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10+ Best Mailchimp Templates: Ranked & Reviewed

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Mailchimp is one of the most established email marketing services in the market.

With its automation features and easy-to-navigate interface, marketers can create an email layout without needing advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop.

However, Mailchimp email templates come in different layouts designed for unique campaigns.

As users, you’ll need to understand which templates can best attract your potential customer.

Before investing in any Mailchimp email template, check this list of 10+ best Mailchimp templates designed for different campaigns.

The Best Mailchimp Templates (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Our Top Picks

  1. Koble – Our Top Pick
  2. Multimail – Runner-Up
  3. Fashionistas – Budget Pick

Notable Mentions

Why Do You Need the Best Mailchimp Email Templates

Email templates set the mood for your messages.

Your email newsletter template draws attention to your message every time you send email campaigns to educate your subscribers or promote new products.

While you don’t always have to change designs per campaign, it helps to have extensive templates with modern designs that you can play around with.

Features to Look for in Email Marketing Templates

Like most design elements in any marketing campaign, Mailchimp templates are not equal.

Some layouts are more appropriate for your purpose than others.

Below are features you’d want to consider when looking for email marketing templates.

Colors and Layouts

You want to avoid bombarding your target audience with cluttered design elements and contrasting colors.

Go for a minimal design that highlights the message you’re conveying.

Stick to your brand’s color theme instead of experimenting with color combinations.

Responsive Email Designs

Gone were the days when emails were read through desktops and laptops alone.

Today, more people use mobile devices to access almost everything! So, go for responsive Mailchimp templates that allow readers to read content across various device screens.

It’s also crucial to choose templates with an intuitive interface, which facilitates easy reading and navigation on any device.

Easy to Read Fonts

Part of a fully responsive email template is a readable font style.

You’d want a clear, straightforward font complementary to your template’s overall design.

You might never go wrong with the classic Times New Roman and Arial fonts, but why stick to the old when custom fonts offering fresher appeal are available?

Options to Customize

One key highlight of templates for Mailchimp is their customization option.

Most premium email templates allow you to tweak their code with simple HTML and CSS adjustments.

When choosing a custom template, go for those that allow flexibility in email design customization.

Design trends change, and so do customization needs.

Choosing a template open for code modification is a trend-proof way to ensure you maintain stylish consistency in your newsletters.

User Ratings and Reviews

One shared opinion by many likely states a truth about a product.

Before purchasing your templates, take some time to read what users say about the item.

Product pages for newsletter templates have a dedicated section highlighting star ratings and reviews.

Use this section to get a feel of the templates’ overall satisfaction rating across different user demographics.

Best Mailchimp Templates: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Granted that you already have a Mailchimp account, your next step is to choose email templates to kickstart your email marketing campaigns.

We’ve scoured the web and listed our top 3 templates applicable to different businesses.

We’ll discuss their key features, pros, cons, and reasons why you’d want to get them on board your digital marketing campaigns.

Koble – Our Pick

Why We Suggest This

Koble is our number one pick because it provides professional-looking designs with detailed documentation that you can easily customize. It is compatible with major email providers.

  • Best For: Those looking for a Mailchimp service provider with a reliable customer service
screenshot of the koble homepage

Koble prides itself on having over 10,000 satisfied customers.

It averages a 4.7-star rating and is known for consistently modifying its code to ensure consistency in template functionality.

This is compatible with Mailchimp and other email service providers like Campaign Monitor.

It also has an outstanding customer support team to address client concerns regarding setup and general queries.

Design-wise, Koble tops our list of premium templates with a sleek, professional look that can easily fit into various branding strategies.

Key Features of Koble

  • Responsive design
  • 15 unique main templates plus 8 unique notification designs
  • 200+ unique modules for all templates
  • HTML file included
  • Hybrid coding style for a more flexible table structure

Pros of Koble

  • Single purchase for lifetime free updates
  • Compatible with major email providers like Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and Apple Mail
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Fantastic customer support

Cons of Koble

  • Less distinctive design as developers focus on code consistency
  • It might be pricey for beginners

Koble is an excellent choice if you’d like professional-looking designs with detailed documentation you can look up to for customization.

Koble’s customer support team responds promptly to tech glitch issues and general queries.

This feels reassuring, especially for less techy users who want to avoid tinkering with the template’s code. 

Multimail – Runner-Up

Why We Suggest This

Multimail is our second best because it is an easy-to-build template option with lots of beautiful pre-made designs fitting all seasons.

  • Best For: Those looking for an all-purpose Mailchimp template
screenshot of the multimail homepage

Multimail is an all-purpose Mailchimp template designed for responsiveness and flexibility.

It has extensive, highly customizable templates that work with the handy drag-and-drop editor on its online builder.

With an average 4.6-star rating, Multimail lives up to its name as among the premium templates compatible with different brands.

Whether you’re running a business or a blog, this template offers enough options to match your messaging.

Key Features of Multimail

  • 18 + unique templates included
  • 230+ modules
  • Unlimited drag and drop feature
  • Unlimited pick color scheme with real-time application
  • Create unlimited design variations feature

Pros of Multimail

  • Allows minor HTML code and CSS tweaks
  • Provides duplicate and delete functionality
  • Compatibility with major email providers

Cons of Multimail

  • Customer support response can take a while
  • Few issues with custom fonts compatibility

Multimail is an easy-to-build template option with lots of beautiful pre-made designs fitting all seasons.

Users with basic HTML and CSS knowledge will have a great time fine-tuning their code to fit unique design requirements.

Fashionistas – Budget Pick

Why We Suggest This

This is our budget pick because it is budget-friendly compared to the other Mailchimp templates. 

  • Best For: Budget-friendly Mailchimp templates
screenshot of the fashionistas homepage

This Mailchimp template is the most budget-friendly pick among its premium counterparts.

At a $16 regular license, you already gain access to the features necessary for customizing newsletter templates.

Fashionistas template is retina-ready, which means you can add images to your layout and ensure that they’re not pixelated once received by your clients.

Key Features of Fashionistas

  • Free access to module composer for faster Mailchimp loading
  • Easy drag-and-drop feature
  • Offers 900+ Google fonts
  • Supports background images for major email providers like Outlook

Pros of Fashionistas

  • Compatibility with major email providers
  • External image support
  • Retina-ready templates, ensuring sharp graphics

Cons of Fashionistas

  • Typography issues when viewing templates on mobile devices
  • It might appear slow for users not using the module composer

Fashionistas offer many premium features for a more affordable price than its competitors.

Its drag-and-drop functionality is a massive advantage for anyone looking for a quick way to draft newsletters in one go, minus the technicalities of graphic design.

As long as you have text and quality stock photos, you can build an email campaign sequence in one sitting.

The Best Free Mailchimp Templates Options

If you’re starting your email campaign and are hesitant to spend, then using some free Mailchimp email templates is a nice way to test the waters.

While limited to its basic features, a well-designed free Mailchimp template allows you to jump-start email marketing efforts without spending a dime.

Here are three options you can try out:

Colorlib eCommerce Email V6

Why We Suggest This

The Colorlib e-mail template points to a clean, minimalist interface. It is designed to dispose of visual clutter in e-mail newsletters with a couple of colors.

  • Best For: Those who love minimalist templates
screenshot of the colorib homepage

This is an HTML-built newsletter template that features a minimalist and straightforward design.

Its two-column interface is perfect for fashion and jewelry websites as it highlights the item alongside its product features.

Why Is This a Great Option?

The Colorlib email template features a clean, minimalist interface, perfect for apparel brands.

It’s designed to remove visual clutter in email newsletters packed with multiple colors.

You can also link the template to your website using the menu bar on top of the layout.

Drawbacks to Colorlib

While beautiful in its minimalist way, Colorlib’s simple design might not be enough to keep subscribers engaged.

The template’s linear formatting also entails that you’ll need to create images and text strictly within the bounds of the two-column format.

This limitation can be a bummer, especially if you’re trying to highlight a single product apart from the rest.

Narrative Open-Source Email Newsletter Template

Why We Suggest This

An open-source email template is great because it offers multiple templates for upselling, invites, progress, and confirmations. All of which are useful designs for selling products and attracting new subscribers.

  • Best For: Those looking for a customizable newsletter template
screenshot of the narrative open-source homepage

Narrative is another free Mailchimp template worthy of consideration for starters.

It comes with nine free pre-made templates, helpful in creating different types of messaging like surveys and invoices.

Why Is This a Great Option?

As an open-source email template, design is open to new features as any professional designer from around the web continues to develop and innovate its features.

Narrative also offers multiple templates for upselling, invites, progress, and confirmations, all of which are useful designs for selling products and attracting new subscribers.

Drawbacks to Narrative

While free templates are available for download, their limited features almost always prompt you to upgrade.

Premium pricing for Narrative starts at $149 per month, which can be expensive, especially for small-scale businesses that are new to email marketing and have yet to have a solid number of subscribers.

Summer Email Newsletter Campaign

Why We Suggest This

A summer email template is a great option for email subscribers who value speed in consuming messages. The design breaks messages into content blocks so texts, images, and other elements don’t litter in one place.

  • Best For: Those looking for a user-friendly Mailchimp template
screenshot of the summer email newsletter homepage

Summer is a free email template designed by the trusted Mailchimp partner, MailNinja.

It’s a responsive email template designed to ensure fast loading speed when viewed using mobile devices.

Why Is This a Great Option?

Summer is a great option for email subscribers who value speed in consuming messages.

The design breaks messages into content blocks so texts, images, and other elements don’t litter in one place.

Its vibrant color theme can also appeal to audiences who like variety and visual flare.

Drawbacks to Summer

With summer’s chick and modern theme, its usage is limited to industries that sport the same feel.

Businesses that lean towards finance, medicine, and even non-profit organizations will find it challenging to reconcile their messaging to the template’s design.

Notable Mentions: Other Mailchimp Templates to Check Out

Email newsletters require a variety of stunning formatting, and Mailchimp email templates have a lot more to offer than the ones we’ve listed.

If you’re still looking for something better to fit your campaign, the following alternatives can get you started.


Why We Suggest This

Webwall is a responsive email template with broad compatibility across different email providers.

  • Best For: Businesses, organizations, and agencies
screenshot of the webwall homepage

Webwall is a responsive email template for businesses, organizations, and agencies.

It features 79 unique templates with 20 notification designs, perfect for multiple workflows.

It’s compatible with the Stampready template builder, allowing you to edit sections by drag-and-drop.

At a $16 regular license, you get to enjoy its features and broad compatibility across different email providers.


Why We Suggest This

Matah allows a reduction of image sizes by up to 70% for more efficient content transmission.

  • Best For: Minimalists on a budget
screenshot of the matah homepage

Matah is a business-oriented email template with a sleek and classy design.

It comes with five main templates plus 20 notification styles.

It also uses an advanced lossy compression method, allowing a reduction of image sizes by up to 70% for more efficient content transmission.

The regular license is priced at $25.


Why We Suggest This

Vespro provides classy and good-looking templates at an affordable price.

  • Best For: A business on a budget
screenshot of the vespro homepage

Everything about Vespro revolves around the idea of looking good.

From its vector-based images and smart icons, you’re given the chance to play around with the image elements using other software like Adobe Illustrator to enhance their quality.

It comes with 35+ email templates designed to fit any email marketing campaign, like promotions, eCommerce, and event invites.

At an $18 price tag, this is one of the best marketing starter kits you can add to your arsenal.


Why We Suggest This

Travel provides highly responsive templates suitable for e-mail marketing and newsletters.

  • Best For: Travel blogs and travel agency websites
screenshot of the travel homepage

Whether you’re a travel agency or someone running a travel blog, this template is designed to highlight the best places you’d want to feature in your service.

It’s packed with 20+ stunning modules designed by hybrid coding, making them responsive across different screen sizes.

You can also edit templates by drag-and-drop to save time.

Full access to its features comes with your monthly subscription to Envato Elements, starting at $16.50 per month.


Why We Suggest This

It is compatible with Mailchimp and user-friendly.

  • Best For: Those looking for minimalist templates
screenshot of the jaynix homepage

Jaynix combines the beauty of classic black and white plus minimalist design.

It’s compatible with different software like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, as well as other email providers and devices.

Jaynix is a straightforward email template that’s easy to edit and requires minimal professional design skills.

Tips for Creating Email Newsletters that Catch People’s Attention

A stunning Mailchimp email template needs a high-quality copy to match it.

Here are some tips to craft effective newsletters that capture your email clients’ attention.

  1. Create a catchy subject line. You must catch your reader’s attention in the first few seconds of opening your newsletter. This is your banner and your intro. Make it so that they’d want to know what else is in it for them.
  2. Make every word count. A standard email newsletter has 20 lines of text or about 200 words in length. Make your writing concise by focusing on the core of your message.
  3. Create structured content. Hierarchy makes your message coherent. Create an outline of your message and structure your writing around it. This also includes image presentation in relation to your text.
  4. Use alt text. If your newsletter has images, then make sure to include use alt text. This element spells out your images if screen readers fail to display the photo.
  5. Use clear and direct calls to action. You must not keep your readers guessing. State what you need them to do. A call to action can be in the form of clickable links and buttons for readers to view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions when looking for Mailchimp email templates.

What Is the Most Popular Mailchimp Email Template?

It’s difficult to provide a single email template for this question.

Several newsletter templates rank high and have positive customer reviews to back their competence.

We recommend always checking ratings and testimonials from authority sites to get a feel of other users’ experiences.

Should I Use Premium or Free Mailchimp Templates?

It all depends on your marketing goals and strategies.

Free Mailchimp templates are ideal for anyone who’s just starting and has no experience with newsletter campaigns.

The free versions allow you to trial each template to see how it impacts your email campaign.

Once you’re ready to scale bigger, you can then upgrade to pro.

How Many Emails Should Be in an Email Campaign?

This depends on the number of your email subscribers.

eCommerce sites with more than 10,000 subscriptions can send an email per day.

If you have less than 2,000, consider sending four to eight emails monthly and assessing the response.

If you lose more than you gain, that could mean you’re becoming spammy.

Wrapping Up

Using the newsletter templates we’ve provided, we hope you find something that works for your email marketing efforts.

Whether you choose free Mailchimp templates or premium options, using those styles that mirror your brand can help your emails stand out from the rest.

What’s your favorite email template? Share your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to add anything we’ve missed!

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