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Marketing Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples

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Marketing blogs can assist businesses in gaining new clients, boosting brand recognition, and raising search engine ratings.

If a brand requires assistance in boosting its marketing skills, marketing blogs are easy, free resources anyone can use.

Here, we have compiled the best marketing blogs.

Soon, you’ll know what a marketing blog includes, how these blogs make money, and how you can start your own marketing blog.

The Best Marketing Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Marketing Blogs for Content & Graphics

What Is a Marketing Blog?

A marketing blog is a website that discusses marketing tips, tricks, and techniques.

Marketing blogs often have educational content that helps their readers figure out the next steps they should take in their marketing campaigns.

They may also prompt marketing products, software, and companies that can help businesses take their advertisements to the next level.

What Does a Marketing Blogger Blog About?

Marketing blogs focus on teaching about marketing.

You may have a few different motivations for starting a blog as a marketing blogger, but you should most certainly have a love for marketing.

Consider your target audience’s inquiries and use your blog entries to provide detailed responses to popular topics.

If you don’t know much about marketing yourself, interview well-known marketers or research different tactics.

That way, you can provide helpful content to your readers.

What Is Included on a Marketing Blog?                   

A marketing blog features high-quality content, pictures, and audio recording.

You will also find the forms of marketing services they provide to clients.

he best marketing blogs feature a great format that is easier to navigate.

Other Things You Can Find on a Marketing Blog                              

Here are several things you will often find on popular marketing blogs.

  • Products: Many marketing blogs promote marketing software or websites to make money. You can also provide books and advice to help readers quickly implement marketing strategies.
  • Events: If you’re planning or attending an event, give your readers frequent updates so they can be part of the action.
  • Opinions: Once a blogger has established themselves as knowledgeable resource, they can write opinion pieces and discuss different options for marketing.
  • News and Research:Similar to content marketing podcasts, you should relate every post to a new marketing topic. Marketing is an ever-changing field, so keeping your readers up-to-date on the latest news is critical.

Best Marketing Blogs: 25 Examples

Marketing blogs allow you to earn extra income and write about topics you know a lot about.

It’s essential to explore other blogs to see the type of content your viewers want so that your blog can be successful.

Below are the best 25 blogs in the marketing niche.

How Many Marketing Blogs Are There?

While it’s hard to know the exact number of marketing blogs on the internet, there are probably thousands of blogs in the niche.

Financial and marketing blogs are extremely popular, even with casual fans.

However, only a few of these blogs get substantial organic traffic.

Marketing Blogs for Beginners

Below are some of the best blogs in the marketing niche that are ideal for beginners.

1. Marketing Interactions

screenshot of the marketing interactions homepage

Marketing Interactions is an excellent resource for people looking for business-to-business marketing and customer service content.

The blog focuses on content and social media marketing. Marketing Interactions allows you to select the topic that interests you most.

2. TopRank Blog

screenshot of the toprank blog homepage

Many high-profile media outlets reference TopRank Blog when they talk about marketing.

Content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and social media are the four main groups that make up the site’s content.

The blog also features a regularly updated news section, where you can learn about the most recent marketing-related happenings.

3. Social Media Examiner

A screenshot of Social Media Examiner Homepage

Social Media Examiner provides you with everything you need to become an expert in the marketing field, such as a weekly podcast and panel show to keep you updated on the latest information.

You can anticipate reading a lot about how to make the most of social media platforms’ features, as you could probably guess by this blog’s name.

4. The Daily Carnage

screenshot of the daily carnage homepage

The Daily Carnage is ideal for novice marketers as it offers abundant resources, including articles and course materials, at no cost.

The blog stands out from the crowd because of its excellent material focusing on professional and personal growth.

5. HubSpot

screenshot of the hubspot homepage

HubSpot is a fantastic tool for marketing fans to learn about marketing themes, including customer service, social media marketing, and sales forecasting.

The blog offers a unique email subscription system that lets you select only the categories that interest you.

They also have a free online training course.

HubSpot has many articles covering various topics, such as telemarketing, online marketing, and brand building.

The blog posts attractively combine marketing lessons with a discussion of current events to engage a broad audience.

Marketing Blogs for Small Businesses

If you’re more interested in helping small businesses and nonprofits grow their marketing campaigns, you’re not alone!

6. Marketing Profs

A screenshot of the Marketingprofs Homepage

Marketing Profs is an education hub that offers resources like webinars and articles.

They employ a six-step framework for marketing success, including planning, creation, communication, analysis, strategy, and management.

Their ultimate objective is to provide in-depth training for marketers. Furthermore, they have a material archive.

7. Small Biz Daily

screenshot of the small biz daily homepage

The mission of Small Biz Daily is to provide business people with ideas, information, the latest developments, and motivation.

The blog achieves this by putting out daily content on various topics relevant to small business owners, such as management and sales.

They even have a section devoted to women that entails articles with helpful advice for women in business.

8. Noobpreneur

screenshot of the noobpreneur homepage

Noobpreneur is a convenient one-stop shop for all topics on expanding your small business, emphasizing beginner-friendly tips and articles.

Most topics cover the business world, including branding, product management, technological prospects, and business-related news trends, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

9. Entrepreneur

screenshot of the entrepreneur homepage

Entrepreneur is an authoritative print source for business owners.

It addresses the broad spectrum of problems that business owners experience regularly.

Additionally, they provide an excellent blog, a wealth of video material, and podcasts.

The blog has dedicated sections for female company owners, franchisees, and environmentally-conscious companies.

10. Small Biz Club

screenshot of the small biz club homepage

Small Biz Club provides its community of small business owners with opportunities for education, connection, and growth.

As a bonus, they also run a store where local entrepreneurs may purchase top-notch applications for their businesses.

The site also features tutorials covering every aspect of launching a small business.

Marketing Blogs for Digital Marketing

If you intend to start a blog on digital marketing, here are several examples you can browse.

11. Marketing Land

screenshot of the marketing land homepage

Marketing Land keeps readers up-to-date on digital marketing news every day.

Their content covers various marketing-related topics, including product launches from industry leaders and how-to articles.

If you’re looking to stay abreast of the ever-evolving field of digital marketing, it’s an excellent resource.

12. Content Marketing Institute

screenshot of the content marketing institute homepage

If you deal with digital marketing, you’ll find Content Marketing Institute’s publication of useful benchmarks, research, and other data invaluable.

It routinely releases “how-to” content geared toward firms trying to boost their content marketing outcomes.

The blog is an excellent resource for figuring out how to design your content marketing effort and how to measure its success.

13. Moz

A screenshot of the Moz Homepage

Besides being one of the longest-running SEO software firms, Moz has an extensive knowledge base and helpful how-to guides on its blog.

The blog is a fantastic resource for creating your SEO strategy and keeping up with the most recent advancements in the field.

It offers tips for novices, link-building, and on-page optimization guidance for specialists.

For a weekly SEO refresher, don’t miss Moz’s Whiteboard Friday videos, in which experts discuss a new topic in digital advertising every week.

14. Ahrefs

screenshot of the ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is rich with information about the technical aspects of SEO.

Their content is extensive, fact-based, and comprehensive.

The blog also offers practical tips on link-building, creating viral content, conducting keyword research, and analyzing competitors.

Writers can also use Ahrefs’s extensive backlink database to fact-check.

15. Occam’s Razor

screenshot of the occams razor homepage

Occam’s Razor’s extensive content on subjects like competitive intelligence analysis and digital metrics aims at educating viewers on how to make better use of Google Analytics.

You can also learn something new about leveraging analytics data to boost performance and increase weekly digital sales.

Marketing Blogs for Content & Graphics

The blogs below will be helpful if you are a content and graphics enthusiast wanting to start a blog in that field.

16. Creative Bloq

screenshot of the creative bloq homepage

Creative Bloq addresses all aspects of graphic design, including 3D art, illustration, motion, and animation.

The blog is a favorite since it provides free resources for regularly developing and refining design abilities.

17. The Design Blog

screenshot of the design blog homepage

The Design Blog features an extensive gallery showcasing the efforts of design studios worldwide.

They give a platform to up-and-coming designers and strongly emphasize the younger generation.

From sticker design to digital design, the blog organizes its content into several sections that help you uncover and explore specialty categories.

18. Typeroom

screenshot of the typeroom homepage

Typeroom aims to give its readers endless ideas for playing around with typefaces.

They also offer advice on using fonts to create the desired visual hierarchy.

The blog gives eye-catching designs and demonstrates how you may address specific design issues through font.

19. Abduzeedo

screenshot of the abduzeedo homepage

Writers from several design disciplines, including photography and graphic design, contribute to Abduzeedo’s content.

The blog focuses on 3D design work, which design blogs rarely cover.

Photoshop and Illustrator fans of all skill levels will also find this a fantastic destination.

The blog successfully strikes a balance between informative posts and motivational ones.

20. Dribbble

screenshot of the dribble homepage

Dribbble permits designers worldwide to register and share their original digital works with the public.

The platform is ideal for designers to showcase their work and get critiques on their creations.

Additionally, they host a fantastic blog where seasoned designers share their insights and experiences with the design community.

Marketing Blogs for E-Commerce

Below are top-rated blogs for e-commerce, an important sub-niche of the marketing industry.

21. Shopify Blog

screenshot of the shopify homepage

Shopify Blog provides everything you need to set up an online business.

It adds value by offering data-backed insights.

You can access content relating to industry-specific guidance, the best-practice techniques for attracting customers through various channels, and personal experiences of e-commerce entrepreneurs who have overcome adversity to achieve success.

22. Wix

screenshot of the wix homepage

Wix is one of the most well-liked web platforms for non-technical business owners setting up online businesses.

Their extensive blog covers a wide variety of e-commerce-related topics, from technical advice such as enhancing website design, UX, and SEO to boost sales and conversion, to more narrative pieces like e-commerce trends and testimonies.

23. Zendesk

A screenshot of the Zendesk Homepage

Zendesk mainly focuses on customer service.

The blog advises best practices for customer service, business management, and leadership.

You may need to pay special attention to their customer service section if millennials make up a large portion of your target market.

24. Nerd Marketing

screenshot of the nerd homepage

Every blog on Nerd Marketing provides a wealth of information regarding the latest marketing trends and technologies.

The blog offers valuable content on issues such as automating the marketing process, boosting the customer lifetime value, and determining who your best customers are.

25. A Better Lemonade Stand

screenshot of the better lemonade stand homepage

A Better Lemonade Stand aims to provide burgeoning business owners with the information and resources they need to establish and develop an online store.

Their blog postings apply to real-world situations, including optimization of conversion rates and finding reliable vendors.

Do Marketing Blogs Make Money?

Yes, marketing bloggers can make good money from advertising and sponsored posts, high-ticket affiliate marketing, and selling products.

How Do Marketing Blogs Make Money?

The most common way marketing blogs make money is through high-ticket affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers earn commissions by promoting products or services online through their blogs and websites.

You only need to set up an account with an affiliate network like Amazon Associates or ClickBank.

Once you receive approval to be an affiliate, the company will give you unique links that direct customers back to the product pages on their sites.

The fees you receive per sale vary according to each company’s policies, so double-check your plan.

Once you have your affiliate links, you can begin advertising their products to your audience.

You’ll make a commission when someone purchases using your link, so this can be an easy way to earn some extra money.

How Much Do Marketing Blogs Make?

Some marketing blogs make as high as $10,000 a month.

However, the amount of money you make depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

If your blog is successful, there are many ways to monetize it.

When looking to make money from your blog, you will need an audience.

You’ll have to work hard and be consistent to build the audience.

You’ll also need to be patient, as the process can take a while.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Marketing Blog

When thinking about how to start a blog, one of the biggest considerations is how you might make money.

For marketing bloggers, this typically means promoting or selling products.

Marketers can showcase e-books, digital subscriptions, and physical products to their target audiences using marketing blogs.

To do this, they can list the products, relevant product details, and product images or videos in a way their prospective customers can easily understand.

As a marketing blogger, you can also promote online courses, phone applications, and group membership on your blog.

Alternatively, your blog can deal with gift tags, planner pages, and calendars.

Whatever affiliations you find will help you monetize your blog to the fullest.

Similar Blog Types To Check Out

Here are some different types of blogs that make money that you might want to check out if you’re interested in marketing blogs.

  • Design Blogs: Design blogs focus on different topics like interior and website design. These blogs may also feature high-quality and appealing photos.
  • E-commerce Blogs: E-commerce blogs are online diaries in which one or more authors discuss and share information relevant to online business.
  • Business Blogs: Advertisers use business blogging to reach a specific demographic and boost search engine results. Business blogs can provide extremely high returns on investment (ROI) because they undergo regular updates to offer substantial value to readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions aspiring marketing bloggers ask.

vector graphic showing an illustration of marketing, with the words

What are the best marketing blogs?

HubSpot and Content Marketing Institute are some of the top-rated marketing blogs.

They have plenty of information and resources to support businesses at any stage of their marketing campaigns.

Is blogging effective in marketing?

Yes, blogging provides a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, connect with readers across the globe and build your business brand.

It can also be a great way to promote products and services.

Final Thoughts

Marketing blogs allow you to communicate with people worldwide and build trust with your clients.

Even though blogs are great marketing tools, many people want to promote their products on digital platforms, but very few are exceptional writers.

If you’ve got the skills and passion, chances are you can create a wonderful marketing blog.

What is your most inspiring marketing blog?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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