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How To Make BuzzFeed Quizzes For Your Business Or Just Fun

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Have you ever wanted to make Buzzfeed quizzes?

Creating a Buzzfeed quiz is a great way to engage your friends, family, and followers.

Buzzfeed quizzes have become a pop culture phenomenon, and creating your own can be a fun and creative to engage with your friends and community.

It’s a fun and interactive way to learn more about each other and make the quiz-taking experience more enjoyable.

With a few easy steps, you can have your quiz up and running in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a BuzzFeed Quiz App?

Yes, there is a BuzzFeed quiz app, and you can use it to create quizzes, browse through the trending ones and take quizzes.

What is the Best Way to Make a Buzzfeed-Type Quiz in WordPress?

The simplest and quickest way to make Buzzfeed quizzes in WordPress is to use the various free plugins available in the WordPress directory.

How To Make Buzzfeed Quizzes? Step-By-Step Instructions

The process of creating a Buzzfeed quiz involves a few steps.

Let’s examine each of them individually. After you’ve signed up with BuzzFeed, start following the steps below:

Step One: Understand Your Target Audience

Make sure your purpose is very clear before you make BuzzFeed quizzes.

Consider your target audience and the purpose of your engagement.

Once you know the solution, selecting the quiz’s subject and questions and determining how well it performed will be considerably simpler.

Step Two: Start Creating Your Questions & Answers

Before creating a Buzzfeed quiz, you must think of a theme.

Your message must attract your audience as well as resonate with them.

Quizzes are popular because they are entertaining and a wonderful way to kill time.

And you must take advantage of that.

A personality test may have multiple-choice, drop-down, flexible, slider, ranking, and picture answer questions, among other inquiries.

For personality tests, a multiple-choice question is a frequent option.

You can both ask and respond to queries by using multiple-choice questions.

It is also a quick approach to making a quiz and gives you greater creative freedom than the other options.

Screenshot 2023 01 05 at 5.15.22 PM

You can discover more about the quiz takers by asking open-ended questions.

However, because they don’t assist in accurately detecting the personality type, they might not be the best option for psychology quizzes.

Asking questions with an image-based response is incredibly straightforward and engaging.

Images enhance the quiz’s appeal, which increases the number of hits it receives.

To keep it interesting, you can mix and match different topics.

For instance, a conventional multiple-choice quiz with 3-5 response choices might be replaced by a true/false or yes/no question.

Asking yourself what might engage and test you can help create your questions and response choices.

What would interest you and give you a giggle?

Ensure your answer choices are distinct from one another and are clear, as repeated answers might be frustrating.

Make sure all scenarios are covered in the response choices when creating a quiz so that no user feels left out.

When creating a trivia quiz, you can include brief pop-up remarks that appear after an answer is chosen.

These tiny pop-ups allow your user to learn more and have a great time with them, whether they provide the right or incorrect response.

Step Three: Name The Quiz

You can make Buzzfeed quizzes through their community dashboard.

A strong title is the foundation of every effective quiz.

There are a few guidelines you can adhere to, but title writing is as much an art as a talent that will help you create interactive posts.

Engage your precise target audience.

Make sure your quiz’s title is succinct and straightforward so that users can immediately grasp its purpose.

The question “What kind of chef are you?” in the quiz title, for instance, might be appropriate if you’re trying to connect with the culinary community.

Screenshot 2023 01 05 at 6.56.07 PM
Screenshot 2023 01 05 at 6.56.58 PM

Make your audience wonder if they can win. “How well do you recognize the Los Angeles Lakers?” can be a nice title if you’re aiming to attract basketball enthusiasts.

Step Four: Make Result Cards

The final page displays the test’s results.

There are various ways to present the findings; you can display the outcome, point the participant to your website, present a “Thank You” message, or send the outcome to the user.

Results are displayed on the final page of the design layout.

Adding or removing text, pictures, or other components from this page is possible.

Additionally, every outcome is adaptable. For an added boost to your quiz, enable social media sharing.

Step Five: Choose A Theme & Add Attractive Graphics

The quizzes on Buzzfeed have a ton of images.

They provide a variety of aesthetic layouts for you to try out in the online quiz creator.

Take some time to experiment with the design after you’ve finished building your quiz until you discover a color scheme that makes it stand out.

Screenshot 2023 01 05 at 8.22.30 PM

Decide on a list layout, add one primary image to the topic, or choose an imagery setup and add a graphic to each possible answer.

Instead of using photographs in any situation, you can alternatively use gifs or clips if you like.

Include at least one graphic in each question to keep your quiz lively, vibrant, and entertaining.

It’s an excellent approach to make your quiz participants grin and keep them engaged.

Step Six: Test Your Quiz

The final step when you make a Buzzfeed quiz is to publish and share it.

Select the publish or completed quiz option on the quiz tool when all the preceding stages have been finished.

When you’re ready to share this quiz, the software will generate a URL, embed code, or QR code.

Sending a link to select individuals for input is also a smart idea.

There can be issues that are evident to you but unclear to others, or you might enjoy an image, but some others dislike it.

To ensure that the feedback you receive is pertinent, only distribute it to individuals who fall inside your intended audience.

Step Seven: Add The Quiz To Your Website, Share It & Generate Traffic

Your quiz can be quickly embedded on your website once it has been generated and launched.

The quiz can be added as a sidebar widget, entry/exit prompt, embedded in a post or other content pieces, or the sidebar.

We advise choosing a prominent position above the fold to increase the number of views.

You can operate your quiz from a landing page that has been optimized if you don’t have a website and share a link.

It’s time to promote your quiz and encourage your audiences to play it now that it has a spot.

Incorporate it into your social networking accounts.

A Facebook quiz, a WhatsApp quiz, a Twitter quiz, or an Instagram quiz can all create massive answer rates and increase reader engagement.

Social advertisements can help you expand the audience for your quiz and obtain excellent response rates.

They work incredibly well with quizzes.

You can expand the quiz’s reach by clicking a button to send it to your email list.

Step Eight: Optimize Based On The User Behavior

You can check the results panel to determine how everything is going once you receive quiz replies.

See how many people who spotted the quiz initially started it and the number of them who finished it by looking at the performance summary at the top.

Check the drop-off analysis at the bottom to see if any particular question saw a significant loss of users.

Even after your quiz goes online, you can still utilize this information to improve it.

You can always provide links to your top-performing types of blog content if you need to clarify something, or sometimes it’s just a matter of rearranging your inquiries or altering a word or two.

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Wrapping Up

You are now ready to make Buzzfeed quizzes for your company or fun.

The next step is to use your creativity to create your quiz.

Make sure your quiz contains the right amount of marketing strategies and entertainment.

As a result, it will be excellent shareable material that will help your brand, or you become viral.

We’re excited to see the unique, entertaining, and thought-provoking quizzes you come up with.

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