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  • Twitch is an interactive livestreaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more.

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Social media has revolutionized how humans interact with one another.

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have given everyone a platform of their own.

Aside from connecting through quick life updates, people love sharing their lives through audio-visual content.

Live streaming has become a popular method to communicate and connect with others.

In recent years, social apps have taken note.

One such app, Twitch, is leading the way in the live streaming market.

Twitch provides a live broadcast platform to any who wishes for one.

Twitch at a Glance

Twitch serves a specific clientele.

Here are the things to know about to whom Twitch markets itself.

  • Market Segment: Creators wishing to build an online community
  • Best For: Those seeking online learning or entertainment
  • Plans And Pricing

Twitch does not charge users or creators a fee.

The app has a few levels streamers may unlock as they build their platform.

The levels of streaming are:

  • Streamer
  • Affiliate
  • Partner

As streamers “level up,” they unlock additional features that make the experience more profitable.

What Is Twitch?

Twitch brands itself as a company seeking to foster an online community for live entertainment.

The social network provides its users, called “creators,” the ability to communicate via text or video streaming at the click of a button.

What Is Twitch Used For?

The beauty of Twitch is that streamers can broadcast live feeds on virtually any topic they choose.

Creators connect in categories of gaming, cooking, travel, sports, and local events. 

Creators can play online games live and allow an audience to tune in.

Chefs can prepare meals while interacting with their followers.

Podcasters may choose to do a live interview with a guest on Twitch.

The possibilities are endless.

How Twitch Works

Those who wish to become Twitch creators and share their talents with an online community begin by creating an account with the streaming service.

Users may sign up on the company website or via their mobile app.

Once creators set up their accounts, they may begin live streaming immediately.

The website has plenty of tips and recommendations for proper setup for optimal following and broadcast quality.

As a live feed progresses, fellow creators and users of the app may tune in as they wish.

A successful creator seeks to keep their audience adequately engaged for the duration of their feed.

Those who tune in may seek to learn something from a creator or be entertained by them.

Gamers can play games against each other and hold competitions while an audience cheers them on. 

Creators can build their online presence and reputation by hosting consistent, purposeful, and quality broadcasts.

Notable Features of Twitch

Twitch offers its creators and users several features to invigorate the live streaming experience.


Twitch allows users to follow creators they like.

Followers are where the business starts for creators.

Creators who regularly earn more followers develop a broader online presence.

Followers receive a notification when a creator they follow goes live.

This feature provides opportunities for a larger audience with each broadcast.

The more followers a creator has, the more features they earn the ability to access.

Chat Rooms

Creators who wish to engage audiences further use the chat feature.

The chat room is always available on every stream, though creators can opt to disable this if they choose.

Creators can use the chat room to spark discussion amongst their followers.

They also may elect to use the chat room as a Q&A feature.

Chat rooms provide user engagement needed to bolster a creator’s online presence.


As streamers level up to “affiliate” status, they earn the ability to charge followers a subscription fee.

Affiliates set their monthly cost, though Twitch provides a minimum starting price of $4.99.

Users can give a subscription to another user, providing additional followers to creators.

Creators should actively interact with subscribers and show appreciation for the support.

Followers are more likely to continue their subscriptions if they feel appreciated.


Everyone who engages in text conversation knows how emoticons can assist in driving the conversation forward.

Twitch offers its own set of emoticons, called Emotes.

Emotes are a fun method for followers and subscribers to enjoy the conversation.

Twitch offers a library of universal Emotes.

Creators who reach Affiliate status can upload and create their own custom Emotes.

These Emotes will only be available for subscribers in that specific chat room.


Creators can add extensions to provide subscribers with the ultimate experience while enjoying their channel.

Extensions are additions to the screen and live experience that can add to the enjoyment of the channel.

Gamers may choose to add an extension that distracts their opponents.

Creators may add a confetti extension for celebrations.

Twitch gives the power of extensions to the creator.

Creators may add ones already provided by Twitch and fellow creators.

The creator also can work directly with a developer of their choice to craft the perfect extension for their channel.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Twitch?

Twitch is relatively easy to use and access.

Users and creators need access to the internet via a phone, tablet, or computer.

The user then needs to create a free account with Twitch.

Once connected and signed up, users and creators may roam Twitch freely as they wish.

How Much Does Twitch Cost?

A user can elect to use Twitch’s services for free.

Creators who require a subscription fee will be off-limits to these users.

Subscription fees will vary depending on the creator.

Since there are no standard costs per user, we will look at the three levels of streaming Twitch offers to creators instead.


Twitch’s Streamer tier is the starting point for all its users.

All Twitch’s basic features are available to users at the Streamer level.

Twitch keeps track of your progress with followers from the moment a user begins their streaming journey.


To qualify for Affiliate status, creators must have broadcasted at least 500 minutes in the past 30 days.

The creator needs to have had at least seven individual days of broadcasting during those 30 days.

An average of three viewers per stream is required.

The Affiliate-hopeful needs to have accrued at least 50 followers.

As previously mentioned, creators who achieve Affiliate status can begin accepting subscriptions.

Subscriptions add the incentive of earning money by providing high-quality, in-demand content to a loyal following.

Affiliates can create their own custom Emotes, though they are limited in quantity.

Another way Affiliates can earn more money is by placing ads on their channels.

While users may not love ads, it does generate additional income for the Affiliate.


The shining jewel in the crown of Twitch levels is Partner status.

Affiliates who meet the criteria to apply for Partner may apply online.

Twitch does remind its Affiliates that meeting the requirements for Partner will not guarantee a creator to be granted status.

Once granted status, Partners enjoy everything Twitch has to offer.

Partners may use Cheermotes, a method of tipping by sending Emotes with money attached.

Partners also receive the coveted verified badge on their profile.

The verified badge guarantees that you are watching content created by the person whose name is on the profile.

This feature adds user trust to Twitch and promotes its overall integrity.

Partners on Twitch can do just about anything they wish on the website.

Twitch favors its partners and works directly with them, just as partners would.

Does Twitch Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Twitch’s Partner status is the equivalent of an enterprise version.

Other than that, no official “enterprise” version or platform is available.

Twitch Promotions & Savings

Users of Twitch may be seeking opportunities to save money.

Does Twitch Have a Free Trial?

No, Twitch does not offer a free trial.

Users at the Streamer level can use Twitch for free, provided they don’t subscribe to any Affiliates or Partners.

Does Twitch Offer Coupon Codes?

No, Twitch does not offer coupons or discount codes.

Does Twitch Have a Lifetime Deal?

Partners are typically allowed to give lifetime subscriptions to their channel to three family members or friends.

Twitch provides lifetime subscriptions once Partners reach 50, 250, and 500 subscribers.

What Are Twitch’s Main Alternatives?

Twitch is not without competition. Here are a few of the app’s alternatives.


TikTok is a social media platform where users post videos and offer live streams for followers.

TikTok LIVE creators can begin a live broadcast for their followers.

These broadcasts can be for socializing, gaming, or showcasing a specific talent to their audience.

The main difference between Twitch and TikTok LIVE is in the quality of content.

TikTok users primarily use their phones to broadcast their live videos.

Twitch users tend to use their computers or other more professional equipment.

TikTok allows users to give small amounts of money to creators, but there are no subscriptions or tiers of users.

YouTube Gaming

Many people use Twitch to broadcast their gaming abilities or host competitions between creators.

For this reason, YouTube Gaming is one of Twitch’s biggest competitors.

YouTube Gaming is Google’s manner of connecting with the gaming community.

The branch of YouTube allows gamers to compete against one another in well-known games.

Users also can be casual observers and cheer for their favorite player if they wish.

Some users may find YouTube Gaming a bit more user-friendly, given that most people tend to use YouTube regularly.

The website is familiar and is not as overwhelming as Twitch’s interface can feel.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook has also jumped on the bandwagon.

Facebook Gaming added itself to the social media giant in 2018.

Facebook Gaming provides free streaming services of live games for all to see.

People can watch for enjoyment or can join in on the competition.

Since Facebook is not primarily known as a gaming website, it could prove tricky for gamers to gain traction here.

However, a lack of users could mean a lack of competition, making it easier to work up the ladder.

How Does Twitch Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Twitch operates differently than most live-streaming gaming platforms.

The difference is primarily in the levels users can advance to once they meet the criteria.

Twitch also offers users the ability to earn excellent money through subscriptions.

While TikTok LIVE allows users to send money to creators, Twitch provides better opportunities with higher earning possibilities.

Who Is Twitch Best For?

Twitch is best for those seeking to gain a platform online.

Users can market themselves to a broad audience at the click of a button.

Why Is Twitch Best for Building an Online Platform?

Twitch offers a unique approach to building a following.

Creators have proactive encouragement to work hard to produce quality, unique content.

By achieving special status and earning money, users of Twitch promote themselves and make a living while doing so.

Is Twitch Easy To Use?

Twitch’s interface can be overwhelming to the new user.

Once acquainted with the flow of the app, the interface becomes very simple to navigate and use.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Here are two features that users admire most about Twitch.

Leveling Up

Creators love that they have an incentive to push content to users that will please the crowds and bring subscribers.

The money Affiliates and Partners make from subscriptions gives an added push to work hard.


The process begins with followers.

For anything to happen on Twitch, there needs to be an audience.

Followers are the foundation for the entire application.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Everything can’t be peaches and cream.

Here are two things that can occasionally frustrate users of Twitch.

Sensitive Content

Parents of kids who use Twitch regularly have expressed concern that their children may expose themselves to sensitive content.

Certain games played on Twitch contain swearing, sexuality, or violence.


Occasionally the system crashes or experiences minor glitches.

When this happens, Twitch’s technical team works quickly to resolve issues.

There aren’t complaints of this being a common issue, but something to keep in mind.

Wrapping Up

Twitch is leading the way in terms of live online streaming services.

With countless opportunities available to those who choose to push content, Twitch gives total creative control to the users of its platform.

Creators have a blank canvas on which to create the content about which they are passionate.

Those with the proper equipment and the drive to market themselves to a global audience are sure to find success on Twitch’s platform.

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