Grammar buffs routinely wretch at my “seat of the pants” writing style.

Blogging purists scoff at my “write for fun” approach to blogging.

I am about as orthodox as a Steph Curry, 30 footer, off balance, twisting jump shot but I know how to maintain my reputation.

Many of my beaten down blogging buddies cannot say the same.

Beaten Down Bloggers

I had to write this post. Because recently I’ve spotted a growing army of battered, beaten bloggers. Held hostage by their unhealthy obsession with maintaining a solid online rep.

If you’re terrified to lose your blogging rep or if you are trembling at the thought of receiving a 1 star review on Amazon or if you feel tortured by a negative, biting, scathing comment, you’re beleagured. Butchered by your belittling little mind, you can’t possibly succeed online if hamstrung by the anchor of obsessing over your rep.

Bloggers who worry incessantly about how people perceive them lack the energy, passion and fun quotient that the superstars emanate.

Guard your reputation. Like a Balinese Rottweiler guards home base.
Guard your reputation. Like a Balinese Rottweiler guards home base. By aligning with your values.

Example: your’s truly. I blog for fun. I blog with passion. I blog with ample energy. At least I think so.

I could not possibly blog from a care-free, free-wheeling, fun space if I became insanely infatuated with my reputation.

Why don’t I care much about what people think, say or do in response to me being me? I act in line with what I value. So critics don’t upset me. And my fan base grows and spreads the word more fervently because they value what I value.

1: Act in Line with Your Values

I value having fun. I value blogging. I value traveling. So all day long, through my blog and social media accounts, I have fun inspiring folks to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. I deviate not from that fun. Because I value having fun.

I will never lose my blogging reputation if I act in line with these values. If however, I stepped outside of this value channel, I tread into murky waters. My fans will question me. My readers will wonder why I’m doing what I’m doing. I may damage my rep a bit.

Act in line with your values. What is your predominant blogging intent? Are you blogging for fun? To free yourself? What niche do you cover? Act in alignment with your values. Be genuine. Be authentic. Be honest. Be real. If you stay aligned with your values you will maintain your rep with ease.

2: Don’t Convince or Convert Critics

Trying to convince an unclear, unhappy critic in an effort to maintain your blogging rep is like trying to convince a monitor lizard to go on a vegetarian diet.

Ain’t gonna happen.

I have observed monitor lizards in tropical locales like Bali and Thailand. All meat. All the time. If they’re eating green it’s a frog or lizard carcasse.

Attempting to convert a critic into a fan to keep your rep is similar to trying to sprint uphill while towing a Sherman tank with your teeth. Waste of energy.

Stop trying to convince unhappy, unclear, secretly admiring people. Appeal to your fan base.

Check out Adrienne Smith’s blog: Adrienne Smith Dot Net

She focuses all of her energy on her fans and friends. Naturally, these fans and friends promote her aggressively, bolstering her online reputation.

Your loyal readers fan flames under your brand. If you give ’em your energy.

Ignore critics. Love your fans. Appreciate your friends. Brand advocates will trumpet your blogging message to the mountain tops. Email your readers with gratitude. Promote your readers. Comment on your blogging buddies’ blogs. Happy, loyal, appreciative friends are the cornerstone of a wildly successful blog and brand.

3: Don’t *Worry* about Your Blogging Reputation

Jedi mind trick, in effect.

I formerly fretted like a freak over negative comments on my blog. I fought critics. I worried like mad about getting 1 star reviews on my Amazon eBooks. If anybody said anything nasty about me I felt like said critic took a pin to the balloon that was me. 1 little pin prick; balloon pops, I became deflated.

A few years later I became even more worried about maintaining my blogging rep. I had a bigger name. I was more well known. This time, I swelled up to the size of a blimp. Full of hot air. When someone came along and appeared to sully my blogging rep with a critical comment or review it was like the critic popped the blimp with a railroad spike. I was devastated. Hindenburg-type disaster.

Finally, I went all Jedi with it. I did not worry about the very thing I wished to guard: my reputation. I knew that using a low energy motivator would bring me a low energy outcome, rep-wise. So I took care of what I could take care of – namely, me – and released the critics, and any sick obsession with manipulating circumstances to craft a sterling reputation. I had faith that the right people would support me. I also had faith that critics wouldn’t hurt my rep because their negative energy was all about them and had nothing to do with me.

Don’t worry about your online rep. Because worrying is a negative energy. Centering your blogging reputation on a foundation of worry is like building a 20 room mansion on a bed of sand. Because every negative review and snarky comment will eat you alive. The end result: your blog and brand will become….bland. No flavor. You can’t be your authentic self if you worry what people think of that self.

Follow tip #1. Follow tip #2. Acting in line with your values and devoting all of your energies to your rabid fans will dissolve your fear of criticism. Eroding that fear slays your blogging reputation-related worries.

What tips can you add to this list?

How do you maintain your blogging reputation?