Logo My WayA logo is a major part of a websites identity. It is vital for branding as it is used on the website itself, newsletters, advertising, products, services and more. So if you want to take your blog seriously, you need to look at getting a logo designed which is both unique and of a high quality.

My major problem with working with designers is that I rarely know what I’m looking for. I have a general idea of what I’d like but I don’t know what colours to use, what font to use or what kind of mascot to add to the logo. No doubt designers hate working with me because of this!

Thankfully there are websites which cater for those of us who don’t know the first thing about graphic design. One of the most popular is LogoMyWay, a community which boasts thousands of top quality designers and design companies.

The premise of LogoMyWay is simple. You post what kind of logo you want for you blog or website and give some details of what you would like to see. Dozens of top designers will then submit an entry and you simply need to choose the best one.

I am a huge fan of this concept. David Airey designed the Blogging Tips logo however in the last few years I have held a design contest when I wanted a logo designed for a new site. It really is the best service for someone like me to use as I’m never 100% sure what I’m looking for in a logo. With a contest I am able to see dozens of great logos which all differ in design, colour and theme.

The Design Process

The logo design process is very straight forward. First thing you need to do is give some basic details about your website and the logo you want and then decide how much the designer of the winning entry will win. I usually state what format I want the finished design to be in too (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator etc).

You can create a contest between a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $1,000. There is also a 10% operation fee though this is taken off the designers winning prize money so it doesn’t effect you directly as such.

The more money you offer in your competition, the more entries you will receive and the higher the standard of entries. Some of the top designers obviously focus on higher paying competitions rather than ones which pay out $200, though you will be surprised at the quality you receive at $200 too. It really is a competitive marketplace.

Shortly after posting your competition you will receive design entries for your logo. It is then up to you to rate these entries and eliminate the ones you don’t like. You can also give feedback to all designers explaining why you do or don’t like a particular logo. The designers who get good ratings usually revise their logo entries with the suggestions you made and submit a second, third of even fourth logo.

This part of the process is very important. It’s silly to be lazy at this part and just pick a winner. You need to be proactive and rate all the entries and give designers feedback about the logos they entered. Doing so will help you get your perfect logo.

Finally, all you need to do is chose the logo which you like best. It really is straight forward and I’m sure you will be very pleased with the quality of submissions. Remember, once you have paid for your logo you will have complete rights to it and can do whatever you want for it.

The video below illustrates how the whole process works:

Standard of Entries

A design service is nothing without it’s designers. Thankfully, LogoMyWay has a lot of competitive designers who are eager to win your prize money. Most design contests have over a hundred logo entries (some have over 300), which offers you a staggering amount of variety of different logo designs to choose from.

The quality of entries are very high, a quick look at the showcase of first place winners confirms this.


The whole system is setup to encourage designers work to their full potential. Not only do they stand a chance of winning prize money, they also give their company a lot of exposure to people who are looking for design work.

LogoMyWay informs designers about the latest contests via Twitter though I have no doubt that most designers who are active there frequent the site daily.


It’s not possible to talk about LogoMyWay without talking about other design contest sites out there. There are many other design contest sites out there but the two most popular are 99Designs and Logo Tournament.

It’s difficult to compare the sites as they all have similar models. The minimum fee for a logo is $200 on LogoMyWay, $204 on 99Designs and $250 on Logo Tournament.

LogoMyWay has around 2,000 designers on it’s books, Logo Tournament has around 7,000 and 99Designs has over 50,000. I’m not sure how many designers on each site are active though it’s safe to say 99Designs is the most active. I’ve used them personally several times and have always been happy though you usually have to spend a bit more to encourage more designers.

The main difference with LogoMyWay is that a winner has to be declared. With other sites you are not required to choose a winner if you don’t want to.

As per their Frequently Asked Questions page:

If you don’t receive at least 40 entries. We will extend your contest for another 7 days. If you still do not get 40 entries after the extension you will get a full refund – no questions asked.

I can see two sides to this. As a website owner, I would like the option of not choosing an entry if no logos met my requirements. However, from a designers point of view, I understand why this is a very good rule as it stops time wasters and ensures that they are not spending their time making logos for people who aren’t going to pay up. This should encourage more designers to participate there because of it.

So I think extending the contest for 7 days and then giving a full refund if your contest doesn’t have 40 entries is pretty fair.


As I said at the start of this review, I’m a big fan of design contests as it allows you to see lots of different designs for a relatively low price.

For years I used designers directly and had mixed results. Some companies were great to work with but others provided work that was rushed and was clearly not up to their usual standard. However, by this point you have usually sent 50% of the total payment, which is pretty impossible to get back since they have already spent time working on a design. So you may have to make the decision of whether to lose the money you have sent or send another 50% for a logo you don’t want. This is the primary reason why I use design contests for logos.

It’s kind of difficult to choose between the popular design contest sites out there. If you are looking for a logo my advice to you is to check out the entries on a few sites to get an idea of the quality of work which is being submitted, the number of entries and the prize money being offered.

Though there is no doubt that you should consider LogoMyWay when you are getting your next logo designed.

Link: LogoMyWay