With over a billion active websites and blogs in the world today, that’s a lot of content being created on a daily basis. The crazy thing is how much of the content is simply all over the place — this includes everything from business content, marketing blogs, articles on the latest news around the world and of course a whole slew of personal blogs out there as well. This is what makes the world of content creation and blogging so wonderful, that everything and anyone can create a site and do whatever they like with it.

In our ongoing weekly Meet the Bloggers series, we get to hear from many different bloggers around the world. Today we have Lorraine Reguly, who started her blog as a way to get her name out into the world… which then led to so much more. Learn more about Lorraine and her story in the full interview below.

1.) Please tell us about yourself and how you got into blogging?

My name is Lorraine and I am an author, an editor, and a freelancer.

I have been blogging since January 2013. Initially, I began blogging as a way to “get my name out there” as an author, because I wrote a book while I was in university and was told by a professor to get it published because it was so good.

I am also a certified English teacher. I hold a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) and a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education).

Shortly after I began guest posting, I started getting paid for the articles I was writing. I actually got into freelancing accidentally! However, it made sense to use my skills to earn money, so I kept at it and even opened my own business, Wording Well.

At first, I only offered writing and editing services.

After I learned about self-publishing and self-published my first book, Risky Issues, I then began offering author assistant services.

So far, I have helped a lawyer publish a book, Wow Your Clients: How to Land Clients and Build Long-Lasting Relationships, and I have also helped a blind man publish two books: Leading You Out of the Darkness into the Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success and It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag.

I am currently working on his third book (which will be the first in a series!) as well as editing a fiction book for a first-time author.

In addition to these 3 services, I offer a 4th: Coaching/Mentoring/Consulting. Each service has its own page on my site, all accessible via the main Services page.

2.) What is the focus of your blog and why did you choose that niche?

My blog provides tips for bloggers, writers, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs. It also contains some personal posts about some of my life experiences, because when I first started blogging, I blogged on a free platform and then imported my blog posts into my self-hosted site when I opened my business. I kept them because a few of them rank on the first page of Google!

Some of the blog posts span several categories.

The Resource Kit page on Wording Well outlines these categories and includes the most helpful articles under each. The 7 categories are:

  1. Blogging (General)
  2. Blogging (Tutorials)
  3. Freelancing
  4. Writing
  5. Editing
  6. Author Stuff
  7. Business

I also give away a free e-book to my subscribers, accessible via that page: 20 Blog Post Must-Haves.

3.) How are you currently monetizing your blog traffic?

There are several ways I earn money through blogging. I have 9+ income streams now. They are listed in The Essence of Blogging (+ How to Earn Money Online) and include AdSense and affiliate links.

However, I earn more through the services I offer!

4.) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started blogging?

However, I earn more though the services I offer!

5.) What are three blogs that you visit almost daily?

I don’t read blog posts daily. However, I am a faithful reader of Neil Patel’s blog posts on QuickSprout. I also read Smart Blogger.

When I first started blogging, I read tons of blog posts and commented on many of them. Now, I simply don’t have the time to do all that! Client work comes first!

6.) Can you give us three recommended tools/services that you use with your blogging?

To be honest, I don’t use any paid tools. I like using free ones.

I use JustRetweet to help drive traffic to my site from Twitter. I use Facebook to do the same. (I am a bit of a Facebook addict and always share stuff there.)

I use Mailchimp for sending out emails.

And I use PayPal for getting paid from my clients.

7.) What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their first blog?

Read 5 Things New Bloggers Need to Know. This is the advice I wish I had when I first started blogging!

8.) What’s the best advice or tip you’ve discovered about blogging since getting started?

Be authentic.

Be real, even if it scares you.

By being honest and transparent, I have acquired readers, fans, followers, and friends. Others respect me. Many who know most of my life story view me as inspirational. (Read Rape, Drugs and Prostitution — One Blogger’s Journey to Success to learn more.)

Admit your mistakes. Reveal your shortcomings. Allow yourself to be NON-PERFECT. Just be yourself!

Remember that we are all human. To illustrate my point, read the following short excerpt from my book, From Nope to Hope:

Our human bond connects us, even if our cultures might separate us. We all have issues. Our problems might be different, but our ensuing feelings are the same. We all bleed red. We all feel emotions. We all want to be happy. And we all should always be there for each other… regardless of time or distance.

9.) If you only had $100 to start a new blog, how would you use it?

I would pay for a year’s worth of hosting and purchase a domain name.

10.) How can readers of the blog get in touch with you?

I am easily reached in various ways. Email and Facebook are my preferred methods of communication, but I am on other social media as well. I also have Skype, for clients who prefer that.

Use my Contact page to choose the method you prefer!

Feel free to ask me anything. I am honest and easygoing! I also reply to all comments and emails!


Thanks again Lorraine for taking the time to share your advice and story with the Blogging Tips community. If you would like to learn about other bloggers and how they are finding success online, be sure to read through our blogger interview series.