In order to be successful as an affiliate marketer, several key pieces need to fall into place. At a minimum, you need to start with a quality product or service that people will actually want to buy, pay for, and use. If you promoting junk, you’re just going to get inundated with dissatisfied customers and piles of returns. That’s not good for anyone. And you need a product or service that is worth promoting to large enough of a potential customer base.

Easily ticking off those two boxes and more is the Logo Design Team Affiliate Program. Let’s see how it breaks down.

What Is Logo Design Team?

You may or may not recall that I recently reviewed the service not that long ago, so refer to that review for some of the finer details.


In short, Logo Design Team is an online service for designing world class logos. That seems straightforward enough. Instead of turning to one of the logo “contest” sites or hiring only a single designer for the job, you can leverage a team of professional designers to come up with a logo for your company, brand or online entity. The net result is a professional logo at a reasonably affordable price.

What’s very important to note here is that just about everyone needs a logo. It’s clear enough that large corporations like Apple and Nike are willing to pour a lot of resources into their brand messaging, but even if you only run a humble Etsy shop or you have a personal blog, having a great logo can go a long way. As an affiliate, that means you can tap into a very large potential customer base, especially since almost every company or brand could use a logo refresh every now and then too.

But Are Your Promoting Quality?

If you want to be successful as an affiliate with Logo Design Team, it pays to familiarize yourself with the product first. Visiting the site, you’ll be able to browse through the portfolio to get a sense of the work customers can expect to receive.


Following up on that, you can start to think of more creative ways to promote the service and, thus, generate a healthy commission for yourself. When you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll gain access to a variety of promotional materials like banners. But that’s only the beginning.

Do you have an email newsletter? Sending out a quick blast to your subscribers about the service and what it can do for them can be very effective in getting those valued conversions. The same can be said about strategic plugs on social media, like on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s important to be creative here.

Perhaps one of the best ways you can promote Logo Design Team is to actually use the service yourself. Write a comprehensive review — or better yet, shoot a review video and post it on Facebook and YouTube — describing your experience and how you used it to create a new logo for your blog, your online store, your e-business, or any number of other possibilities. Authenticity and honesty can really come through in spades.

And since there are no geographic restrictions, you can promote the offer to just about anyone around the world. It could be a humble coffee shop in San Francisco, a blogger in Sydney, or an app developer in Zurich. The world is your logo-designing oyster.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The Logo Design Team affiliate program is very straightforward in that you don’t have to deal with complicated tiers and multiple commission types based on how you want to promote the service. Instead, the main commission type available is pay-per-sale, offering 20% of every sale that you deliver.

What does that actually translate to in actual dollars and cents? Logo Design Team offers three main packages for its customers, ranging from the $69 budget package up to the $229 no-compromise package.


Even at the lowest level, 20% of $69 is $13.80. That’s already pretty good. You’ll note, though, that all three of the packages also come with several optional upgrades. Let’s say that the customer not only wants a logo, but wants to have that design integrated into stationery, a brochure, or a website.

If we were to maximize the “no compromise” package with these upgrades, then the total sale would be a cool $1,024, generating a 20% commission for you of $204.80. That’s for referring just one customer, albeit a customer who is willing to spend a little extra money to get exactly what he needs.

Payments are issued once a month, assuming you meet the minimum balance threshold of $100.00 USD.

Sign Up Today

To sign up as an affiliate with Logo Design Team, you just have to fill out the single page application form. You’ll be asked for basic information like your name, address, and how you would like to be paid. Then, after your account is approved, you’ll be able to sign into the affiliate back end to access your marketing materials, reports and other information.


And just for signing up as an affiliate with Logo Design Team for the first time, you’ll be given $10.00 USD as a welcome deposit bonus. That’s a nice touch, wouldn’t you say?