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15+ Best Marketing Conferences To Check Out

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Marketing conferences are effective ways for marketing pros to learn and network simultaneously.

While you’ll find plenty of general conferences, you’ll also find ones focusing on digital advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Keynote presentations often feature top experts and kick-off messages from well-known names to raise the excitement.

Separate learning sessions focus on developing skills you may already be executing.

Discover new tips and ways to execute digital or traditional campaigns.

Professionals can also meet others in the industry and check out vendors that may offer viable solutions.

Here are 15+ marketing conferences you’ll want to check out this year.

What is a Marketing Conference?

A marketing conference is an in-person, virtual, or hybrid gathering of marketing professionals and experts.

Conferences can last for one day or several days.

Each day contains presentations and sessions on various marketing topics, but attendees don’t have to attend all of them.

There are usually sessions on different topics that happen simultaneously and attendees can choose which sessions to go to.

However, they may pay a premium for in-depth learning or smaller sessions.

What are the Types of Marketing Conferences?

Besides general marketing conferences, some focus on specific disciplines.

Here are some of the more common ones.

1. Digital Marketing Conferences

These gatherings focus on online marketing strategies and tactics.

Digital marketing may include pay-per-click ads, websites and e-commerce, and ads on streaming platforms.

2. Social Media Marketing Conferences

A social media marketing conference discusses social media strategy, including leveraging online influencers.

Topics like targeting and creating audiences per platform are also on the table.

3. MarTech Conferences

MarTech is a combination of marketing and technology.

Experts often discuss how to use automation and other technical tools to promote products and build customer relationships.

4. SEO Marketing Conferences

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s how people find online content.

Blog posts, landing pages, you name it.

Topics may include keyword research and SEO best practices.

5. Advertising Marketing Conferences

Yes, traditional advertising is still alive.

Advertising marketing conferences discuss conventional strategies and tactics that apply to radio, television, and print.

The Best Marketing Conferences In 2022

With so many scheduled marketing conferences, it’s challenging to decide which ones are worth your time.

To make your choices easier, below are some of the best marketing conferences for 2022.

vector illustration of a woman talking at a podium in front of an audience to illustrate marketing conferences

The list classifies each conference by type and title.

Digital Marketing Conferences

These three conferences represent the best of the digital marketing world.

All of these professional gatherings are well-renowned and known.

And more than one offers virtual and hybrid options.

1. Creator Economy Expo

Creator Economy Expo 2022 is now available to see on demand.

A screenshot of the creator economy expo homepage

The speaker lineup includes best-selling authors Daniel Pink and Ann Handley, the Chief Content Creator for MarketingProfs.

Anyone who creates online or digital advertising content can benefit from this conference.

Viewable sessions include “How to Make Writing Your Superpower” and “Web3 Business Models: Everything Creators Need to Know.”

For digital marketers who would rather attend Creator Economy Expo in person, conference details for 2023 are forthcoming.

This year’s conference was in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, so expect a comparable location.

2. Content Marketing World

It’s not too late to sign up for 2022’s Content Marketing World.

A screenshot of the content marketing world homepage

You can attend in person from September 13th to 16th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Attendees can also choose the online option and catch all the sessions they want between September 21st and 22nd.

Keynote speakers include Jessica Bergman, Salesforce’s VP of Content Marketing, and Joe Pulizzi, the founder of The Tilt.

Speakers from content marketing leadership positions lead the individual sessions.

They represent companies like Bitly and Everyday Health.

3. digitalsummit

This conference is the largest conference series for digital marketers.

For starters, digitalsummit isn’t just in one location or city.

A screenshot of the digitalsummit homepage

You can attend conferences in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

People can also choose to attend virtual sessions or a mix of online and in-person events.

Spanning two days, in-person digitalsummit conferences include master workshop sessions, keynote presentations, and individual sessions that dive deep into various topics.

Categories include social media, analytics, and strategy.

Social Media Marketing Conferences

Dive into all things social at these three conferences.

Learn the ins and outs of social posts and content, strategic campaign integration, and working with influencers.

1. Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World covers the following areas:

  • Content marketing
  • Social strategies
  • Organic social marketing
  • Paid social marketing

While 2022’s conference is already done, 2023’s lineup promises to be amazing and knowledge-packed.

More than likely, it will be similar to 2022’s sessions and key speakers.

Learn how to get better results with Facebook ads and build an engaged community on TikTok.

2. Social Fresh

Social Fresh 2022 is available for replay on-demand.

A screenshot of the social fresh homepage

The conference’s organizers have been at this since 2008.

Touted as one of the original social media meetups, Social Fresh educates marketing pros about building Twitter content and the future of Web3 and social.

This is one of those conferences social media managers, social content specialists, and marketing directors won’t want to miss.

Get tips on how to tell engaging stories on social platforms and perfect an influencer strategy.

3. Influencer Marketing World

Influencer Marketing World takes place in North America and Europe.

North America’s 2022 agenda takes place in October at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California.

This year’s engaging sessions include how to market in the Metaverse and understanding the DNA of customers’ journeys.

2022’s Influencer Marketing World will happen on October 5th and 6th. Speakers come from top companies like Meta, Capital One, and Netbase Quid.

MarTech Conferences

Learning the technical side of marketing can be enlightening and challenging.

MarTech conferences expose marketing professionals to the possibilities technology can offer.

Here are some of the more useful gatherings so you don’t have to make your way through the weeds.

1. Marketing Analytics Summit

A screenshot of the marketing analytics summit homepage

Marketing Analytics Summit is where you’ll make connections between data literacy and visualization and get the details on Google Analytics 4.

This is a conference for pros that pour over the numbers and interpret their meanings.

But beyond coming up with insights, digital marketing analysts need to convince the C-Suite.

At Marketing Analytics Summit, you’ll learn how to show executives the value and ROI of digital campaigns.

You’ll also become aware of tech hacks and digital technology tactics marketers are using to appeal to cross-cultural audiences and maintain privacy laws.  

2. ContentTECH Summit

A screenshot of the contentTECH summit homepage

This MarTech conference is for strategic marketing leaders and specialists who help execute digital campaigns.

Speakers include directors of content marketing, brand consultants, and loyalty program directors.

ContentTECH Summit 2022 is currently available for on-demand viewing.

Watch sessions about driving email metrics, personalizing the buyer’s journey, and leveraging website content.

Overall, ContentTECH Summit aims to help marketers answer the question of how they can ensure they’re using the right marketing technology.

3. #MarTechFest Global

#MarTechFest Global is exactly what it sounds like.

A screenshot of the MartechFest Global homepage

It’s several days of breakout and learning sessions about how to align marketing and technology initiatives.

Last year’s sessions included deets on the “4 Ps of Marketing Technology” and “Listening to Your Smart Speaker.”

While this year’s agenda is still in the works, you can hear from leaders in the MarTech space.

Think companies like Gartner, Twitter, and Marketo.

This is a meetup where you’re bound to gather actionable insights.

SEO Marketing Conferences

Content creators can learn everything SEO-related at these conferences.

From strategy to optimizing keywords on the page, it’s all there.

1. Friends of Search Conference

This is an international marketing conference that brings SEO and SEA specialists and experts together.

A screenshot of the friends of search homepage

The speaker lineup for 2022 includes SEO strategists, product marketing leads, and founders of digital marketing agencies.

Sessions focus on pay-per-click ad management, using first-party data, and operating in a cookieless world.

Since the Friends of Search Conference is international, its gatherings take place throughout the world.

For instance, 2022’s June conference was in Amsterdam.

Stay tuned for more details on 2023’s agenda and location.

2. MozCon

MozCon boasts that it’s not your typical marketing conference and that it’s like a summer camp for marketers.

A screenshot of the moz con homepage

That may mean it’s more fun and games than serious presentations.

But hey, why not?

Everything you need to know about SEO can become boring if you’re simply digesting what someone’s saying.

After all, keywords aren’t the only piece of the search engine puzzle.

Link building, topic maps, and Moneyball are part of SEO’s future direction.

3. brightonSEO

This SEO conference is in Brighton, U.K.

A screenshot of the brightonSEO homepage

Yes, it’s over the pond.

From what I can see, you can still pitch a presentation and speak at 2022’s brightonSEO.

The finalized agenda is not on the website.

But you can bet that you’re going to learn the tools you need to master search engine optimization.

There’s also a free online option for those who can’t make the journey to England.

Advertising Marketing Conferences

Get the lowdown on the advertising world at these marketing conferences.

Some of the top advertising publications sponsor the gatherings and content.

1. AdWeek: Outlook

AdWeek: Outlook offers insights and predictions into the world of advertising.

A screenshot of the Adweek homepage

Learn about connecting with consumers, meeting customers’ expectations, and defining a brand’s values.

The job of advertising is to tell stories.

It’s these stories that motivate consumers to purchase your products and services.

But you can’t do that effectively if you don’t know the basics of how to communicate and appeal to consumers in an ad.

You’ll also get the details about market and advertising trends, including what’s here to stay and what may fizzle out.

2. ANA Content Marketing Conference

The ANA Content Marketing Conference offers in-person and virtual options.

A screenshot of the ANA content marketing conference homepage

Speakers explore topics like maximizing your content results and reinventing advertising.

Most of this conference deals with creating content that’s of value to your audiences.

Sponsors include big names like Google, Meta, and A&E Networks.

Learn from the best of the best before you go back to the campaign drawing board.

3. Ad World

Ad World is the number one online marketing conference for advertisers.

adworldconference homepage screenshot 1

You don’t have to jet-set anywhere for this event.

Watch all the sessions you want in your PJs from home.

Choose from different tracks like lead generation and media buying.

You can also see what’s on the schedule and mix and match various subjects.

Some of the speakers hail from companies like Spotify and Hawke Media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a newbie to the world of marketing conferences?

You probably have lots of questions.

Find those answers below!

image showing an illustration of content marketing elements

How Much Do Marketing Conferences Cost?

Prices can vary between locations and venues.

Some tickets cost $500 or below, while others run into the thousands.

Many conferences offer different tiers or ticket levels with basic and premium features.

For example, a premium conference ticket might include extra sessions, lounge seating, and in-depth workshops.

However, a basic ticket will only allow attendees to get into keynote and major topic presentations.

Are Marketing Conferences Worth the Investment?

If you do your research, conferences can be a valuable learning tool.

Nonetheless, it helps to account for travel costs, current skill or knowledge gaps, and the value of the presentations.

You should also consider the value of networking with other industry experts from around the U.S. or the world.

Are Travel Accommodations Included?

No, you must arrange your own travel.

That means purchasing airline, bus, or train tickets, in addition to hotel reservations.

While some hotels are near or adjacent to conference centers, you may need to get rental cars or buy public transportation tickets.

Your meals may also be a separate cost.

However, some conferences include lunch and snacks.

Wrapping Up

Marketing conferences can be insightful, add tools to your toolbox, and offer networking opportunities.

Whether you want to focus on digital marketing tactics or SEO, there are many meetups to attend.

Navigating through the sea of options is sometimes difficult, but you’re bound to learn something if you stick to well-known conferences.

Have questions or thoughts about the conferences on this list?

Share your comments below.

The best marketing conferences are those that offer flexibility and helpful content.

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