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Marketing Tips: Real Estate Agents give 10 Social Media Ways

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Marketing tips real estate agents is unique.

Real estate business requires the use of a variety of marketing forms to be successful, many of which are also used by traditional companies.

Social media, for example, can be an advantageous marketing platform for any realtor.

It’s the perfect outlet for spreading the word about properties and attracting more consumers.

But it’s not as simple as creating a Facebook page or growing a Twitter following.

Those who master marketing for their business know that engagement on social media is the key to successfully marketing property listings and growing their clientele.

Here are a few important tips to consider.

#1 Get on Facebook – Marketing Tips Real Estate Agents

Any real estate agent will tell you that Facebook is the best tool for marketing rental properties and raising awareness for your business.

“Facebook is by far the most lucrative network for marketing your rental property,” says a blog post from Green Residential, a property management and real estate company based in Texas.

“Seventy-one percent of all adults have a Facebook account, which is approximately three times as many people as those who use any of the other social media networks.”

#2 Build Multiple Social Profiles

Although Facebook is the most rewarding of social pages, it’s not the only one that should be utilized.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Snapchat can offer inter-connectivity for your clients.

This doesn’t mean you need a profile on each of these platforms, but using a variety of them helps you reach a wider audience and interact with consumers.

#3 Update with Images on Instagram

Since Facebook bought Instagram, its growth has been explosive.

In fact, it has more users than Twitter, which started much earlier.

This platform offers you the ability to post and tag images of new listings daily, including geo-tagging, which helps you get your photos in front of your preferred demographic.

“With Instagram for real estate, you can share unique photos and videos featuring listings, record testimonial and interview videos, and share homeowner tips all in one aesthetically pleasing, fun-to-use channel (and a very popular and constantly growing one, at that),” says a blog post from Placester, a real estate marketing academy.

#4 Post About the Neighborhood

If you have a few listings in a single neighborhood, then post information about the happenings.

When new businesses open, venues offer special deals, or other interesting things happen in the area, make the social world aware.

This keeps the content relevant.

The image above shows marketing activity undertaken by Polygon Homes on their Facebook Page.

Their market in Vancouver is engaged by showcasing amazing events in a very friendly tone.

#5 Host a Contest

Contests and sweepstakes create more engagement than most posts, particularly if you have a large following.

Find something you can offer your customers, such as a weekend getaway package in one of your rental homes or a cash incentive, and encourage your consumers to like and share one of your listings.

This puts your listings not only in front of your followers, but also their friends, and it boosts your chances of finding a buyer.

For example, you can run a Vote content where Fans are asked to vote for their best photos (see below).

Or, you can run a Photo contest where people from neighbourhoods or new home buyers share their best photos.

Further, you can use these collected photos for better marketing materials.

080916 1014 MarketingTi3

These contests are fun and relevant for the real estate company.

#6 Utilize Geo-Targeted Ads

Facebook offers the ability to specifically target your ads to certain demographics.

This means that your listings will show up in front of people who aren’t necessarily your followers.

This is the best way to drive both engagement and conversions on the social network.

If you’ve an active email list, upload it on Facebook Advertising dashboard and setup an ad – best ROI ever.

#7 Tweet Quick Tips and Updates

Although the amount of characters allowed for a tweet has lengthened significantly, consumers still prefer short and sweet information on Twitter.

Tweeting quick tips about home improvement, home sales, and other information (instead of lengthy blog posts) is a great way to garner consumer attention and gain a better following.

Also, always follow up after sending a tweet.

“Twitter can produce leads for you,” says a post from Easy Agent Pro.

“In fact, Realtors on Twitter typically see twice the number of leads.

But it’s more about engaging, retweeting, replying, and exchanging information so that you start the sales process later.”

You can tweet about staging and moving, local news, real estate questions, charity events, listings, contests, sweepstakes and to keep in touch with clients.

#8 Set Up Pinterest Boards

There are dozens of boards you can create to attract consumer attention.

Boards about the neighborhood, design and home decor tips, landscaping, your listings, and more will help you gain followers and spread your social presence.

Pinterest for real estate business comes recommended because the social platform is image-based.

Real estate marketers can share beautiful images of homes and offices, with geo-tagging, price and more details.

You can create image Boards and invite other members to contribute.

You can create these Boards on neighborhoods, lifestyle choices, home décor ideas and home listings.

Always use hashtags to keep the content discoverable.

#9 Get Endorsements on LinkedIn

Becoming an established real estate agent isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Setting up your business page and ensuring that your personal LinkedIn page is completely updated (including a summary of yourself, your business goals, and why you’re a great realtor) allows you to stay connected with your clients and gain referrals.

When clients endorse your skills, it reflects positively on your business.

Marketing tips real estate agents use LinkedIn to build their company brand.

10. Cross-Promote

Above all, don’t forget to cross-promote your content.

For example, you can enhance social reach by getting the Pinterest updates on a Pinterest Tab on your Facebook Page.

Blog posts, landing pages, and even social posts should be interconnected, not only to other social media pages, but also to your website.

Utilize cross-promotion and you’ll bring significant attention to your brand.


These marketing tips real estate agents are very effective.

Real estate agents from around the world can use them and grow the business.

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