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One of the crucial factors in managing your business is to produce high-quality content.

Copywriting is one of the ways you can use it to your advantage for SEO and advertising benefits.

Luckily, there are AI-copywriting tools to use to your advantage.

ShortlyAI is a copywriting tool that uses advanced AI technology to strengthen content.

If you want to learn more about this copywriting tool, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s see how it works, how much it costs, and whether there are any alternatives!

ShortlyAI at a Glance

To understand the functions of this online tool, here we will provide an overview of ShortlyAI.

This will give you a general idea of what this is used for, its primary users, and their payment plans.

  • Market Segment: AI Copywriting Tool
  • Best For: Marketing Agencies
  • Plans & Pricing: 
    • Plan #1 Monthly
    • Plan #2 Annually

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a specialized online copywriting software.

It uses AI technology to produce high-quality content.

AI is good for writers who want to strengthen their content.

Additionally, it has various guiding features that you can use to write content for your blog, resources, and articles.

What is ShortlyAI Used For?

ShortlyAI’s primary purpose is to enhance writing for your business.

This copywriting tool specializes in marketing your content and increases your engagement activity.

It automates content for you to eliminate the hassle of writing content on your own.

How ShortlyAI Works

One of the advantages of how ShortlyAI works is that it uses AI technology to produce automated content.

Using AI technology, it writes posts for you by studying various online content and delivers results based on the data.

That way, you can edit and customize the results that suit your business’ content efficiently.

Notable Features

ShortlyAI is ideal for beginners because its features help enhance your content by using AI-generated ideas and tools when editing.

Below, we will review several features of this copywriting tool.

Command System

The command system feature helps customize and generate content by inputting text commands in users’ writing.

It will enhance their writing based on what their content’s topic is.

You can also refine your writing by putting in what you want more or less of.

This can be done by adding or removing specific keywords for your post.

Some of the commands include /expand, /shorten, /rewrite, etc.

Write for Me

The write for me tool is to help users generate automated content when they cannot figure out what to write.

It bases its developed writing on your topic and will provide writing either in short or long form.

You can use what’s been generated or regenerate it for different results.

However, we recommend ensuring that the automated content sounds concise.

Video Script Writer

This is another feature that users love to implement in their content.

Sometimes it’s challenging to produce scripts for videos, so with the help of its writing assistant, it generates a catchy title for your video and fleshes out your script.

As a result, this increases engagement activity within your content.

Article Brief

This feature helps ensure that what’s being generated or written stays on topic within your content.

This text box lets you summarize what’s written so that the AI knows what to generate for your post.

Here, the results will have better output if you use this efficiently.

Output Length

Output length helps you adjust your content based on how long or short you want.

This helps with your word count and text quality.

It allows you to customize it however you like.

Once you use the write for me feature for your content, you can determine whether or not you want your post to be long or short form.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use ShortlyAI?

When it comes to using ShortlyAI, there aren’t mandatory requirements to use this AI copywriting tool.

However, if you’re using this for your business, you would have to acquire a stable internet or Wi-Fi Connection and a mobile or desktop device to complete your work.

Plans and Pricing

Let’s take a look at the plans and pricing of ShortlyAI to better understand what your business costs will be.

How Much Does ShortlyAI Cost?

Pricing for ShortlyAI is slightly different in offering plans and promotional savings.

They’re two pricing plans to choose from instead of three or more.

Each pricing plan has the same unlimited features, but the significant difference is if you want to pay monthly or annually.

  • Plan #1 Monthly ($79/month): Monthly billing is one of the pricing plans you can choose for your business. The plan includes unlimited features and continuous updates.
  • Plan #2 Annually ($65/month): Yearly billing is the second pricing plan. It includes the same features as the monthly plan. However, its price is significantly less.

Does ShortlyAI Have an Enterprise Version Available?

ShortlyAI doesn’t feature an enterprise version.

The pricing plan for monthly and annually is the same in offering features so that you can get either one for your business.

It’s essential to note that prices vary depending on your choice if you’re unsure which to select for your business.

ShortlyAI Promotions & Savings

ShortlyAI offers limited discounts for its copywriting tool for promotions and savings.

However, it does provide a free trial plan for its users to experiment with.

Does ShortlyAI Have a Free Trial?

ShortlyAI features a free trial plan that you can use for your business.

The free trial lets you see if this tool is the right fit for you.

It’s not limited to how many days you can use this copywriting tool, but you only have four uses daily.

If you want unlimited uses, you can purchase one of the pricing plans.

Does ShortlyAI Offer Coupon Codes?

ShortlyAI doesn’t offer coupon codes for its users.

However, they provide a free trial plan if you’re unsure on which pricing plan to choose.

The free trial plan offers up to four uses daily.

Unofficial coupon codes can be applied to your purchase, but these discounts are on third-party websites.

Does ShortlyAI Have a Lifetime Deal?

ShortlyAI, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a lifetime deal for its users.

The only option for pricing plans is if you would like to pay monthly or annually.

The only difference between the two is their cost.

They both offer the same amount of features.

You can choose either pricing plan for your business, but it’s essential to know which price is best for your budget.

ShortlyAI Vs. Others

ShortlyAI is not the only alternative you have if you’re looking for online copywriting software.

Let’s see what the competition has to offer.

Who are ShortlyAI’s Main Alternatives?

With its efficient features like text commands and rewriting, ShortlyAI’s sole purpose is to generate content for your business in a short amount of time.

Fortunately, aside from this copywriting tool, they’re other alternatives to choose from with similar features.

If you’re interested, we will review our top three choices below.


CopyAi is one of the primary alternatives compared to ShortlyAI.

One of its popular features is its translator, which can translate up to 25 languages.

Another feature it provides is its blog outline tool, which compares the topic of your article to other top-ranking competitors.

In contrast to CopyAI, it offers users three payment plans and a 7-day free trial.

One of those pricing plans is an enterprise version that has custom pricing.


Rytr is another alternative that is similar to ShortlyAI.

Unlike CopyAI, it does offer a free pricing plan, but it does have limited features.

Unlike CopyAI, it does offer a free pricing plan, but it does have limited features.

One of its key features is its tone checker and setting.

You can select up to 21 tones for your content, from casual to formal.

Another feature it provides is grammar checking to catch grammatical and spelling errors.


LanguageTool is another copywriting tool you can implement in your business.

Its features include its synonym and grammar checker, personal dictionary, and language translator.

One of the benefits of using this tool is that it has an extension feature so that you can implement this into your word processor.

How Does ShortlyAI Differentiate Themselves From Competitors?

ShortlyAI differentiates itself from competitors by expanding its AI technology to use for your business.

In contrast to its alternatives, it features a Youtube video script generator so that you can produce writing for your videos.

You can also use this tool for your blogging.

Who is ShortlyAI Best For?

Generally, ShortlyAI is used by anyone who is a writer or is managing their own business.

Its sole purpose is to help you generate and produce content to reach your target audience.

You can produce anything from sales copy, articles, blog posts, video scripts, etc.

Another reason businesses use this copywriting tool is because it’s easier to create content efficiently and quickly to avoid missing deadlines.

Several types of people who use this would include:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Youtubers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Writers

ShortlyAI is best for these types of users because it allows users to customize and produce their content however they want to.

By using the features this copywriting tool has, users can market their business based on what they create, enhancing the niche of their target audience.

Focusing on the primary subject of your business is easy to manage with the help of ShortlyAI, as it helps you reach your marketing goals and strengthens content.

Is ShortlyAI Easy to Use?

ShortlyAI strives to create an easy-to-use environment for its users to interact with and use the copywriting tool for their business.

Its primary purpose is to create an efficient interface so users can quickly produce more content.

With its simple dashboard design, users can implement features such as write for me, video script, and text command to enhance and strengthen their writing.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

The key features of ShortlyAI that users love are its text command and its write for me tool.

One of the reasons why users implement the command features into their content is to produce writing for your topic quickly and efficiently.

For the write for me tool, users can generate automated content related to their topic using this feature.

If the writer is stumped on what to write, they can use this feature to their advantage.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Some of the features that users find frustrating are their write for me and output length feature.

One of the reasons why the write for me tool might not work is that even though it generates content for you, sometimes it doesn’t make sense or is completely off-topic.

Technical issues when working with write for me are why users dislike the output length feature.

Users would have to erase and revise the generated content, and because of this, they cannot efficiently meet their expected word count.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still looking for answers about ShortlyAI and what it can do for you, here are the questions that most people ask about the product.

How do I get more uses on ShortlyAI?

If you want more uses on ShortlyAI, you can always sign up for this tool with a different email.

However, this might be tedious, so consider purchasing one of their pricing plans.

How good is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a relatively standard copywriting tool when producing content for your business.

One of its promising features is its generating content tool which produces writing based on the tone and topic of your piece.

Overall Thoughts

ShortlyAI is a specialized copywriting tool that helps you write any type of content.

You can use this GTP3-powered software for content such as sales copy, blog posts, and books.

Some features it includes are its command system, write for me, video script writer, article brief, and output length.

One significant difference from competitors is that it only offers two pricing plans.

Both include unlimited features, though it allows paying for them monthly or annually.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please leave a comment or review below!

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