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  • Webnode is an online website builder system, and developed by Westcom, s.r.o, a company based in Brno, Czech Republic. It can be compared with other online systems like Weebly or WIX.

  • https://us.webnode.com/

There are many website builders in the market, and they all offer similar features.

All website builders provide different features, advantages, and disadvantages.

There are also price differences and general quality differentiation.

Website builders tailored for online stores have a demand for quality, as the website directly acts as a store.

If the website functions poorly, sales might be harshly affected.

This article will discuss Webnode and evaluate its features and functionality.

Webnode at a Glance

Webnode has many plans allowing it to reach a wide range of businesses.

Market Segment: Businesses selling goods digitally

Best For: Small to medium-sized digital businesses

Plans & Pricing: There are two different prices offered by Webnode depending on whether you strictly use a normal website or include an e-shop.

Website only prices:

  • Limited: $3.95 a month
  • Mini: $7.55 a month
  • Standard: $12.95 a month
  • Profi: $22.95 a month

Website with e-shop prices:

  • Standard: $12.95 a month
  • Profi: $22.95 a month
  • Business: $31.95 a month

What Is Webnode?

Webnode is a reliable website builder for online businesses that comes with a slew of useful features and is considered by many to be among the best website builders out there.

One of its primary vital points is that Webnode features several plan options and offers good web hosting.

Your website will be fully serviceable and provides access to their excellent customer support.

Another key selling point for Webnode is its extensive language support, allowing unlimited language support depending on your plan.

There are many free web hosting providers, though some have more limitations than others.

How Webnode Works

Webnode provides users with a website builder with a wide variety of customizable templates that help you lay the foundations of your business website.

Webnode runs on one type of web hosting of dedicated servers, which is perfect for websites expecting traffic.

You can add different content to your website through a click, allowing you to add fully functional features and save time.

All editing and building are through your browser, through their user-friendly builder.

Notable Features

Webnode comes with many useful features; here are the most notable ones.

1. Intuitive Website Builder Tool

Webnode has an easy-to-understand website builder tool that is very simple to learn and pick up.

The building tool might have a learning curve for newer users, but after a short time, you will get the hang of it.

The building tool is a drag-and-drop editor system, which requires no coding.

You add content to your website directly with the help of their drag-and-drop feature and place it anywhere on your website.

Their drag-and-drop editor allows for flexibility and leaves room for creativity for an aesthetically stunning website.

2. Templates

There are plenty of template options offered by Webnode, and they extend to accommodate a wide variety of business types.

There are templates for typical business themes, e-commerce-focused websites, and more designs such as restaurants, weddings, and music.

Finding the correct template on Webnode is essential as editing is not as flexible as other website builders, as customization is somewhat limited.

There are only a few options for fonts and colors for each template.

When choosing your template, make sure you like the color theme, as you are limited to the color palate given by Webnode for that template.

3. Business Metrics

Webnode provides you with metrics to gauge the success of your website.

Website statistics can tell you how many visitors your site has seen and how many are repeat customers.

Your website can track where visitors come from and if they refer a friend to it.

With Webnode, you can see who found your website through organic searches if you rely on SEO.

4. SEO Tools

Webnode deploys SEO tools to help boost organic growth.

With the ability to create and edit your titles and descriptions for every page on your Webnode website, potential visitors can see your enticing titles and descriptions.

Navigating your website is also made easier due to the ability to customize your URLs.

SEOs are a great way for your website to rank higher on search engines and gather more visitors.

If you are new to SEOs, Webnode has a helpful series of articles that breaks down SEOs and how to apply them to your websites.

The articles are well written and easy to understand for SEO beginners.

5. Blogs

Blogs are an excellent way to boost organic growth for any business.

Google’s SEO guide recommends using blog posts to help promote your website and improve its search engine visibility.

Webnode allows you to create great blogs by providing easy access to adding images, videos, and almost anything you might need.

You can create countless blog categories and show them on your website.

There are also blog templates that can help you create stunning designs so you can focus on writing up your blogs.

Users can access your blogs from their computers, phones, or tablets without any issues.

If you are on the go and notice an error on one of your blogs, you can quickly make edits on the fly with your phone.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Webnode?

There are no minimum requirements for using Webnode, as they are the ones that host your website.

How Much Does Webnode Cost?

Webnode includes four plan options so you can best find the most beneficial plan for your needs.

Price plans change depending on if your website includes an e-commerce section.

Limited Plan

The limited plan includes the barebones features necessary for small businesses to operate.

This plan is perfect for those with little website needs and is a great budget option at only 3.90 USD a month.

One main disadvantage to this plan is the inability to use your domain, meaning that your address will include Webnode in its address.

For example, your domain will look something like abc.webnode.com, which might appear unprofessional to your visitors.

You are also limited to one gigabyte of bandwidth for visitor traffic; this might be a problem if you expect your website to see heavy user traffic.

With the limited plan, you are allowed to create five forms for your entire website, so pick them carefully.

Webnode provides website statistics, but they only record them for the past 30 days.

Another disadvantage of this plan is that Webnode forces a banner and footer to advertise their website to your visitors.

Mini Plan

A mini plan is a good option for websites expecting moderate traffic and use.

You get a three-gigabyte bandwidth limit for your website, meaning you can accommodate more user traffic for only 7.5 USD a month.

With this option, you get unlimited forms and are no longer limited to only five.

Your website statistics also last forever, meaning you can keep a detailed backlog of traffic.

Starting with the mini plan, you are provided with your domain and given one email account.

As for your website, you can now add a background video to any of your pages.

This plan still has the downside of having a Webnode banner and footer which hinders the professional look of your website.

Standard Plan

A standard plan is an excellent option for small professional businesses, it brings a lot of new features to the table that is essential for any professional business for only 12.90 USD a month.

The bandwidth limit is boosted to a 10-gigabyte limit, which can support a decent amount of user traffic.

This plan also provides you with 20 email accounts, which is handy if you have other people working with you.

You also now have unlimited background videos and are no longer limited to just one.

Starting with the standard plan, you have access to Google Analytics and Google AdSense.

Your website can now accommodate 100 user registrations and includes support for up to two languages.

The support for two languages is ideal for businesses operating in areas where people are often bilingual.

You no longer have a Webnode banner and footer starting with the standard plan, so your website can remain professional looking.

The standard plan provides users with five backups to prevent accidental data loss.

Profi Plan

The profi plan is a must-have for businesses expecting large amounts of traffic.

The profi plan removes many of those pesky caps for 22.90 USD a month.

With the profi plan, you now have unlimited data bandwidth, language support, data backups, and member registration.

Webnode Promotions & Savings

Webnode features a free option allowing you to run a website free of charge.

You get access to their customer service, unlimited pages, and good web hosting on their free option.

This is a great option to get a feel for Webnode and see if it is worth upgrading to one of their other plans in the future.

Who Are Webnode’s Main Alternatives?

There are a lot of website builders on the market, and it is vital to understand how each one differentiates itself from the competition.

There are three main competitors to Webnode, their primary advantages will be discussed below.

1. Bluehost

screenshot of the bluehost homepage

One primary advantage offered by Bluehost is its generous storage capacities for all plan options.

Their basic plan includes a 50-gigabyte limit, and all other plans include unlimited storage.

Bluehost’s first-term payments are cheap, but the renewal fees are considered expensive when compared to other website builders.

One advantage of Bluehost is that they never limit your bandwidth, no matter what plan you have.

2. SiteGround

screenshot of the siteground homepage

SiteGround features one of the best functioning websites in terms of performance.

They use solid-state drives over slower hard disk drives and include data centers on three continents.

All their websites are protected from bot attacks with the help of an AI anti-bot system.

The fast loading times help the website to rank higher on search engines.

3. HostGator

Hostgator Plans and Pricing

Hostgator includes unlimited storage and bandwidth capacities for all their plans and includes weekly backups for them.

It is important to note that there is a $25 restoration fee for every restoration, so you might want to avoid that if necessary.

Hostgator is a good choice for those seeking quantity over quality, as they allow unlimited storage and bandwidth on all their plans.

How Does Webnode Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Webnode offers a lot of great templates that can help you start a website within minutes and have it be visually appealing and fully functional.

It is also fully optimized for mobile use and even allows for specific mobile editing.

Their web builder is among the easiest to use and can be understood within a short amount of time.

Who Is Webnode Best For?

Webnode is best for smaller businesses seeking an economical website builder.

They offer all the essential web builder features any smaller business would require.

Their starter options are very budget-friendly and are usable for those seeking the bare minimum out of their website.

Is Webnode Easy to Use?

Webnode has a slight learning curve, meaning you might struggle during your first few times using their web-building tool.

Overall, their builder is simple to use and quick to pick up compared to other website builders.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Users love their wide variety of templates.

They help users find a good-looking website and edit it to match their preferences.

Their blogs are also easy to use and handy for those who love creating blogs.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Navigating their web builder can often be frustrating as certain features are hard to find, this usually is only a problem when you first use their building tool.

Users also find Webnode to lack certain widgets, such as a share button, which can be frustrating for some.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will discuss the FAQs regarding Webnode.

Why is Webnode free?

Webnode features a free option that can be used by anyone.

The option can be very limited in terms of features and includes a banner and footer advertising Webnode.

Can you trust Webnote in making your website?

Webnode is a credible company that has 20 years of experience.

They are legit and are used by many people.

Wrapping Up

Webnode is a great website-building tool for small businesses seeking a budget option while still needing necessary features such as SEO support and blog capabilities.

There are four major plans to choose from, and the prices change whether you have an e-shop or not.

The wide variety of plans means you can find the perfect option for your business.

Bigger businesses may also benefit from Webnode’s pricer plans, as it includes many excellent features.

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