Lunarpages review

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

Lunarpages review

Lunarpages internet solutions came into being in 1998. Here is a top star lunarpages review for you below. Since then the company has earned itself a reputation amongst enterprises, organizations, small businesses and individuals for being a reliable and up to standards hosting company. The company has created many in house hosting solution tools to help users create websites and optimize them for best performance. I need your input on this lunarpages review.


Since its opening in 1998, Lunarpages now own data centers located in Nevada, California and Arizona. Apart from that, their strongest data centers are located in Corona, Anaheim and California. All data centers of Lunarpages are equipped with top notch security and facilities that ensure maximum server performance. Lunarpages also have a huge team of technical and customer support representative dedicated to provide support 24/7.

Today we are going to share our experiences with the hosting company so that you can decide if it’s a great partner for your business.

Lunarpages excels in providing different hosting plans that cater the needs of organizations, large businesses and individuals. However, the packages are somewhat quite drastic in nature when compared to the top tier and bottom tier plans. For example, the basic most packages do not even contain email support while the best plan contains everything you can imagine. The good thing is however that there are so many different packages and plans that you are bound to find a plan that suits your business or individual needs. Another great thing is that if you got stuck into a wrong plan, Lunarpages offer you the opportunity to quickly upgrade your plan without any issues.


Lunarpages currently offer a list of great plans for all business and individual needs. Let’s have a little look at what is being offered:

As mentioned earlier, the basic most packages only come with the basic most hosting. Things get changed when you start seeing the rest of the packages. For example, the second in line is a web hosting package that comes with 5GB storage and 50GB of bandwidth allowance. This is a great package for individuals who are running a small blog or a site that does not see too much traffic.

If you can arrange additional cash, you can upgrade to their basic web hosting plan. This comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth. You also get database access with this package which makes it a great choice if you are an advanced web master. In our opinion this is a great package for people who are running basic websites like business profiles etc.

While there are many more packages available for purchase from Lunarpages,also read the Lunarpages review as well before you make the purchase. we would like to mention the different services that are offered outside of the basic plans. For example, if you go for a business plan, you get special features like high end security and a help desk application. Lunarpages offers you a unique application that lets you produce and manage tickets on your website if you are a business dealing in customer support.


With Lunarpages you also get another unique application called Quicksite. This application lets you design and develop a website in just a few minutes. This is an excellent application if you intend to run several hundred websites with just a single landing page. The only thing you must keep in mind is that this application is not free from Lunarpages and it is quite expensive to purchase too.

Apart from these special features offered on business plans, you can also get dedicated hosting from Lunarpages. The dedicated hosting offered here is pretty decent and comes with a powerful machine and a slew of features to keep your business running at all times. You also get pretty high standard security features on dedicated hosting plans as compared to other plans.

Lunarpages also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your plan with SEM. Search Engine Marketing plan gives you tools such as PR marketing, social media tools and advertising plans that will help you gain more exposure on the internet.


Lunarpages has so far been quite stable for us. We have tried and tested the service using a normal shared hosting package and have yet to see any downtime issues. We are pleased with their customer support and the level of technical support offered. Lunarpages is a pretty fair hosting company with many affordable plans. If you have been unable to find a decent plan, check this hosting company out and you might find just the right thing for you.

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