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WPX is arguably the fastest WordPress hosting service in the market.

A part of their marketing efforts focuses on this detail that has been deemed true by independent testers.

WPX is considered top tier in terms of performance by benchmarks.

The benchmark has examined various details and has concluded that WPX is one of the best hosting services.

As for their prices, many consider them reasonable, considering you get one of the best performing hosting services out there.

This article will discuss the most notable WPX features and analyze their pricing deals.

WPX Hosting at a Glance

Market Segment: Website owners seeking a hosting server

Best For: Medium-sized business website owners

Plans & Pricing: The following WPX plans are displayed monthly; WPX includes two free months if you buy yearly.

  • Business: $24.99 a month
  • Professional: $49.99 a month
  • Elite: $99.00 a month

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX is among the fastest WordPress hosting providers in the market.

They come with many features that are great for web hosting, such as using solid-state drives for their servers.

They also provide many luxury services, such as site speed optimization and unlimited site transfers.

WPX functions on managed WordPress hosting, there are many different types of web hosting, but this one is great for those wanting to avoid the hassle of hosting a website.

How WPX Hosting Works

WPX handles the hosting side of your WordPress website while offering many other services to make your website operate more efficiently and smoothly.

Within 24 hours, WPX will have your WordPress website up and running on its servers, they will handle the migration process for free.

They include a fast response customer service team that handles any issues you may face by your website crashing to detect potential malware.

You can purchase your domain directly from WPX through their check domain page.

Notable Features of WPX Hosting

WPX is home to many great features, with many being essential and some being convenient.

1. Website Speed

Google has an entire blog dedicated to website owners to optimize and speed up their websites.

Google factors website speed as one of its factors for determining its position in its search engine ranking.

Users also prioritize faster-loading websites and may leave your website altogether if the loading times are inadequate.

A faster loading website is essential to minimize visitors abandoning your website and maintaining the best percentage of users.

WPX has an article describing that they were rated number one in 2022 for fastest average loading web pages by an independent tester.

It is vital to know that this test is only for a price range between $25-$50, but the numbers are still impressive.

For 2022, their average loading times were 0.21 seconds; for comparison, the slowest entry in the list had average load times of 1.19 seconds.

Having shorter load times means users can navigate your site quicker and are encouraged to stay on longer.

Too long loading times usually result in users leaving your website and trying out your competitor.

Free web hosting services usually fall behind on loading times, but if fast loading times are not essential for you, they may be an option.

2. Website Optimization

WPX offers a free website optimization service handled by their website optimization team.

Their team analyzes your website and recommends suggestions for a faster website.

This service is significant for spotting issues causing your website to function poorly and is even recommended to anyone as it might speed up your loading times.

The optimizations might also result in your website becoming more stable.

3. Unlimited Free Website Migrations

This feature is often put behind a price tag by other website hosting services, but WPX offers it for free and for unlimited times.

It is essential that a professional handle your website migration, as it is a difficult task with lots of tricky elements.

WPX will migrate your website from any host to its servers. All migrations are done manually by their WordPress team within 24 hours.

As long as you have empty website slots in your account, WPX will not charge you for website migrations.

4. Free Detection and Removal of Malware

Having malware inside your website can cause issues and be very annoying to fix.

Most website hosting services charge users fees for malware detection and removal.

Some hosts charge upward of $359 a year for scheduled scans which can be expensive.

A skilled team is essential to remove malware while maintaining website integrity, so it can still function normally after.

WPX offers free scheduled malware detection and removal of your malware free of charge; their skilled team knows how to handle any issues.

You no longer need to worry about dealing with malware anymore, as WPX offers a headache-free solution.

5. Daily Backups

WPX offers free daily backups to users and maintains backups for upwards of 28 days.

Certain hosts charge their users fees for features such as daily backups.

Other hosts also put backup recovery behind a price tag, but it is completely free with WPX.

Having your data safe and backed up is necessary for any business.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use WPX Hosting?

Yes, to use WPX hosting, you need a WordPress website.

If your website is currently hosted by a different company, WPX will handle the migration process for free.

How Much Does WPX Hosting Cost?

WPX has a variety of plans with different tiers of features and pricing.

Business: $24.99 a month

The business plan is the starting plan option for WPX and is a great option for any business hosting a few websites.

With this plan, you get hosting for five websites, 10 gigabytes of storage, and 100 gigabytes of traffic bandwidth.

WPX offers plenty of features that are included starting with their first plan option.

WPX hosts its websites on lighting fast solid-state drives, which helps keep load times to a minimum.

You also get a free staging area, so you can freely test out the next potential version of your website while keeping the original one operational and live.

No matter what plan, you have easy one-click WordPress installations, allowing quick setups.

There are data centers on three continents, meaning users will always have a data center close, which keeps loading times as fast as possible.

On any plan, you have access to unlimited website migrations to WPX.

This only applies if you have an empty website slot.

As for security, you get DDos and bot attack protection, keeping your servers safe and secure.

You also get unlimited SSL certificates for your servers free of charge.

As for backups, WPX provides free daily backups with no cost for rollbacks.

Backups are kept for 28 days before deletion, keeping data loss to a minimum.

When it comes to malware, you are secured with every plan.

WPX regularly runs scheduled malware detections on their servers and provides malware removal free of cost.

Professional: $49.99 a month

For the professional plan, users have up to 15 websites they can host from WPX servers.

Storage and bandwidth are doubled from the previous plan, you now have 20 gigabytes of storage and 200 gigabytes of traffic bandwidth.

Elite: $99.00 a month

The elite package is their top-of-the-line solution for bigger businesses needing robust server hosting solutions.

With this plan, you can have up to 35 websites, 40 gigabytes of storage, and unlimited traffic bandwidth.

Having unlimited bandwidth is an excellent feature for businesses with large amounts of traffic to their websites monthly.

WPX Hosting Promotions & Savings

Currently, WPX offers two free months if you pay annually.

This offer applies to all their plans.

Here are the yearly prices of all their plans:

  • Business $249.99
  • Professional $499.00
  • Elite $999.00

Who are WPX Hosting’s Main Alternatives?

WPX Hosting has lots of competition in the market, we will compare it to two other web hosting providers.

1. Webnode

If you do not already have a website, Webnode has an excellent website builder mechanic that can fully develop a website with relative ease.

screenshot of the webnode homepage

Their builder requires no coding skills and uses a click-and-drag system for their building and editing.

Webnode is more focused on hosting a single website and creating it for you using their builder tool.

They also make it easier for you to create blog posts by offering you templates to start writing.

You are also able to write as many blog posts as you wish.

There are built-in tracking metrics that keep numbers on user visits and how many of them are return visitors.

You also are limited in terms of available plugins and tools since Webnode limits what you can use.

If you already have a pre-existing WordPress website, Webnode might not be ideal.

2. HostGator

HostGator is a website maker and hosting service with attractive price plans.

hostgator homepage screenshot 1 2

The prices are better suited to smaller businesses that would not benefit from the fast speeds offered by WPX.

The starting web hosting plan for HostGator starts at just $2.75 a month, though that’s just for a single website.

Hostgator also offers free domain names for your first year.

It also comes with free website backups.

One key selling point offered by HostGator is that they have a 45-day money-back guarantee if you do not like their service.

How Does WPX Hosting Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

WPX offers excellent customer support and fast response times.

They also have one of the fastest website speeds among all the competition.

They provide free website optimization services to help your website function as fast as it can.

By using solid-state drives, WPX sets itself apart by having one of the fastest servers in the market.

Who is WPX Hosting Best For?

WPX is best for medium-sized business owners seeking robust hosting for their websites.

Those with WordPress websites will enjoy the fast loading times offered by WPX.

Fast loading times are an essential aspect of any online business, especially if it has an e-store on its website.

While there are other cheaper hosting providers, WPX offers lots of handy features that are essential for businesses.

There are free daily backups, with no fees for rollbacks, and free website migration for an unlimited number of times.

WPX also has fast live chat support, with them promising average support response rates of around 30 seconds.

Is WPX Hosting Easy to Use?

Yes, WPX handles all the difficult parts associated with hosting a website.

They are the ones that handle website migration for you, and also do it for free.

WPX provides you with free daily backups, with easy access to reverting your save file if need be.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Users love their website speeds by having WPX host their websites.

WPX also offers free website optimization in case you have something slowing your website down.

Users also love the free daily backups, ensuring that data loss is always kept to a minimum.

Another cherished feature is that their servers can handle traffic without any issues.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

One feature users find frustrating is that WPX offers no phone support.

They only offer contact over live chat or email, though responses are very fast and professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about WPX Hosting.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a man working on a server that has a WordPress logo on it to illustrate managed WordPress hosting

Is WPX Hosting shared?

Yes, WPX hosting is shared, though performance is great and websites can handle traffic without a problem.

Is WPX Hosting any good?

Yes, WPX hosting is great.

Their loading speeds are fast and they offer lots of features that make website hosting a breeze.

Wrap Up

WPX is a great website hosting solution for medium-sized businesses with more than one website.

It is also good for websites with an e-store as the load times are fast, making them perfect.

WPX offers plenty of features that bring convenience to the user, such as free website migration, free daily backups, free website optimization, and malware detection and removal.

If you are in the market for a fast web hosting provider with reliable customer service and handy features, WPX is a great choice.

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