one version of its product.

Once downloaded, users have access to it on one computer.

It gives you the right to use the application on that machine for life, with no need for monthly or yearly payments.

As aforementioned, its exact costs are:

  • Standard Price: $197.
  • Limited Time Offer: $97.

Does ScrapeBox Have an Enterprise Version Available?

ScrapeBox only offers one version of their product: the standard $197.

This version comes with a huge collection of features and addons.

On ScrapeBox’s YouTube, you can find a long list of videos that help guide users through these features, such as information on how to generate an XML sitemap from a list of URLs, generate footprints, install the software, and much more!

ScrapeBox Promotions & Savings

Below is everything you need to know about ScrapeBox’s special offers.

Does ScrapeBox Have a Free Trial?

No, ScrapeBox does not offer users a free trial.

Does ScrapeBox Offer Coupon Codes?

No, ScrapeBox does not offer coupon codes on its website.

Does ScrapeBox Have a Lifetime Deal?

If you buy ScrapeBox, you get to use the product for life!

You get all the tools you need for SEO optimization for one price.

Who are ScrapeBox’s Main Alternatives?

Some of ScrapeBox’s main alternatives are listed below, along with a description of what each offers and how it works.

Scraper API

Scraper API is one of ScrapeBox’s main alternatives.

It is a platform that companies use to collect performance data from their website.

It handles CAPTCHAs, browsers, and more so that users can focus on getting more from their website.

How Is Scraper API Different From ScrapeBox?

Scraper API:

  • Offers a free trial
  • Is more user-friendly than ScrapeBox is
  • Has 24/7 customer support.

Both platforms are customizable and feature a wide array of tools.

Scraper API has an interesting affiliate program that rewards users who bring business to the site.


Agenty is another ScrapeBox competitor.

It is a cloud-based agency for web scraping.

It offers:

  • Scraping
  • Change detection
  • Machine translation
  • Sentiment analysis agents
  • More!

It’s easy to start the program and begin customizing your dashboard of tools within minutes.

How Is Agenty Different From ScrapeBox?

Agency differs from ScrapeBox by the available number of priced plans.

Agenty also offers a free trial for fourteen days and uses a credit system for input requests.


Octoparse is a ScrapeBox competitor that allows users to quickly scrape the web without coding.

Businesses use the program to turn web pages into spreadsheets quickly and effectively.

You can use this service to design your own web crawlers with a point-and-click interface.

How Is Octoparse Different From ScrapeBox?

Octoparse offers:

  • A free 14-day trial
  • Easy web scraping (advertised as working in 3 simple steps)
  • Cloud services.

To make sure you finish all your tasks, you can schedule data scraping for any time of day and day of the week.

Despite having many useful features, Octoparse does not have as many useful tools for website developers as ScrapeBox does.

How Does ScrapeBox Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

ScrapeBox considers itself to be a personal SEO and marketing assistant.

It offers many tools, many more than most of its competitors, for website scraping.

It’s skilled at finding competition on Google, seeking out great long-tail keywords, and collecting other information from the internet.

Users often use ScrapeBox for its email scraping function, allowing you to quickly scrape emails from the web while using a proxy and ensuring your IP address isn’t blocked.

Some describe ScrapeBox as a blackhat tool for web owners.

Or a program that works to circumnavigate or change Google’s algorithm to raise or lower rankings of certain pages.

But, as the website states, it features many “whitehat” tools, like keyword research features, that are used and accepted by most.

Who Is ScrapeBox Best For?

ScrapeBox is best for companies and individuals who want to improve their SEO performance.

It includes hundreds of features and free add-ons to improve content.

The program is for those with more SEO experience and experience with similar tools, but with a small amount of training, anyone can use it.

It is also a relatively affordable service compared to main competitors, offering all of its features for a single price for life.

Why Is ScrapeBox best for NICHE?

The more specific your content is, the better ScrapeBox can cater to your needs.

ScrapeBox does a large amount of keyword work.

This means that ScrapeBox needs to know where to look to give you a more relevant list.

Otherwise, ScrapeBox will spit out broad keywords that will not attract users to your site.

Why Is ScrapeBox Best for Experienced Users?

It is best for experienced users because of its complex array of features.

One should already have a well-established baseline of knowledge regarding SEO optimization and website functionality to get the most out of ScrapeBox.

Generally, it is not used by new website owners but by those ready to take the next step towards website optimization.

Is ScrapeBox Easy to Use?

ScrapeBox is not the easiest SEO tool or email scraping service, but it is one of the most popular.

Website owners have used ScrapeBox tools for years.

To this day, the resource is expanding and adding more scraping tools, like the YouTube Scraper.

If you have trouble using ScrapeBox, they have a series of YouTube videos explaining how their many different tools function and how to navigate them.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

There’s plenty to love about ScrapeBox, but below are two of the most commonly adored features.

Email Scraping

ScrapeBox’s email scraping feature is why most people use the tool.

It is well-known for its ability to scrape multiple websites at once and compile a list of emails for later use.

This is beneficial for marketing campaigns and other kinds of outreach.

Data Gathering

Users love ScrapeBox’s data-gathering abilities.

You can employ it on search engines and social media pages.

It works quickly, especially if you’re using a high-quality proxy) and provides thousands, or even millions, of results in a few hours.

This includes website metadata, domain authority, and more.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Despite all of its positives, ScrapeBox is far from perfect.

Below are two of the most grating aspects of ScrapeBox.

Waiting Period

Users report a waiting period of up to 12 hours after purchasing the software for it to activate.

This can be frustrating if you’re ready to utilize the software the moment you buy it.

Changing Computers

It can be difficult, some users report, to change laptops if you’ve already purchased the software.

It is licensed on that computer for life when you buy ScrapeBox.

Changing computers may present an issue and put you at the mercy of customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Is ScrapeBox still effective?

Yes, ScrapeBox is still effective. Companies and individuals use ScrapeBox for SEO, link building, website scraping, and more.

It is a comprehensive SEO tool that many businesses use to build email profiles for outreach and various campaigns.

Is it legal to scrape emails?

It is legal to scrape emails if that information is already publicly available.

If you’re scraping a website, you should check that website’s Terms of Use before proceeding.

This scraping is illegal if you do it without the website owner’s permission or against their Terms of Service.

Main ScrapeBox Takeaways

Businesses large and small use ScrapeBox as a powerful SEO and email scraping tool.

Individuals and Fortune 500 companies find ScrapeBox’s features, addons, and relatively easy user experience beneficial to expanding and improving their websites.

Some of the website’s other features include:

  • Collecting keyword ideas
  • En-masse blog commenting
  • Creating an RSS feed
  • Creating a sitemap of a website
  • RSS submission
  • Backlink checking
  • Malware phishing finder

How did you find your experience with ScrapeBox?

Leave a review below and let us know how the product worked!

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