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If you want to produce large amounts of quality content quickly, it’s time to give WordAgents a try.

WordAgents is for bloggers and companies who would like to outsource their writing to give their blogs and sites a boost.

They specialize in creating top-quality, custom content tailored to your SEO needs.

As a professional with a website, I use WordAgents to generate well-sourced, informational articles that rank high on search engines.

Because of my positive experience with the company, I have put together this guide.

Keep reading to learn more about WordAgents and how they can help you grow your blog or website.

WordAgents at a Glance

Here’s a brief overview of WordAgents and the pricing options.

  • Market Segment: WordAgents is for any website or blog owner
  • Best For: WordAgents is best for those who need to increase site traffic or visibility or quickly generate a large amount of high-quality content
  • Plans & Pricing
    • Bronze: $120 for 1000 words ($0.12/word)
    • Silver: $850 for 10,000 words ($.0.085/word)
    • Gold: $1300 for 20,000 words ($0.065/word)
    • Platinum: $3600 for 60,000 words ($0.06/word)

The Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans are available monthly for an additional 15% discount.

For those who need more, WordAgents has bulk packages available starting at 200,000 words.

What Is WordAgents?

WordAgents is a full-service content generator, or “content mill”.

The company takes pride in its reliability, quality, and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You might need a company like WordAgents to produce content to save time and guarantee increased quality.

WordAgents uses experienced freelance writers and professional editors to ensure your blogs and websites are well-written and competitive.

What Is WordAgents Used For?

People like you can use WordAgents to supplement websites and blogs with unique, compelling SEO content.

WordAgents has a wide range of clients since the company is versatile.

From blogs to professional websites, WordAgents can handle any assignment.

They provide a quick, efficient, search-engine-optimized (SEO) article or blog post to get your site noticed.

If you’re wondering if you should use WordAgents or a similar agency to boost your site’s quality and visibility, check out my guide about how to outsource your blog writing.

How WordAgents Works

WordAgents provides a simple, user-friendly process for ordering and receiving custom content.

Their four-step process is as follows.

Select a package

WordAgents has several package levels to fit any budget.

The more words you order, the less expensive your package becomes per word.

Place Your Order

Provide WordAgents with the directions for your blog post, website page, or other content.

Remember that the more thorough your instructions, the higher the quality your writers can produce.

A Professional Writer Completes Your Assignment

WordAgents trains its writers to avoid all filler and “fluff” while creating your content.

They will create high-quality, attention-grabbing articles that meet your requirements.

An experienced editor will then review your content.

Receive Your Content

You are in control of your order.

You can request edits or changes, and the WordAgents staff will happily oblige.

When you receive your final content, it will be ready to publish.

Notable Features of WordAgents

Read on for some of the best features of WordAgents.

Unique Content

WordAgents takes pride in never producing duplicate content.

Each piece is tailored to your needs, reviewed by a skillful editor, and checked with a plagiarism tool.

Your writer will build your article or blog from scratch.

WordAgents does not use AI content generators or tools to write your content.

It is all custom, human-generated work crafted with care by an expert ghostwriter.

Customer Guarantees

WordAgents is so confident that you will be satisfied with their work that they make several guarantees about your content.

They guarantee that your article will be correct, follow your directions, be unique, and obtain a Grammarly.com score of 90% or higher.

WordAgents also provide credits or refunds for late work.


WordAgents articles are among the highest quality in the freelance writing industry

Their writers and editors are experienced and receive SEO training.

Often, assignments completed by WordAgents rank in or close to the number one search engine spot.

This accomplishment means when people search associated keywords, your article will likely appear on the first page of the results.


WordAgents offers scaled prices, meaning the more words you order, the less expensive it becomes.

You will pay as little as $0.06 per word!

SEO Optimization

WordAgents allows you to redeem credits for further search engine optimization, using one of the industry-leading SEO tools (Surfer SEO, Market Muse, Clearscope, or Frase).

WordAgents include up to 20 keywords per project, but if you add an SEO tool, they will further optimize your content to ensure higher-ranking Google searches.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use WordAgents?

According to the WordAgents Customer Terms, the minimum requirements when ordering content are as follows:

  • You provide specific project details. These details include keywords, branded phrases, tone requirements, and other specifics.
  • Content length: single articles must contain at least 1,000 words. Projects involving multiple pieces must have at least 50 words per article.

How Much Does WordAgents Cost?

WordAgents provides one-time and monthly service plans with no contract.

Since prices with WordAgents are scaled, the packages become less expensive as you add more words.

Bronze Plan

The Bronze plan is a one-off package that comes with 1,000 words.

At $0.12 per word, this plan has standard pricing.

WordAgents offers guaranteed 7-day delivery with all the benefits of using a professional, trusted WordAgents writer.

These benefits include guaranteed quality, extensive research, keyword optimization, professional editing (two rounds), a plagiarism checker, dedicated customer support, and the opportunity to apply credits to add further SEO optimization.

There is no monthly option available with the Bronze plan.

The Bronze plan costs $120.

Silver Plan

The next tier is the Silver plan, which includes 20,000 words.

This plan comes with the same benefits as the Bronze plan at a 35% savings.

The Silver plan costs $1,560 for a one-time purchase.

With a subscription, the Silver plan costs only $1,329 per month.

Gold Plan

WordAgents’ most popular plan, the Gold tier package, provides you with 60,000 words and a 14-day delivery guarantee.

At 40% off standard pricing, the Gold plan costs $4,320 for a one-off order or $3,669 per month.

Platinum Plan

With incredible 44% savings, the Platinum Plan delivers the same superior quality work WordAgents is known for in 6 weeks or less.

If you need 100,000 words, this plan is perfect for you.

The package costs $5,779 per month or $6,800 as a one-time purchase.

Access the WordAgents pricing table here.

Does WordAgents Have an Enterprise Version Available?

For large companies who need a wide range of content produced frequently that matches their brand/voice, I recommend reviewing WordAgent’s extra bulk packages.

Order anywhere from 200,000 to 2 million words on a one-time or monthly basis.

This option is perfect for agencies or content resellers.

Since WordAgents employs over 500 expert writers, they always complete your content quickly, and because of WordAgents’ standard guidelines and training, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive content consistent with your brand/voice.

WordAgents Promotions & Savings

Before you commit to purchasing a content package from WordAgents, you may be wondering how to save money on their service; I looked into this for you.

Does WordAgents Have a Free Trial?

While WordAgents does not have a free trial, your order is risk-free.

If you are dissatisfied with your article, WordAgents’ attentive customer support will take care of you.

Does WordAgents Offer Coupon Codes?


For WordAgents promo codes, the best thing to do is sign up for their e-mail list.

When you sign up, you will receive a code for 30% off your first package of up to 20,000 words!

Does WordAgents Have a Lifetime Deal?

WordAgents’ version of a “lifetime deal” is providing you with credits that never expire.

You can purchase words in bulk and save your content credits for when you need them.

WordAgents Vs Others

WordAgents is one of the best content mills or ghostwriter agencies available.

This rating is because of their superior quality, 100% native English-speaking writing staff, and efficient business practices.

Who Are WordAgents’ Main Alternatives?

WordAgents is not the only content creation firm out there; they have some competitors.


Textun is a competing content agency that also employs all native English writers.

While they offer lower prices, users have reported that Textun’s SEO content is of a lower quality than that of a WordAgents writer.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy is a service that uses artificial intelligence to generate content for your website or blog.

While the concept of AI-generated content sounds intriguing, I prefer the personalized, expert content I receive from the writers at WordAgents.


Another popular “content mill” is TextBroker, which is more like a marketplace for freelance writers.

There is way less human interaction through TextBroker.

On the other hand, WordAgents has superior customer service.

How Does WordAgents Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

WordAgents not only provides top-notch content but also a personalized customer service experience that does not leave you wanting.

With WordAgents, you can be sure all your needs will be addressed swiftly.

Who Is WordAgents Best For?

WordAgents is best for anybody who relies on online content to drive traffic to their site.

Since their articles are created by experienced writers with expertise in SEO content, you can be sure that your blog or website visibility will increase.

Whether you need to publish a large amount of content fast or you want to improve your site’s quality, you should look into WordAgents for your copywriting needs.

Why Is WordAgents Best for Bloggers?

WordAgents copywriters do extensive research about each subject they tackle.

No matter what your blog or website’s niche, the expert freelance writers at WordAgents will tailor your order to appeal to your intended audience.

User Experience

Since I have used WordAgents frequently, I can attest to the superior user experience.

You can expect real human interaction from start to finish, with a great team willing to support you the whole way.

Is WordAgents Easy To Use?


WordAgents is simple to use.

If you have any questions about the process, WordAgents founder Vin D’Eletto and his incredible staff are there to assist you.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

WordAgents provides a lot of great features, but these are a couple that users are particularly fond of.

Search Engine Optimization

Users love that WordAgents writers are SEO experts and incorporate keywords naturally without sounding forced.

Real human experience

Most users rave about how easy it is to speak with a live human at WordAgents.

Many clients have a dedicated project manager who oversees their work to ensure it suits their needs.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

These are a couple of complaints I’ve found from previous users of WordAgents.

7-day Delivery Guarantee

Some users have complained that they received their content after 7 days.

If you ever receive your content late, the WordAgents customer service team is quick to offer a remedy.

Source Linking

The WordAgents writing team includes high-authority links to support facts or statements referenced in the articles.

The editing team is typically on-point about making sure none of the links are direct competitors to you, but once in a while, a link may be missed.

In this case, you can ask WordAgents to correct this, and they will promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I put together the most common questions people have about WordAgents.

How Much Does WordAgents Pay Writers?

WordAgents offers a competitive rate to its freelance writers.

They enjoy flexible hours and attentive management, all while receiving a minimum of $0.03/word for their work.

How Do Content Mills Make Money?

Simply put, content mills like WordAgents make money by charging for their services and by employing skilled writers who can quickly and efficiently research, write, and edit your content.

Wrapping Up

Overall, WordAgents is one of my favorite content agencies.

I rely on them whenever I need professionally-written content completed quickly.

I would recommend this agency to anyone who wants to drive traffic to their site.

Give them a try today and watch your Google search ranking climb!

If you have already used WordAgents, leave a review in the review section below and let others know about your experience.

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