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  • Accurate. Serpfox is one of the oldest rank trackers on the market, which means that our technology is mature enough to provide the most accurate data possible.

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Want to know how well your website content is ranking for particular keywords?

If you’re looking for ways to track your website(s) ranking performance across multiple search engines, then Serpfox is worth exploring.

As one of the more affordable solutions on the market, it is used by many small businesses and search professionals worldwide.

The platform offers software tools to track keyword rankings and help you analyze the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Serpfox to help improve your keyword research. So let’s jump right in!

Serpfox at a Glance

Market Segment: Small businesses and SEO professionals.

Best For: Anyone who wants to get the most from their SEO efforts.

Plans & Pricing:

  • Starter 100 ($10/month)
  • Starter 300 ($25/month)
  • Starter 500 ($35/month)
  • Pro 1000 ($50/month)
  • Agency 80000 ($2000/month)

What Is Serpfox?

Serpfox is a simple SEO ranking tool that provides automated reports on your search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

The company focuses solely on simple SEO ranking and has not added many advanced features.

It was founded in 2010 and is one of the oldest SEO rank tracking platforms.

Their experience means they have some of the most accurate data in the industry.

What Is Serpfox Used For?

Serpfox tracks rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex search engines in all the countries in which they are available.

You can track as many domains and keywords as you like using their monthly pricing plans that accommodate different levels of data tracking.

This tool is ideal for those who want to get the most out of their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

After all, if you don’t have data showing your ranking over time, how will you assess what works for your website?

How Serpfox Works

Serpfox crawls through thousands of search engine results, collects your keyword ranking data, and organizes it in one place, complete with reports, notifications, and direction in your SEO strategy.

To get started, sign up by entering your email address from the homepage.

The platform doesn’t require a credit card, and there’s a free trial version (limited to ten keywords), so there’s no risk trying it first.

Steps to pull a search:

1. Once you log into Serpfox’s dashboard.

Select the “Add Keywords” button on the top right corner.

From there, a form will pop up where you can add the website URL you wish to track.

2. Continue to fill out the fields for search engine, device platform, location, language, and any other advanced field you find necessary.

3. Once you add the URL and the keywords, the site will start performing the checks where you can see how each keyword ranks and search volume.

In addition to rank tracking, Serpfox also offers reports, notifications, and client management to additional clients to your search.

Notable Features of Serpfox

The five most notable features of Serpfox are:

1. Accurate Keywords

Provides fast results using technology that provides the most accurate data possible.

They use a worldwide computing infrastructure to return the best results for your location.

2. Notifications

Want to be notified when one of your keywords ranks top 5 on the search engine?

This feature lets you set up notifications and track any changes in your website’s rankings.

3. Flexible Reporting

Serpfox can generate scheduled reports in formats such as PDF, HTML, or CSV files.

For flexibility, data can be collected for any selected period and sent to you directly via email daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

4. Rebranding

Also known as the white label tool, it provides the option to rebrand and customize the interface with your URL, allowing clients or business partners to access your Serpfox dashboard through “company name.serpfox.com” for a seamless experience.

5. Client Management

The client feature grants other users access to your Serpfox dashboard to review up-to-date search results and track performance.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Serpfox?

  • You must provide a name, valid email address, and other requested information to complete the signup process.
  • You must be thirteen years or older to use the Serpfox service.
  • The account must be from a human.
    Bots or other automated methods are not permitted.

How Much Does Serpfox Cost?

Starter 100 ($10/month)

  • 100 keywords
  • Local tracking
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Exact search volume
  • Unlimited reports
  • Premium support

Starter 300 ($25/month)

  • 300 keywords
  • Local tracking
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Exact search volume data
  • Unlimited reports
  • Premium support

Starter 500 ($35/month)

  • 500 keywords
  • Local tracking
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Exact search volume data
  • Unlimited reports
  • Premium support

Pro 1000 ($50/month)

  • 1000 keywords
  • Local tracking
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Exact search volume data
  • Unlimited reports
  • Premium support
  • Client management
  • Rebranding

Agency 80000 ($2000/month)

  • 80000 keywords
  • Local tracking
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Exact search volume data
  • Unlimited reports
  • Premium support
  • Client management
  • Rebranding

Does Serpfox Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Enterprise-level solutions may also provide more extensive links and site analytics to improve the organic presence of a large enterprise.

The Serpfox Agency 80000 plan would be the best for enterprise clients.

Serpfox Promotions & Savings

Here are a few ways you can save money with Serpfox.

Does Serpfox Have a Free Trial?

What’s great about Serpfox is they offer a zero-commitment-free service without a time limit so that you can use it at your leisure.

No credit card is required. However, they can arrange a trial period with a paid plan if you contact their customer support.

You can sign up for the free version here

Does Serpfox Offer Coupon Codes?

Annual subscriptions attract significant discounts.

When you choose annual billing, you get two months free for paid plans!

Besides that offer, there are no official coupon codes.

Serpfox already has affordable pricing plans, including a free version to test the service at your convenience.

Does Serpfox Have a Lifetime Deal?

Currently, there is no indication that Serpfox offers lifetime access.

Users can choose from several monthly or annual plans.

Who Are Serpfox’s Main Alternatives?

1. SEMRush

SEMrush is a leading all-inclusive Position Tracking platform that offers a suite of tools.

With over 55 products, it includes keyword search, content, social media and market research, data

tools, and other add-on options.

Serpfox doesn’t compete with the extensive keyword research, advanced SEO-related capabilities, and other features that SEMRush has in its product offering.

2. SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is an SEO software service that provides a range of tools for keyword ranking and research, website auditing, competitor analysis, and much more.

Like Serpfox, it also offers white glove services and lets you see how your website ranks on search engine results pages.

However, SE Ranking provides Social Media Management and Marketing Plans, among other features that take your website to a new level.

3. AccuRanker  

AccuRanker is considered the ultimate SERP Rank Tracker Platform.

It often receives praise from many SEO professionals and agencies for its ability to improve its organic search performance.

It has an attractive price point, Google Analytics integrations, a share of voice features, valuable metrics, keyword tagging, and a clean interface.

In addition, you can compare the performance of your competitors, which is a feature Serpfox does not offer.

How Does Serpfox Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Serpfox differentiates itself from the competition because they solely focus on keyword tracking, which means it’s clean and easy to navigate without the fuss of extra features that overwhelm new users.

The site’s simplicity also comes at a lower cost for the paid plans, which is attractive for the budget-conscious.

Who Is Serpfox Best For?

Whether you run a business or a client to an SEO agency, Serpfox is ideal for anyone needing SEO and keyword tracking.

The platform is easy to navigate, appealing to users that are relatively new to growth marketing.

Serpfox offers “Starter, “Pro,” and “Agency” plans to scale the needs of various customers, from small businesses and professionals to larger companies.

Why Is Serpfox Best for SEO?

Serphfox is the best for SEO for many reasons.

First of all, because of its bare-bones setup, it’s simple to get your ranking results in a matter of seconds.

And, despite that aforementioned bare-bones setup, the keyword search reports it provides are detailed and highly accurate.

What’s more, it includes convenient client management through the platform.

So, If you’re an affiliate or work within content marketing, you can control the SEO operations of multiple clients all in one place.

Is Serpfox Easy to Use?

Overall, Serpfox is easy to navigate with an intuitive and attractive interface.

The platform avoids competing with complex tools like SEMRush and SE Ranking, which offer keyword ranking and other advanced SEO-related capabilities.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Simply put, users love the free plan.

Although limited to 10 keywords, it is a commitment-free way to test the platform before upgrading.

No credit card is required to sign up for the free plan, just your email address!

Also, the paid plans are pretty affordable compared to competitors.

The lowest paid plan starts at $10/month for 100 keywords with unlimited reports and premium support.

In addition, the dashboard is easy to use.

Just input the URL and keywords, and the tool immediately performs a search.

Plus, the results show your data clearly, which is convenient for new users.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

The paid plan does not offer a trial period like many competitors.

You must take the extra step to contact customer support to request a free trial.

This frustration reveals another drawback—lack of support.

There is no live chat or phone number on the website.

Instead, users have to email support to receive a response.

Do you expect a FAQs section?

The “Docs” tab on the homepage header acts as the unofficial information page, which appears to be out of touch and limited, only providing the most basic information.

Another drawback is the lack of site audits to help you find broken links.

As a result, this keyword tracking tool can’t find technical issues that might affect your website’s ranking ability.

Wrapping Up

In the age of digital marketing, keeping track of your SEO efforts can be overwhelming.

Adding software tools can be the start of producing results that benefit your business.

Overall, we recommend Serpfox for those that want basic keyword tracking.

Specifically, small to mid agencies and professionals just starting.

The main advantage is its affordable price point.

If you begin with the starter plan, you can track up to hundred keywords.

Depending on your experience, you can always upgrade to a different plan with a higher search volume.

Have you tried Serpfox and have an opinion on the platform?

Feel free to leave a review in the comment section below!

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