As a publisher and Internet marketer, you should always be on the lookout for new and potentially lucrative opportunities. The nature of the web continues to shift and change, so you have to be prepared to adapt to the new environment with fresh offers, new marketing materials, and clever marketing tactics.

Providing you with another shot at raking in the cash is ExpertMobi, an affiliate network with guaranteed high payouts, dedicated account managers, and a custom tracking platform.

ExpertMobi at a Glance

On the surface, ExpertMobi appears very similar to many other CPA networks that you may have encountered in the past.


A key feature that they highlight on the front page is that you will gain access to more than 680 offers with “the highest rates for any campaign across all existing CPA networks.” These offers span the globe and give you the opportunity to monetize traffic from a broad range of geographical locations.

ExpertMobi also promises clear and detailed real-time statistics, special terms and conditions if required, and support for all traffic sources. The second point is of particular interest for larger affiliates, as that kind of special treatment can go a long way in increasing the revenue potential. The support for different traffic sources is offer-dependent, so you shouldn’t expect to use adult or incentivized traffic across the board.

Finding the specifics and logistics of the network is a little more challenge. Not much more information is provided on the publishers page, so it is best if you converse with your account manager directly to discuss payment terms and methods.

Into the Dashboard

After signing up for an account and receiving your login credentials, you can log into the affiliate dashboard to start making some money.


The most prominent feature of the affiliate dashboard is your daily graph. This defaults to showing the period covering the last 30 days, giving you key data at a glance. This includes the number of impressions you’ve received and the number of clicks you’ve generated.

From the provided pull-down menu near the top right, you can further refine the graph to only show the data for each of the individual offers that you are currently promoting. Of course, you can also dig much deeper through the reports section to get the finer details and real-time statistics that you require.

Along the right side of the screen is a listing of today’s statistics, including the number of impressions, clicks, target actions, eCPC, eCPM, EPL and commissions earned. At the top of the screen is where you will find the rest of the navigation.

What Kinds of Offers Can I Expect?

As of this writing, ExpertMobi boasts somewhere in the neighborhood of 680 offers. You can view all of them from the corresponding section of the affiliate backend.


On the left side of the screen is where you’ll find the options for refining the list of results down based on a keyword search, categories, conversion flow, traffic type, platform, and geographical location. Each of these options can be stacked on top of one another for further refinement.

It should be noted that while ExpertMobi does list nearly 700 offers in its catalog, several of these can be variants of the same fundamental offer. There is one adult dating offer, for instance, where there are multiple variations based on the geographical location being targeted and the required conversion action. The payouts can vary as a result too, from as low as about $0.10 to about $3.00.

Skimming through the list of available offers, a few general trends emerge. There are many offers for app downloads, both on mobile and PC, which aligns with what you might expect with a network name like ExpertMobi. In order to generate a commission here, you just need your traffic to download and install the app.

There are also many offers for entertainment subscriptions, sweepstakes and voucher subscriptions, and dating site sign-ups. If any of these align with your current traffic (or you know where and how to get such traffic), then ExpertMobi could be a good fit foor you.

The Offer Approval Process

When you first gain access to the affiliate dashboard, you don’t gain immediate access to all 680 offers. Instead, you effectively have to apply for each one individually. Next to each offer is a button that reads “Add to my offers.” When you click this, a dialog box appears asking about your traffic sources.


To some extent, the assumed rationale behind this is that ExpertMobi wants to ensure that its advertisers only receive quality and legitimate traffic for their offers. This can aid in fraud prevention and help to improve the overall ROI for all parties involved. It does mean there is an extra loop for you to jump through, though.

When you are going through the list of offers, even if you have not been approved for them yet, you can look through the specific restrictions and terms for that offer. The advertiser may disallow incentivized traffic or push notifications, for instance. The terms will also outline the required action, the geo region targeted, and any caps they may have placed either daily or in total.

As you might imagine, describing my traffic sources for an offer as I did above is not adequate. In less than 24 hours, I received the following message as part of the internal ticket system.


That came straight from the assigned account manager and is in line with what you might expect given the circumstances. This does indicate that the account managers are on point with communication and are remarkably responsive.

That’s good news, because if you were to click on the “help” button near the top of the affiliate screen, you will not be directed to a FAQ or any other online resource to aid you in your affiliate journey. Instead, you are presented with the contact information for your account manager: email and Skype. I will say that I would have preferred a FAQ in addition to this, though.

Expert Affiliates Earn Expert-Level Cash

Just like everything else to do with making money online, your experience with ExpertMobi is going to be unique. It may not be quite as large as some of the others you’ve used, but you still gain access to hundreds of offers and what appears to be strong one-on-one support through a dedicated account manager.

Being able to request special terms and conditions is a really big deal, especially for publishers who may not be as well established. As a further incentive, they also run bonus programs and giveaways, as well as events and competitions to push your earnings even further. It only takes a few moments to sign up for ExpertMobi. From there, the sky is the limit.