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By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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A question that comes to most of the service users mind: “which is the best hosting provider in India?”Milesweb of course….

And a couple of queries like:

  • I do not know if this is what I need
  • Will it be of help if I face disaster?
  • Which company should I choose among all these options?

A roll…

You are not sure which web hosting solution to choose and because of that you are delaying the launch of your project because you end up not having a clear idea on which is the best option for you?

MilesWeb: India’s Best Service Provider For Your Web Hosting Needs

Stop complicating. On, we bring you the answer

In this post we will not only explain why it is the best hosting provider in India and give you our opinion on MilesWeb, but you’ll also save some cash with our special discount coupon.

So do not say you did not think about them

Why MilesWeb is the best hosting provider in India

If you are someone who reaches to the point where you do not want to read technical issues, we will tell you briefly the strongest points about MilesWeb.

1. Hosting Services for Any Type of Project

Whatever is your need, they have it. As simple as that.

Not only that they offer all kinds of hosting services, but have a variety of plans within each. It is impossible to not to find an option that fits in your requirement.

Do not pass this high because it is very important. It is possible that you are using a shared hosting, but when your project grows, what will you do?

And we answer you: You will have to migrate to a higher hosting plan. No need to tell you that there are endless complications and you may be carrying more than a headache.

If you know that your web project needs a VPS, you have the peace of mind that if your project is successful (we know it will) you just need to move up a level.

In short, MilesWeb is a provider of scalable hosting service.

Moreover, not only in the sense of being able to face up to hire a VPS or dedicated hosting if the shared does not serve you.

Within the VPS servers you can configure the power you want by modifying the server until you configure it in the way you want.

What if you are not good with solving with technical issues? They give you the option to choose fully managed VPS server.

MilesWeb can make your work easy.

2. Best Quality vs. Price

MilesWeb offers the cheapest plans on quality shared hosting services.

There are cheaper options, but without hesitating for a moment, we do not recommend them.

Other service providers might claim that their servers are very fast, but it is not true. The reality is that, the servers of these providers cannot run fast with CMS like WordPress, Joomla or any other CMSs.

They cannot be served properly because they are dynamic web pages, or based on PHP language. In other words, a web-based WordPress will require more server resources for a typical template that is offered with their plans.

Therefore, if you do not hire a good hosting, you will mostly face downtime and as well as slower load speed.

This is the reason MilesWeb is the cheapest option and guarantees quality service. To give you an idea, its initial plan for WordPress offer is Rs 109 per month with SSDs, backups…

Given the quality offered (do not forget that we have reserved a discount coupon for you).

3. Impressive Technical Support and Service

Only by this point MilesWeb should be the No. 1 option in our opinion (and that of thousands of other users’ opinion) is one of the points that make them worthy for the title of best hosting provider.

At first, we never value such issues. All goes well, begin to get the visits and the day comes when your site goes down or has a problem.

MilesWeb technical service is like having a friend:

Your friend is an expert which reassures you that your problem will be fixed.

As a good friend, he will get involved in the problem and fix it on priority.

Sooner or later your website will have a problem. That fateful day always comes but at that time MilesWeb Sysadmin will be with you to fix the problem.

4. Ease: CMS Preinstalled or Installed in a Few Clicks

You are new and afraid not being able to understand which CMS to use. Quiet, we were all newbies at some point. However, MilesWeb makes it easy from the start so you do not face problems.

The CMS comes preinstalled when you get your package, WordPress, Joomla or any other as per your requirement. In addition, to manage hosting, cPanel – An administration panel which greatly facilitates the management is made available.

They also have the Softaculous (no, not a weapon of mass destruction) which is a system that helps you to install any other CMS with a few clicks.

5. Security: The hosting Bunker

Brute force or DDoS attacks are common these days so everyone suffer such problems at once at least.

In this sense, MilesWeb is prepared to prevent such attacks and to counter them. Keep you protected both from virus, malware or any other hack action.

However, to avoid such problems, MilesWeb have also taken precautions: Backups on daily basis. If something is lost, it can be recovered instantly.

6. Specialization in WordPress, Joomla and Many Other CMSs

The CMSs that are the most used when creating websites and online stores, are supported.

Therefore, MilesWeb has specialized team to provide support for them.

What changes your life when they are specialized in providing support for these CMSs?

Very easy, you can be sure that when you have a problem, they will find out what’s going on with your website and fix it instantly. They know the ins and outs of these CMSs.

In support department of MilesWeb, there are experienced Sysadmin and experts to take care of your website hosting.

7. “MilesWeb Gives You Wings”

Without this point, everything I’ve told you before does not make sense. Along with the technical service this is the point which can make you understand why they are the best service providers.

You not only need a service that gives you many options at a good price but you also need your servers make your pages fly.

Every website owner wants their site to be well positioned in Google and for that you need the hosting that is well optimized. Every second that it takes to load your page is an eternity for your user.

MilesWeb knows this and for that, they have well optimized all their servers for better web page load speed. They are true magicians in optimizing the servers and give everything they have inside.

Moreover, as I said before, they are specialized in WordPress, Joomla and a couple of other CMSs. They know very well how to make the PHP language of these CMS go like a shot.

To conclude my review for MilesWeb, we could say that they are the best hosting providers in India because they are good, nice and cheap. What all we want in life?

But wait a minute, now comes the best part: If you are already looking for best and affordable services, and yet you want to save more money with exclusive discount coupon, use the coupon DAILYHOSTING to avail 20% discount on their web hosting plans.

So you kill two birds with one stone: You get best discount and you save time on technical issues.

With your WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS already installed, you only have to worry about Creating Good Content for your website visitors.

If you have any doubt about Miles Web services, I encourage you to leave a comment!

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