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  • Content Production
  • We design advanced AI tools and language models that understand the context and semantics of written text. These models are what set Wordtune apart as the first AI-based writing companion, moving far beyond grammar and spelling fixes to help you put your own thoughts into written words.

  • https://www.wordtune.com/

When writing content for your business, you want to ensure that it’s easy to read and devoid of errors.

Whether you’re writing an e-mail or a post, it’s important to note that it should be concise for your target audience.

Now while having a content management system is crucial, having a grammar and editor checker is also essential.

While there are options like Grammarly and Quillbot to help with your content, another solid option is Wordtune.

If you’re interested in learning more, we will review the basics, features, prices, and top three alternatives here.

Wordtune at a Glance

To understand the functions of this online tool, here we will provide an overview of the Wordtune AI editing tool.

This will give you a general idea of what this is used for, its primary users, and their various payment plans.

  • Market Segment: Wordtune is part of the AI-generated editing software market
  • Best For: Wordtune’s marketing niche is as SEO Content Specialists
  • Plans & Pricing: The tool has three plans you can choose from:
    • Plan #1 Free ($0/monthly)
    • Plan #2 Premium ($9.99/monthly)
    • Plan #3 Premium for Teams (Custom Pricing)

What Is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI writing tool that can enhance your content by editing.

It enhances your writing and helps you improve so that you don’t make the same errors in the future.

You have the option to rewrite your content, check for grammatical errors, expand or shorten it and change the overall tone.

What Is Wordtune Used For?

Wordtune’s primary use is editing and revising your content to sound clear and concise.

It ensures that your content is devoid of grammatical and spelling errors while also strengthening your writing by offering suggestions.

One of the many ways it can be used is through emails, blog posts, reports, and other forms of content.

How Wordtune Works

Typically how Wordtune works is that it helps with editing and rewriting your content to ensure that it sounds better.

You can use this tool either on their website or install it as an add-on extension to your word processor.

Once you install this extension and create your account, you can use Wordtune on any social media platform.

Notable Features of Wordtune

One of the ways that Wordtune is ideal for beginners is that its features help enhance your content by using AI-generated ideas and tools when editing.

Below, we will review several features and benefits of this AI-content writing tool.

1. Rewrite

The rewriting tool is Wordtune’s favorite feature that users love incorporating into their writing.

This feature helps reword their content to sound better to their viewers, suggesting more formal phrases.

It also suggests how they can shorten and expand the content.

2. Tone Checker

The tone checker is another favored feature as it helps users match the tone they are trying to write in.

This way, if you’re writing for your business or a professional setting, you can toggle the tone checker to formal so your content can sound that way.

If you want your content to sound more laid back, switch the setting to casual.

3. Thesaurus

Wordtune’s thesaurus feature helps users rephrase and reword their content to sound concise and thorough.

It gives you similar phrases to incorporate into your writing.

Another factor it features is its synonyms option, which provides similar words to avoid repetition and redundancy in your writing.

4. Translator

One of the advantages of using Wordtune for your content is that it features an online translator.

Its word finder can detect up to 9 languages, some being Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and more.

Wordtune seems to be the only editing tool with a multilingual translator than other AI writing systems, making it easier for content writers to translate their native language to another.

5. Length Editor

Length editor is another feature on Wordtune that helps enhance your content.

How it works is that it can either summarize and shorten your writing or lengthen it.

It gives you the ability to format your content however you like.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Wordtune?

Regarding using Wordtune, there aren’t any mandatory requirements to use this AI rephrasing tool.

One of the benefits of using this tool is that if you have Google chrome, it has an add-on feature.

You can manage and rewrite your content while working on Google docs.

You must have a mobile device or desktop to work with this tool.

How Much Does Wordtune Cost?

An upside to using Wordtune for your business is that their first payment plan is for free, so you can use it and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Unfortunately, they do not include an enterprise version, but other payment plans exist.

  • Plan #1 Free ($0/monthly): This is the starter payment package offered to users.
  • The only feature that’s available for this plan is the rewriting tool.
    However, that feature is limited to 10 uses a day.
  • Plan #2 Premium ($9.99/monthly): This is a basic payment plan similar to the previously mentioned.
    However, the significant difference is that it is accessible to unlimited rewrite, casual and formal tone settings, and shorten and expand tools.
    It also includes premium customer support.
  • Plan #3 Premium for Teams (Custom Pricing): This is the same payment plan as the premium one only for teams.
    Here, it includes all unlimited features and team billing.
screenshot of the wordtune pricing table

Does Wordtune Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Wordtune does not have an enterprise version available for its users.

However, it does offer a similar set of payment plans called premium and premium for teams.

The premium option is if you’re a lone content creator and premium teams are for if you’re working in a small business.

Wordtune Promotions & Savings

For promotions and savings, aside from its 7-day free trial, Wordtune does offer promotions and savings for its various payment plans.

Below, we will review its free trial period, lifetime deals, and coupon codes it provides.

Does Wordtune Have a Free Trial?

Yes! Wordtune does offer a free trial period to its users.

The free trial lasts about 7-days, so you have plenty of time to try out their premium options.

However, if you only want to try out its features, we recommend starting with the free plan.

Though there are limited features, it gives you an idea of how this editing tool works.

Does Wordtune Offer Coupon Codes?

Wordtune does offer coupon codes.

This editing tool provides a 40% discount for its monthly and annual pricing plans.

However, this deal is only available if you’re a student or educator.

Fortunately, you can also use third-party coupon codes.

Does Wordtune Have a Lifetime Deal?

Wordtune, unfortunately, does not offer a lifetime deal to its users.

It does, however, offer a premium payment plan with custom pricing.

Not only does it offer a premium deal for your business, but it also provides a premium plan for business teams.

You will have to contact Wordtune for this particular payment plan.

Who are Wordtune’s Main Alternatives?

Wordtune’s primary function is to help you enhance your writing using AI rephrasing technology.

Fortunately, they aren’t the only tool you can use for your content.

Below, we will review our top three AI rephrasing and rewriting tools with similar functions.

1. QuillBot

Quillbot is considered one of the main alternatives for Wordtune.

However, one of the significant differences is that it gives the user the ability to choose six modes of paraphrasing.

It also features a summarizing and grammar-checking tool.

This way, you can shorten your content while checking for grammatical errors.

When it comes to pricing, you can start with their free plan, but you can also switch to premium depending on frequent use.

2. WordAi

WordAi is another option to choose that’s similar to Wordtune.

This is a favorite amongst writers and bloggers as it helps generate content that sounds more human than monotonous compared to some online editing tools.

However, in contrast to Wordtune, it features a paraphrasing tool so that you can summarize and rewrite your content based on fluency.

For pricing, it does offer a 3-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is one of the fairly popular alternatives.

Compared to Wordtune, it strives to enhance your writing with its proofreading and rephrasing tools.

One of its primary features is its free paraphrase tool, so you can summarize and reword your content however you want.

In terms of pricing, it offers its customers various payment plans based on monthly or annual payments.

How Does Wordtune Differentiate Themselves From Competitors?

Wordtune differentiates itself from its competitors because its primary focus is its tone checker and rephrasing tool.

Compared to Quillbot, it does offer a free plan to its users, and it has an extension feature.

However, where its strengths are in rewriting your content based on the tone, it lacks clarity and proofreading.

Who Is Wordtune Best For?

Wordtune is a specialized editing tool that helps you strengthen your content through rephrasing and rewriting.

It almost acts as your personal editor so that your emails, posts, reports, and other content sounds thorough.

With this in mind, this Wordtune is best for small businesses, content creators, SEO writers, journalists, and more.

Why Is Wordtune Best for NICHE?

Wordtune is best for NICHE because it reassures your viewers that your engagement is your top priority.

Once your content is easy to read and has no errors, it shows that you’re putting effort into what you create.

You increase your foot traffic by editing your content.

Is Wordtune Easy To Use?

Wordtune strives for ease of use, especially for new users.

Compared to Grammarly, its extension is not as difficult to use when working on Google Docs, Microsoft, and social media.

Once you set up your account and install the extension, you can rephrase your sentences by clicking the Wordtune logo and selecting the rewrite option that strengthens your content.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Some of the features that users love are its tone checker and rephrase.

The tone checker feature allows users to edit their content to sound however they please.

The tone options that users have the choice of are either casual or formal.

The rephrasing feature allows the user to reword sentences to enhance their content.

There, it will help ensure the post is concise, thorough, and easy to read for the viewer.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Some of the features that users have a hard time using would be its proofreader and translator.

When using the proofreader feature, sometimes the suggestions it gives for your content do not make sense or repeat the suggestion when you rewrite it.

The translator feature, although helpful, can sometimes lead to errors in translating from one language to another.

Another factor that users have trouble resolving is that when attempting to translate a particular word or phrase, the results aren’t as accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are left with any questions, hopefully, the below responses will help you.

vector graphic showing what is content creation

Can you add Wordtune on Microsoft Word?


By going to the add-on features of your Microsoft app source (Office 2016, Office 2019, or Microsoft 365), you can search and install the Wordtune add-on onto your application.

How do I get rid of Wordtune?

If you want to remove the Wordtune extension from Chrome, go to your extensions settings and uninstall the extension.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, go to your subscription settings on your account and select the cancel subscription feature.

Overall Thoughts

Wordtune is a specialized AI editing tool that you can use to edit and proofread your content.

Its primary purpose is to strengthen your writing and help you to enhance your content.

Its primary features are tone checker, rewriting and rephrasing, translator and thesaurus.

Of course, if you’re interested in using this tool for your business, you can choose from their three payment plan options: free, premium, and premium for teams.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please leave a comment below!

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Wordtune is a powerful tool that can help you improve your writing. Overall, it is a great software that I love. It works well and overall is a great investment for my company.
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5 out of 5.0


  • Limited features with the free version
  • The purple logo distracts during writing time
  • Sentence-suggestion mode becomes slow


  • Fine-tune sentence structure
  • Break through writer's block
  • Correct grammar issues
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