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Years ago, if you wanted to learn a new hobby or better understand how to fix the dishwasher, you had to read a book or reach out to others for help.

Today YouTube has changed all that with easy access to videos on all topics, subjects, and issues.

When you find yourself in a bind, it’s more cost-efficient to search for a video on YouTube than to pay a service charge to a repairman.

YouTube has changed how many of us operate, but most only know about it at a high level.

Below we detail all you need to know about the popular video platform and its features.

YouTube at a Glance

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to YouTube.

Below we lay out a few of the critical elements that are central to the company’s operations.

Market Segment: All ages and interests

Best For: Those looking for answers to all types of questions or to fulfill a need

Plans & Pricing:

  • Individual – $11.99 per month or $119 annual fee
  • Family – $17.99 per month for up to five members
  • Student – $6.99 per month

What is YouTube?

As a video resource website, YouTube has informational, educational, and entertainment options for individuals to view as they please.

For no cost, people can use the database to learn about a topic they are interested in or to seek a solution to one of their problems.

At the same time, businesses can use the platform to create informational pieces about their products or to advertise their services.

Some court systems use YouTube to broadcast public hearings and some town halls will use the website for quarterly meetings to inform the public.

What is YouTube Used For?

Individuals and businesses use YouTube for various reasons, all of which depend on the individual user.

Some may turn to the platform to supplement their children’s education or read aloud stories for them to listen to on their tablets.

Adults may use YouTube for cooking videos or for entertainment purposes.

Many online creators have dedicated channels for their work, and people can subscribe to their channels and receive updates when new videos are uploaded and ready to view.

How YouTube Works

There are many features on the YouTube video platform that many don’t know about at first glance.

Finding out how YouTube works will give you insight into everything you can do on the website.

Not only can you find videos that cater to your interests, but you can also personalize your dashboard to obtain suggestions and subscriptions similar to videos you have previously watched.

Depending on your end goal for the platform, you can compile an arsenal of resources to use routinely or on a one-time basis.

You can also make your own content to post for viewers in hopes of expanding your audience and increasing your following.

Notable Features of YouTube

Many notable features are associated with the famous YouTube platform.

Some of the top perks include the following:

1. Creator Studio

YouTube allows users to create and upload their video creations.

This opportunity comes with no additional cost; anyone can take part in this portion of the website.

If your platform grows to an elevated level, including a set amount of subscribers and public views, you can join the monetization program to get compensated for your efforts.

While this may seem intimidating, monetizing YouTube is easier than you think.

2. Lives

In addition to uploading videos, you can also broadcast them in real-time on the platform.

If there’s a public meeting or a creator wants to engage with subscribers, going live is an excellent option to meet those needs.

3. Subscriptions

As a YouTube user, you can subscribe to the channels you enjoy and become notified when that creator releases new content.

Additionally, if you decide to create videos of your own, you can get followers when other users subscribe to your channel.

4. Monetization

When you secure a steady audience (1,000 subscribers) and have a constant flow of views (4,000 hours worth), you can apply for YouTube’s compensation program.

Based on the content creator rank on YouTube, and the number of subscribers and views you receive, you will receive a payment each month for a corresponding amount.

5. Ad-Free

If you opt to purchase the YouTube Premium package, you can enjoy all the videos on the platform with no commercial breaks.

Additionally, you can easily download YouTube videos, enjoy YouTube music without interruption, and listen to videos in the background of your phone, such as when it is locked.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use YouTube?

To use the YouTube platform, you must have a device with a working internet connection.

That is unless you subscribe to the Premium plan and have downloaded material to watch offline.

To download the content you will need the internet.

However, when you return to watch it, you will be able to do so without a connection.

Additionally, if a user is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must review the company’s terms and conditions with them during the account sign-up process.

These regulations detail security risks and limitations that YouTube has as a company.

How Much Does YouTube Cost?

You can use the services provided by YouTube for free. It isn’t necessary to pay for a plan to view the videos available on the website.

However, if you want the special perks that come with a paid membership, you will have a set subscription fee.

  • Individual – $11.99 per month or $119 annual fee
  • Family – $17.99 per month for up to five members
  • Student – $6.99 per month

Does YouTube Have an Enterprise Version Available?

YouTube offers a premium plan for paying customers to enjoy if they desire.

However, they do not have an Enterprise plan within their framework.

The plans they have available pertain to individuals, families, and students.

YouTube Promotions & Savings

As with most companies and subscriptions, promotions occur every so often that can significantly reduce the cost of YouTube Premium.

If you want to obtain the premium plan but find the cost too high, waiting for one of the company’s many promotions will help to ease the financial burden of a paid plan.

Does YouTube Have a Free Trial?

You can obtain a three-month free trial through YouTube Premium.

At the end of the trial, the company will charge your account the monthly rate for the membership option you chose at the time of sign-up.

During the free trial, you have access to all the features associated with a YouTube Premium account.

Does YouTube Offer Coupon Codes?

From time to time, there will be coupon codes offered to save money on YouTube Premium.

These will most commonly come through email correspondence or pop up when using the platform under a standard, free plan.

At times you can find a promo code on a third-party coupon code website as well.

Does YouTube Have a Lifetime Deal?

YouTube Premium does not have a lifetime deal that allows paid users to access the program without an end date.

The lengthiest plan available is the annual membership, which can be renewed each year until you no longer desire to have the plan.

Does YouTube Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

Most years, YouTube Premium does offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.

These sales will vary each year.

Who are YouTube’s Main Alternatives?

While YouTube has a stronghold on the video market, there are other options that you can explore if you’re exploring different avenues.

1. TikTok Live

TikTok, in general, has a similar approach to YouTube in that they offer creator-focused videos that you can watch and the ability to subscribe to their profile.

vector graphic showing an illustration of tiktok marketing - a person holding a phone and a tiktok user engaging with that brand

Additionally, users who reach a specific follower count can use TikTok live and interact with viewers in real-time.

There is no premium or paid plan feature for TikTok, but you can join the Creator Fund to earn a commission for your work.

2. Twitch

Primarily used for gaming, Twitch is a platform that only allows videos created live and in real-time.

vector graphic showing a person holding a phone and making money with the twitch affiliate program

Users can go back and re-watch the lives after the creators have finished their live interactions.

There is no subscription option available with Twitch, and all user accounts are free.

3. Facebook Groups

For those who want to connect with their friends or fans on Facebook, Facebook Groups is an option that allows you to have a discussion and upload videos.

header image for Facebook groups blog post

There is also the option to go live within the group to converse with invited members.

There are no subscription or paid plans for Facebook Groups.

How Does YouTube Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

As a video platform, YouTube varies from other options due to the various features they offer that its competitors don’t.

To begin with, they have different programs depending on age.

For the youngest, there is YouTube Kids.

There is also a music space and YouTube Shorts.

Users can watch videos on many different topics and create their own.

Who is YouTube Best For?

YouTube is best for people of all ages.

Due to the vast amount of topics and subjects broached on the platform, there is something for everyone to enjoy without the content being restricted to particular interests and ages.

Why is YouTube Best For Niches?

YouTube is an excellent resource for those who create and post content within a specific niche.

The vast amount of videos uploaded to YouTube gives creators of all niches an audience.

It’s effortless to search for an obscure topic and generate several results.

Is YouTube Easy to Use?

The primary functions of YouTube are easy to use and have a natural flow within the interface and dashboard.

With the simple functionality of searching and clicking the desired result, you won’t encounter a steep learning curve when first using the platform.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Many features are available on YouTube, many of which are regarded positively by their users.

Some top perks include subscribing to a creator or channel and receiving updates when they have posted new content.

Another top feature for users is the option to create playlists for videos you can later reference.

If you are learning marketing techniques and want to later review the videos you find, you can easily access them via the playlist.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

It’s impossible to find a platform or service that has features that are 100% loved by all users.

YouTube has a few features that continually cause frustration to its users.

One of these is inappropriate content in videos marketed to children.

YouTube has taken strides to remedy this by creating YouTube Kids.

However, as they age, the content on the kids’ side becomes less attractive to viewers, and children are more likely to switch to the regular platform.

Another feature is the search function.

While you can type in any phrase and come up with results in the video search engines, they aren’t always exact to your query.

At times it takes several pages of results before you find what you are looking for in your search.

Wrapping Up

The ability to research hobbies, questions, and household issues has drastically changed over the years.

Whereas you previously needed to call a professional, visit the library, or question friends and family, you can now type your inquiry into a search bar and have the answer in seconds.

YouTube has made a significant impact in these situations.

Having a database of videos on all topics makes the research process efficient and fast.

Having options like YouTube Premium, where you can do so without advertisements, is even better.

Are you subscribed to YouTube Premium?

What are your opinions on the plan?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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