It’s always interesting to think about where the affiliate marketing space would be without blogging. Even though I’ve been making money online for 17 years now, everything changed quite a bit when I started blogging back in 2007. So many internet marketers have built up a name for themselves through a blog and it’s really helped people not only come into the affiliate marketing industry, but also solidify businesses and have them be more personable in the process. This is the exact process that Luke Kling has been going through with his blog and the ad network PeerFly that he’s been working with for many years now. It’s been a while since I ran the last interview on the blog, so I’m thrilled to kick things off with Luke from!

1.) Please tell us about yourself and how you got into blogging?

Luke-Kling-BioMy name is Luke Kling. I’m a 24 year old blogger, web developer, Affiliate Manager, and entrepreneur. I first started blogging way back in around 2004 and over the years have gotten more and more serious about it. My blog, recently celebrated it’s 2nd birthday. I decided to start blogging about making money online (primarily through affiliate marketing) because it’s my passion and I knew there were things I could share that would be beneficial to my readers. I am proud to say that over the past 2 years my blog has grown into one of the top 20,000 sites on the web according to and has generated millions of page views.

2.) What is the focus of your blog and why did you choose that niche?

My primary niche is affiliate marketing and general “make money online” information. I mix in different articles based on my interests or what I’m working on. For example, I was running several affiliate campaigns on Plenty of Fish a few months ago and that lead me to publish two separate POF case studies within 4 days of each other.

I work full time as an Affiliate Manager for PeerFly, Inc. and my blog is a side project I do in my spare time at home. I chose to write about affiliate marketing because it’s something I am very passionate about. I’ve been an Affiliate Manager for about 9 years now. I enjoy the industry and working with my publishers. Making money online is a great challenge and it’s fun to watch as others pursue that challenge and being an AM gives me the insight to fuel my own passion with affiliate marketing. Watching my publishers earn $350,000 in a week or receiving an email from a grateful publisher I’ve helped earn their first dollar. Those are the things that keep me interested in the affiliate marketing roller coaster and make me want to blog about it.

3.) How are you currently monetizing your blog traffic?

When I initially started my blog I did not monetize it at all. About 6 months after I started writing in it consistently I decided that it was time to try to make some money from it. So, I added a few AdSense ad units and shortly after started building an email list. I primarily make money from the ads on the site, paid reviews, and some affiliate sales. I reinvest a majority of the revenue from my blog into my AdWords retargeting campaign, media buys, Facebook ads, and other types of advertising. My blog is not my primary source of income so I like to use the revenue from it to build it up and make it better.

LukePeerFly Blog

4.) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started blogging?

I really wish I would have started building my mailing list the day I launched my blog. There is so much opportunity to monetize a mailing list and use it to drive traffic to your blog. I know I missed out on hundreds if not thousands of subscribers had I at least had an opt-in form from the beginning.

5.) What are three blogs that you visit almost daily?

I read all the latest articles from the blogs on affposts throughout the day (shameless plug), but I find myself heading over to TechCrunch, Performance Marketing Insider, and USAToday (if you consider it a blog) daily.

6.) Can you give us three recommended tools/services that you use with your blogging?

I’ve mentioned my mailing list a few times and the company I use to manage my list is AWeber. They have fantastic delivery, great tools, and an awesome interface. I also use PopUp Domination to help build my mailing list. Nearly 80% of my subscribers come from PopUp Domination!

I use YOURLS and have a short domain I use to track my social media traffic ( If you’re using social media to drive traffic to your blog a nice short URL can help draw attention to your links and YOURLS is an awesome free tool to help you keep track of where the traffic is coming from.

7.) What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their first blog?

Don’t make the silly mistake I did and start building your email list from day one! A simple opt-in form in your sidebar or below your post content is all you need to get started. Someday you will thank me!

8.) What’s the best advice or tip you’ve discovered about blogging since getting started?

Before I started my blog at I went through two or three short lived blogs. It’s really important that you have a goal with your blog and that you are writing about a topic you’re passionate about. My goal is to make every person that reads my blog more money than if they had never read it. Making money online is my passion so it’s easy for me to find different things to write about within that niche.

9.) If you only had $100 to start a new blog, how would you use it?

First, I would get a shared server and a domain name in my niche. Then, I’d sign up for AWeber (first month is just $1 and then $19/month after that) and you should have just enough left to buy PopUp Domination.

10.) How can readers of the blog get in touch with you?

I’m available pretty much all day everyday:

Twitter –

Facebook –

Google+ –

Feel free to use my contact form and send me an email:

Thanks again Luke for taking the time to share your advice and story with the Blogging Tips community. If you would like to learn about other bloggers and how they are finding success online, be sure to read through our blogger interview series.