You’ve got a blog, and you’re creating content. However, unless you take an active role in promoting your blog, you won’t get the traffic you deserve.

The no-promotion equals no-traffic conundrum especially applies to blogs in highly competitive niches, such as the Internet marketing niche. However, while it may be possible to rely solely on your RSS feeds for traffic in less competitive niches, the more you promote, the more your traffic will grow.

A tip: while promotion is important, it’s not a substitute for content. Keep adding content to your blog, as you promote it.

Big tip: try to market your blog every day. This may not be possible, but if you can, this persistent marketing effort will pay off hugely over time.

Let’s look at three simple, easy and no-cost or low-cost methods of marketing your blog.

1. Writing articles for promotion – cheap and (still) effective

Write articles for others. You can write articles for article directories and for other sites. The second option, writing exclusive articles for other sites in your niche, is more effective. Article directories are becoming swamped with junk content, and this devalues your articles by association.

2. Press releases – both free and paid, get results

It’s interesting that some of the major article directories are now offering free press release posting. Press releases have always been an effective way of promotion, and you should use press releases to market your blog.

Don’t forget to post your releases to your blog, too. A press release section of your blog provides great historical information for a journalist who wants to do a story on your blog, and it also orients new readers to who you are, and what you do.

3. Advertising: try small ads on popular sites

At some stage, you’ll need to spend money to make money. Once your blog is earning an income, spend some of that income on advertising your blog.

Small ads on large sites work well, as do ads in ezines.

Tip: although there are many ways to advertise, don’t start advertising your blog until it’s generating an income for you. Unfortunately, when it comes to advertising, there are no guaranteed results.

So there you have it: three ways to market your blog. If you can, do a small marketing task each day, even if it’s only writing 100 words of an article. Once marketing becomes a daily habit, your blog will have a constant flow of traffic. Persistence in all your marketing efforts is essential.