You’re probably interested in how to make money online and that’s why you read sites like Blogging Tips to extract some expert advice and valuable insight into how you can parlay your online efforts into real dollars in your bank account. And there is definitely value there, but sometimes you need that extra push and that extra attention to get to the next level. Personal training and coaching can go a very long way, but where do you find these mentors?

One guy who is willing to share his experience and expertise with you is Ivan Ong. Let’s have a look at who he is and how he can help you earn thousands of dollars from blogging and Internet marketing.

Who is Ivan Ong?

Ivan Ong is from Singapore. While the Asian country itself is very small, it is also one of the most highly developed and established countries. The cost of living there can be quite high, especially when it comes to housing and cars, so the people there do have earn a pretty good living in order to maintain a decent standard of living.


They say that first impressions mean a lot, but they also say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That is Ivan’s blog shown above and if we were to go with first impressions, I wouldn’t be all that impressed. The overall design is decidedly more on the generic side of things, but what if I told you that Ivan has generated over $3 million in online commissions in about five years of CPA marketing?

Ivan got his start in 2007 while still going to university. Not surprisingly, he faced a lot of challenges in his early online career, but he learned a lot along the way and he took tons of courses on CPA marketing to learn more about how he could make real money and not get “stuck” with a regular “rat race” kind of job. He failed a lot, to be sure, but then he found what worked and has been able to replicate it time and time again.


So, he bought a Mercedes. And a condo. In his own words, “My life was good!”

Sharing the Secrets

It was around that time that Ivan started his blog as a way to share his online journeys and how he was able to generate such a sizable income from CPA marketing. As the readership grew, he started to get more and more requests asking for personal coaching from visitors to his site. They wanted to know exactly how they could make that kind of income themselves. So, he took on a few students and many of them have done very well.


To help motivate his students, he encourages them to post to his Facebook Mastermind Group each month with how they did in the previous month as far as expenses, revenue and overall profit. As you can see, many of his students are earning thousands of dollars in commissions. He also puts them in “teams” based on country for some healthy competition.

Embedded above is an 11-minute video featuring some of the students who have been coached by Ivan via his CPA Super Affiliate Workshops and other programs. They all seem quite pleased with what they have learned and the success they have achieved. Indeed, they earned a total of over $380,000 in July.

If Ivan Can CPA, So Can You

Earning a respectable income on the Internet is certainly something that everyone can do, but you really do have to put in the work and learn the tricks of the trade. Individual results will certainly vary and your reaction to Ivan’s story will vary too, but if you’re interested in learning more from him, he can be reached at He’s also on Facebook if you want to add him as a friend there.