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Do you know what’s great about the modern age of the Internet?

With the rise of social media and social networking, there are now more ways than ever to connect with people all around the world. You can find them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, watch them on YouTube, and link up on LinkedIn.

But this magnificent growth has simultaneously introduced an entirely new problem: connecting your existing contacts with their existing social profiles.

You might meet a terrific new business contact at a local industry or networking event and maybe you exchange business cards. This person follows up with you by sending you an email message, but now you have to go through each of the individual social networks to see if this person has a profile there.

That’s a huge time waster and one that can be immediately and conveniently addressed with ManyContacts. Let’s dive in to see just how powerful and easy this tool can be.

Get the Gmail Chrome Extension

By far the easiest and most convenient way to leverage the power of ManyContacts is through the free Google Chrome extension. You can find it in the Google Chrome Web Store or simply click on the link I’ve provided here.

Designed to work right within the Gmail interface (it also works if you’re using Google Apps and not just with email addresses), the ManyContacts Chrome extension makes it really easy for you to see all the social profiles associated with any given email address, including the picture and contact details.

You don’t need to bumble through a separate tool or type in the email address manually. Instead, all you have to do is hover your mouse pointer over the name of the sender — or anyone else included in each email message, including from your main inbox (you don’t need to go into each individual message — and the tool will highlight the corresponding social profiles.

From there, you can simply click on any of the social icons to be directed to that person’s social profile on that particular network. Want to friend them on Facebook or follow them on Foursquare? You can do that in just a couple of quick clicks.

Works on Any Website

One possible application of the ManyContacts Chrome extension is to integrate it with your existing Gmail workflow. This is a great way to bolster the connections you already have with the people with whom you are sending and receiving email messages. But what about everywhere else on the web? ManyContacts is useful there too.

When you install the Chrome extension, a handy button is added to the right of the address bar in your web browser. It might look like a shortcut, but it’s actually much more than that.

It doesn’t matter what website you’re on, including when you are working within a Google Doc or an online spreadsheet. Click on that icon and the ManyContacts tool will automatically extract all the emails that are listed on the current webpage and do its magic to unearth the social profiles associated with each of those email addresses.

You can see how this can be especially handy if you have a customer contact list in CRM software or you’re looking at a list of the subscribers to your email newsletter. It all happens almost instantaneously and in a single click.

LinkedIn and Manual Checks

What if you made a new business connection on LinkedIn, but you haven’t yet exchanged email addresses? You can unearth the associated social profiles too, all from within the LinkedIn website itself. Just as before, ManyContacts can reveal the additional social media profiles of your LinkedIn contacts, helping you more easily research and connect with your contacts on Facebook, blogs, Google+ and more.

What if you are currently away from your main computer or you have not yet installed the Chrome extension? It’s possible to leverage some of the power of ManyContacts is a more manual fashion by visiting the website directly. It’s not nearly as powerful, since it’s not automatic and seamless, but you can still unearth social profiles based on an email address.

The homepage allows you to enter up to five email addresses, separated by commas, and it will sift through the web in search of the associated social media icons and profiles. As mentioned, this isn’t nearly as seamless as the Chrome extension, but it can work in a pinch.

ManyContacts as a Business Tool

In addition to the Google Chrome extension for revealing social profiles, ManyContacts also offers a business oriented solution for your website too. The goal here is to convert your website visitors into customers.

The all-in-one contact tool can take on very different forms, including a contact strip at the top of your site, as a smart pop-up, or as a widget anywhere on your site. The goal here is to make it as easy as possible for someone on your website to find you and to contact you.

This includes map integration, which can be especially useful if your business has multiple locations, as well as the ability for customers to click on the phone number on your site to call you directly. What’s more, you get more robust customization, plus A/B split testing to maximize your conversion rates. And you get full data enrichment when your visitors try to contact you, like pulling up their traffic source, the keyword search term, the geographic location, the landing page, demographics, the associated social profiles, and all sorts of other analytics and data.

If you want to leverage the power of more connected contacts, unearthing social profiles to better serve your customers and colleagues, give ManyContacts a try. The Chrome extension is totally free to download and could prove to be one of the most valuable additions to your toolbox.

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