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Matt Diggity In 2022: An Affiliate Marketing Genius?

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While many people haven’t heard of Matt Diggity, it’s a name that aspiring affiliate marketers need to know.

As a person who started in the corporate world, Diggity uncovered his true potential and has made a living as a digital nomad earning high levels of passive income through affiliate marketing.

Matt Diggity is one of the top options available online if you are on the hunt for popular blogging courses.

For those who don’t know the life, history, and expertise of Matt Diggity, we highlight his accomplishments in this blog.

After you become more familiar with his technique and knowledge, you will be on a better path to accomplishing it all for yourself.

Who Is Matt Diggity?

From an early age, Matt Diggity knew he didn’t want to remain in one place forever.

With his passion for travel, he took every opportunity to travel to new locations.

However, his schooling to earn his Master’s in Electrical Engineering and, later on, his corporate job kept him cemented in the United States.

Early Life

Born in the United States, Matt Diggity earned his Master’s degree from the University of California San Diego.

Following that, he took his talents to an internet start-up in Silicon Valley, where he worked an average of 60 hours per week before expanding into his own business ventures and living in various corners of the world.


While corporate life proved lucrative, the amount of stress and burnout accompanying that lifestyle proved problematic.

Diggity knew that continuing in this pattern would prove disastrous to his mental health and that he needed to make a change sooner rather than later.

He had no idea then that his future would be so successful, with online course platforms, multiple businesses, and conferences.

How Much Does Matt Diggity Make?

As an affiliate marketer and businessman, Matt Diggity has several different streams of income that provide him with a substantial yearly salary.

In YouTube alone, Diggity earns an average of $16,000 per year.

The topics of his content primarily focus on his ability to teach blogging to people willing to learn.

Estimating the affiliate income he earns across his many websites is a challenge.

Due to not knowing how many programs he is a part of and what his sales levels are, the exact numbers are unknown.

However, it’s safe to say that with the amount of YouTube income he brings in, his affiliate income is also rather substantial.

How Much Is Matt Diggity’s Net Worth?

Currently, the estimate for Matt Diggity’s net worth, based on his current ownership in five different companies and the sale of others, is around $3,000,000.

This information isn’t known for certain and is based on the valuations associated with his current work and company endeavors.

How Did Matt Diggity Build His Net Worth?

The process behind the amount of net worth that Matt Diggity possesses did not happen overnight.

In fact, it took many years and multiple business ventures to get to where he is today.

Initially, this process meant working towards his future while also devoting 60 hours a week to his paid employment.

While working for the start-up corporation, Matt Diggity poured every second of extra time he had into building up his own business.

He started with Diggity Marketing and earned a significant amount as a side hustle.

As his income continued to grow, he was able to match his engineering salary.

Shortly after, Matt Diggity got himself to a place where he was doubling what he earned as an engineer.

He then expanded his operation to include Diggity Links. With a focus on a private blog network (PBN), users were able to rent space for a link back to their business or product, boosting SEO levels organically.

Matt Diggity later sold this business to Rank Club in 2018.

With that done, Matt started a new business endeavor with two friends, Diggity Lab (also known as Leadspring).

In this model, experts in three different areas would come together to crank out new affiliate websites every week.

These URLs would permit the workers to rake in large amounts of passive income through affiliate marketing.

The next step in his entrepreneurial venture was the Diggity Blog.

With this avenue, individuals can get free resources and review case studies in the latest SEO trends from Matt Diggity himself.

After being asked repeatedly to provide insight on his SEO strategies, Matt Diggity took the step to offer one-on-one coaching and consulting to individuals and corporations.

Following that, he entered a think tank with other experts in the SEO world and created an organization called The Search Initiative.

This operation assists others in trying to rise in their SEO rankings.

A common thread across affiliate marketers is making content and providing online learning platforms and courses that routinely bring in income without extra effort.

Taking advantage of this idea, Matt and his Leadspring business partner found themselves creating a course to sell online that they call Affiliate Lab.

This purchase gives you a blueprint to develop top-ranking affiliate sites.

The most recent business that Matt Diggity has entered into is Authority Builders.

This organization helps website owners to acquire high-level backlinks to boost their domain authority and SEO rankings.

Outside of these paid ventures, Matt Diggity and his various businesses offer visitors an arsenal of complimentary resources.

You can find these on their different company websites, YouTube, and social media.

What Are Lessons That You Can Learn From Matt Diggity?

As a lifelong learner, Matt Diggity (real name Matt Elmore) has developed everything he operates from scratch.

He knew early on that he wanted to explore the world, and he was aware that his current path wouldn’t allow for that to happen.

Therefore, he made the necessary changes to put his life on the right track.

You can take many things from Matt Diggity’s life, but we list some of the most poignant lessons below.

1. Be Patient

In the early days, Diggity would work into the night after completing his day job at a technology start-up in Silicon Valley.

For the first year, his progress was slow going, and there were times he considered quitting.

However, he trusted himself and his plan, and his patience paid off significantly.

2. Diversify Your Income

The popular opinion among many people is that you find a job that you like and are successful at and commit yourself to that opportunity only.

However, as Matt Diggity has shown, expanding to include multiple income streams has many benefits and can provide ample opportunities for passive income as the years continue.

3. Expand Your Network

One of the best ways to ensure success is to surround yourself with experts.

Whether these individuals work in the same field as you or have a high level of knowledge in areas outside of yours, being able to observe and learn from others will boost your success in immeasurable ways.

4. Never Stop Learning

When you find yourself in a successful position, it’s easy to get into the mentality that you no longer need to spend time learning about your industry.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

With all the new strategies and ideas that come to light daily, you would quickly lose your place as an authority in the field if you refrained from learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world of affiliate marketing and SEO comes with many unknowns, especially for those just starting in the industry.

Below we answer some of the top inquiries surrounding Matt Diggity and his contributions to affiliate and SEO work.

Can you hire Matt Diggity?

You can work one-on-one with Matt Diggity through his coaching and consultation opportunities.

Additionally, he offers online courses and resources to help people boost their rankings and implement affiliate marketing into their websites.

Many that are new to the subject find Matt Diggity’s YouTube channel to be advantageous.

Who else is like Matt Diggity?

Many online experts provide learning opportunities and resources for expanding your place in SEO and affiliate marketing.

Some top individuals include Neil Patel, Rachel Pederson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Deiss, and Jennifer Polk.

While all these individuals offer their unique angles, they have worked tirelessly to establish a place for themselves in the industry.

Wrapping Up

While Matt Diggity may not be a name that instantly rings a bell, there is a myriad of reasons why it should.

With an arsenal of real-life experience and an ongoing drive to learn new methods and strategies, following Matt’s work will put you on a direct path to success.

The path to becoming an affiliate marketer can be stressful and challenging.

However, the insight and resources that Matt Diggity provides will be valuable in many ways.

Is he an affiliate marketing genius?

We tend to think so, but check him out for yourself!

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