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Whitespark offers various free and paid services and software to help you rank higher in search engines, find new leads, and grow your audience online.

Here, we’ll go over their services and software, how it works, and how much value they can provide to you.

Whitespark at a Glance

  • Market Segment: SEO
  • Best For: Local businesses looking to increase local ranking
  • Plans and Pricing: Whitespark has a few free tools and offers four tiers of paid services, depending on the size and needs of your organization
    • Small Business: $25, 100 Location Keywords
    • Specialist: $50, 250 Location Keywords
    • Agency: $100, 1,000 Location Keywords
    • Enterprise: $200, 2,500 Location Keywords

What is Whitespark?

Whitespark is a company that can help you rank higher in google searches, find a larger audience, and increase your online presence.

Whitespark specializes in local search software and services.

What is Whitespark Used For?

Whitespark tracks and increases your website’s ranking across search engines.

Whitespark can help you identify where your company can grow and other untapped markets.

How Whitespark Works

Whitespark uses its influence and knowledge to give your company an edge in the online market.

It uses search engine optimization tools as well as online marketing tools to provide you with quick and easy access to ranking boosts.

Think of Whitespark as your online business mentor.

It tells you what moves to make to bring your business into the local market faster and better.

The primary goal is for your content to show up in Google searches more often than your competitors.

Notable Features of Whitespark

Whitespark has a variety of products and tools that can benefit you in your SEO journey, but a few key features set them apart from the rest.

1. Local Rank Tracker

Whitespark’s local rank tracker can help you identify your actual ranking in local and organic results.

While many places offer similar services for general rank tracking, Whitespark has specialized explicitly in local rank tracking.

The local rank tracker can help you track multiple locations across specific areas, monitor your visibility SERPs over time, and keep an eye on your competitors.

The tracker will help you decide where to market, grow, and target.

2. Local Citation Finder

Whitespark offers a local citation finder to help you get your name out there.

The local citation finder can identify new citations, track your competitor’s citations, and monitor the effectiveness of your current citations.

Showing up in local directories is a massive step in getting your business to rank locally, so this is a beneficial service for companies just starting.

Their citation tool makes creating new citations easy, as they give you direct information on the submissions for citations from each identified site.

Their tracking tool keeps track of your current citations across the entire web, so you know where your clicks are coming from.

3. Yext Replacement Services

Yext is a company that helps you keep track of your listings and business information across the web.

Your address, hours, and phone numbers are relisted across the web dozens of times, and Yext will track this information, helping you keep it up to date for a subscription fee.

Whitespark has created an alternative service that will clean up your listings for a one-time cost.

When you change your hours, phone, or address, simply use the service again for a one-time fee, negating the need for a subscription.

While their Yext replacement service is more expensive than one year of service at Yext’s lowest tier, it will likely save you money in the long run- especially if you’re not planning on moving or changing your business’s location much.

4. Reputation Builder

Whitespark’s reputation builder tool will help you monitor reviews for your organization across the internet.

They track tons of review sites and can help you connect with your customers that are reviewing.

This tool also tracks how these reviews change over time, telling you what is and is not working.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Whitespark?

As long as you subscribe to one of Whitespark’s customer plans, you will have access to everything that plan offers.

All you need is to provide your business website and other content details.

Whitespark will take care of the rest.

How Much does Whitespark Cost?

Whitespark offers four plans designed to work with businesses of different sizes.

The main difference in each plan is the number of location keywords, but their two highest tier plans also offer custom sub-domains which their lower tier plans do not.

The Small Business Plan

The small business plan offers 100 location keywords for $25 per month.

As with all their plans, the small business plan will allow you to access their suite of tools and resources to build your business.

Whitespark suggests that this plan is most suitable for small, local businesses.

The Specialist Plan

The specialist plan offers more than double the number of location keywords as the small business plan for $50 per month.

These additional keywords are most beneficial if you have more than one location.

If you only have one location, the small business plan is probably more suitable for your size, as you likely won’t need 250 location keywords.

Whitespark says that the specialist plan is most suited to consultants with multiple clients.

The Agency Plan

In addition to all of the other tools that the first two tiers of plans offer, the agency plan offers custom sub-domains.

The agency plan offers 1,000 location keywords for $100 per month.

Whitespark suggests that this plan is best for larger agencies than the first two tiers.

The Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan offers the largest number of location keywords at 2,500 for $200 per month.

A large number of keywords is likely most suited to businesses that have multiple locations or large agencies.

Like the agency plan, the enterprise plan offers subdomains for subscribers.

Yext Replacement Service

Whitespark’s Yext replacement service is also referred to as their listing service.

This service is an alternative to Yext and will help you consolidate all of your online listings so that your hours, phone numbers, and locations are accurate.

They offer three tiers of this service and one custom pricing option.

Each increased price tier will check your listing for accuracy in more places.

The pricing is all one-time payments per location.

The tiers for their listing service are:

  • Basic: $199
  • Premium: $349
  • Comprehensive: $599

While the pricing is steep, it may be less expensive than the subscription cost of Yext over time.

Remember that, as a one-time service, their replacement does not offer monitoring or other tools that Yext offers.

Local Listing and GMB Management

In addition to their generalized service, Whitespark offers local listing and GMB management designed to manage large numbers of listings across many areas.

They refer to this as their enterprise service, which is different from the enterprise pricing of their general service.

The enterprise service has custom pricing, so if you’re curious about cost, you will have to contact them to discuss pricing and options directly.  

Whitespark Promotions and Savings

Whitespark does offer some discounts for its services and tools, as reviewed below.

Yes, Whitespark does have a free trial.

Remember that the free trial is short- just a week- and requires you to input your billing information.

According to Whitespark’s terms of service, they will automatically charge you unless you explicitly cancel, and Whitespark does not offer refunds.

No, Whitespark does not offer coupon codes.

No, Whitespark does not offer a lifetime deal.

Whitespark will discount your costs if you agree to pay them in one yearly sum instead of monthly installments.

Yearly Billing Discount

If you bill yearly, you can save $60 on the small business plan (down to $20 per month), $96 on the specialist plan (down to $42 per month), $180 on the agency plan (down to $85 per month), and $396 on the enterprise plan (down to $167 per month).

While these discounts are significant, remember that Whitespark does not offer refunds.

That means that if you’re unhappy with the service, there is nothing you can do but cancel so you don’t get charged again.

If you’re unsure but want to try Whitespark out, use the monthly billing until you make a decision about their service.

Listing Service Bulk Discount

Whitespark offers discounts for their listing service if you spend over specific amounts.

These are as follows:

  • 5% off for spending over $1,000
  • 10% off for spending over $2,000
  • 15% off for spending over $3,500
  • 20% off for spending over $5,000

Who are Whitespark’s Main Alternatives?

While Whitespark offers many benefits, it’s important to consider alternatives before making any choice.

Lots of companies offer similar services and tools as Whitespark.

1. Moz

Moz offers local SEO monitoring that is significantly less expensive than the services Whitespark offers.

Their starting costs are just $14 per month, and even their lowest tier provides most of the same services as Whitespark.

Whitespark offers unlimited locations, while Moz provides its service for just one.

If you’re a business targeting a large variety of areas, that can add up fast, and Whitespark may be a better option for your needs.

Note: If you’re looking into Moz and Ahrefs and trying to decide, we reviewed which is best for various circumstances and found that Moz is better for local growth.

2. Semrush

Semrush also offers local SEO services with many of the same features as Whitespark.

Semrush offers citation monitoring, SERP tracking, and listing management.

Semrush has many local SEO-specific tools but does not offer a specialized local SEO plan and runs more expensive than Moz or Whitesparks.

Semrush’s lowest tier plan runs at $120 per month, and many features geared towards local SEO will run you an additional $20 per month.

Despite this, you’ll get some benefit from a more general focus, such as website crawling and wide-scale analytics.

3. Brightlocal

Brightlocal offers many of the same services and tools as Whitespark and focuses on local SEO over general SEO.

Brightlocal offers citations, review monitoring, and local SERP tracking.

Brightlocal offers similar prices as Whitespark and a free trial of the same length without requiring you to enter your payment information.

How Does Whitespark Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

The primary advantage Whitespark has over the above competitors is the local focus.

If you have a physical business that requires a majority of your customers to live in the general area, Whitespark holds much better features for you.

Who is Whitespark Best For?

Whitespark is one of the only SEO companies focusing on local SEO and location-based growth.

Many SEO monitoring and growth companies focus on getting onto the general google results page without concern for locally-geared results.

If you have a locally operating business and want to reach people in your area, Whitespark is likely the best option.

User Experience

Reviews for Whitespark are mainly positive, with most users citing that they received what they signed up for and are happy with their results.

Is Whitespark Easy to Use?

Whitespark is as easy to use as any other SEO software or SEO service.

It offers single sign-on and interactive graphs, making understanding data much more accessible.

Whitespark is much simpler than trying to build citations and grow your business’s presence on local SERPs independently.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Citation building on other websites can be difficult and time-consuming, and many users are happy to outsource the process to experts.

Their tools tell you how and where to request your business be cited, which is much easier than trolling the internet and looking for citation places yourself.

In addition to the citation-building service, many users are happy with their review and reputation monitoring service.

The reputation service is a process you can do manually, but you probably don’t want to, especially if you have more than one location to monitor.

Whitespark’s reputation service has been an easy way to expedite this process for many users.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Consistently across many reviews, users cite trouble getting in touch with the support team when needed.

Difficulty with customer service and refunds seem to be common complaints, so be wary if you are looking to use the free trial and cancel before their non-refundable payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of organic SEO optimization

What is a local citation finder?

A local citation is any reference to your business online.

A local citation finder compares your competitors’ citations to your own.

Do citations help SEO?

Yes, citations to your business or website are considered in the ranking of your site on SERPs.

Wrapping Up

Whitespark is an SEO service and software company specializing in local SEO and local SERPs.

Whitespark can help you rank higher in your local results pages and is one of the only companies that offer that kind of specialization.

Have you tried Whitespark?

Were you happy with it?

Leave a review and let us know what you think below!

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