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Best Minimalist Podcasts: 15 Examples

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Finding the perfect minimalist podcast can be challenging, as there are dozens of options that cover a wide range of topics.

Whether you’re trying to find the best podcast for ideas for your home and emotional well-being or you want inspiration for a podcast you want to start, these minimalist podcasts are for you.

Read on to learn more about minimalist podcasts, what these podcasts are all about, and how to listen to podcasts.

What Is a Minimalist Podcast?

Minimalist podcasts are about decluttering and making life simple to embrace more experiences.

Minimalism is about having fewer material possessions that don’t serve you.

Many people may not understand minimalism since they believe it is about throwing away everything you have.

Instead, minimalism is about embracing a simpler life that gives you the energy to do things that are important to you.

Podcasts about minimalism discuss how to lead a minimal lifestyle.

What Does a Minimalist Podcaster Talk About?

A minimalist podcaster will discuss all the techniques, tips, and tricks they know on embracing minimalism into your daily life.

In some cases, this may mean having a limited number of items or having more high-quality things that don’t need frequent replacement.

Minimalist podcasters might also include a lot of anecdotes and stories about their experiences with minimalism.

These stories can help listeners understand the morals and consequences of minimalism.

What Is Included on a Minimalist Podcast?

Minimalist podcasts are similar to minimalism blogs and will rely on opinions and guests who will share their experiences with minimalism.

For example, the hosts of a minimalist podcast may discuss how they have embraced minimalism for most of the show and how the journey has unfolded between themselves and friends.

Other Things You Can Find on a Minimalist Podcast

You may hear other things on a minimalist podcast, including questions and answers, advice, and more.

  • Advice: A minimalist podcast will be full of practical advice you can incorporate into daily living. Figuring out where to listen to podcasts can impact the advice you hear and the content you receive.
  • Questions and Answers: Audience members may be able to send in questions to get a comprehensive and personalized answer to a problem.
  • Resources and Recommendations: A minimalist podcaster will likely offer many resources and recommendations for other items that can provide assistance and comfort.
  • Tutorials: A minimalist podcast may offer a step-by-step guide on embracing minimalism in your home without much fuss.

Types of Minimalist Podcasts

Two significant types of popular podcasts for minimalism get the most attention and views. These types include podcasts about cleaning and those for lifestyle. Both podcast types will have some overlap, but many podcasts will focus on one or the other.

  • Minimalist Podcasts for Cleaning: Minimalist podcasts for cleaning will discuss the best ways to keep your home tidy and clean. These podcasts will usually help you decide the best places to store things and the best items to have in your home.
  • Minimalist Podcasts for Lifestyle: Minimalist podcasts for lifestyle will focus on helping you embrace the minimalist lifestyle. These podcasts will focus on minimalism in every facet of life, including relationships, belongings, and feelings.

Best Minimalist Podcasts: 15 Examples

Minimalist podcasts are a perfect way to help you adopt minimalism into your life or get an idea of how a minimalist podcast is structured to help you start your own.

These 15 minimalist podcasts can help you understand minimalism more and give you fresh ideas for your endeavors.

How Many Minimalist Podcasts Are There?

The internet is full of minimalist podcasts from celebrities, everyday people, and experts in the field.

You could find a minimalist podcast in nearly every niche to help you maintain a minimalist lifestyle without much hassle or fuss.

Browse your favorite podcast platform to find one that suits your needs.

Minimalist Podcasts for Cleaning

Minimalism is all about decluttering and getting things out of your life that don’t serve you anymore. Decluttering is essential for minimalism, and these podcasts are full of techniques and tips.

An Uncluttered Life

screenshot of the an uncluttered life podcast homepage

An Uncluttered Life Podcast can help anyone who feels too exhausted and overwhelmed with life get a handle on their home and overall well-being.

This podcast is hosted by Warren and Betsy Talbot who share everything they know on how to remove everything you don’t need to enhance your well-being and feel better about life.

The Minimalists Podcast

screenshot of the minimalist podcast homepage

The Minimalists Podcast is one of the most popular and well-known minimalist podcasts and could be considered the grandfather of minimalism.

This podcast is run by Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus who come together to discuss how anyone can remove items from their life to enhance their sense of belonging and overall feng shui.

A Slob Comes Clean

a screenshot of the a slob comes clean homepage

A Slob Comes Clean is a popular minimalist podcast that has more than 10 million downloads and has lasted more than nine years.

This podcast has more than 300 episodes, making it a gem in the minimalist world.

This podcast offers listeners every detail about minimalism and the lifestyle that can offer plenty of peace and awareness.

Be Uncluttered

screenshot of the be uncluttered homepage

Be Uncluttered is a weekly check-in with hosts Rebecca Mezzino and Tara Tuttle as they discover the emotional and mental stability they have experienced by getting rid of physical things that offer them no value.

These hosts focus on living with a clear mind and a clear space to get the best possible effect out of life.

The Cozy Minimalism Podcast

screenshot of the cozy minimalism podcast homepage

The Cozy Minimalism Podcast is hosted by Angie Kikstra and discusses the best way to live a cozy lifestyle while using minimalism to seek the happiest possible balance between work and life.

This podcast is a guide to help listeners obtain a beautiful, clutter-free home that only includes the essentials.

Minimalist Podcasts for Lifestyle

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle is easy with these podcasts that will offer you plenty of tools and techniques for living a more simple life.

The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast

screenshot of the sustainable minimalists podcast homepage

The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast is hosted by a mother of two and a wife who is dedicated to making her life and home a simpler and easier place to manage.

Using eco-friendly methods, Stephanie embraces minimalism and thrives on the ability to share her findings with her audience, including tips, techniques, and tools that others can use to live simpler.

Poppy Tree Minimalist Podcast

screenshot of the poppy tree minimalist podcast homepage

Poppy Tree Minimalist Podcast is the audio log of someone trying to embrace minimalism in their life from the very beginning.

Each episode offers an in-depth look at how minimalism can change your life and make room for things that don’t take up space.

The Millennial Minimalists Podcast

screenshot of the millennial minimalists podcast homepage

The Millennial Minimalists Podcast is hosted by Kelly and Lauren, Canadians who seek to live a simple life.

This podcast explores how minimalism can enhance your life and make time for you to focus on all the important things, like love, happiness, and family.

These hosts discuss how removing excess you don’t need can make you feel better about everything you have.

The Simplicity Sessions Podcast

screenshot of the simplicity sessions homepage

The Simplicity Sessions is a podcast by Jenn Pike that offers plenty of tips, tools, and techniques for women who want to make their lives more simple without missing out on the important things.

Pike discusses female health, wealth, and mindset often, seeking to make the process of emotionally decluttering as easy as possible.

The Effective Minimalist Podcast

screenshot of the effective minimalist podcast homepage

The Effective Minimalist Podcast is a chronological journal of the process of adopting minimalism into life and how difficult the experience can be.

Hosted by Edward Bilodeau, this podcast seeks to apply minimalism to every facet of life and remove clutter that is disruptive to his emotional and physical well-being.

Other Minimalist Podcasts

Minimalist podcasts are not in short supply and there are many minimalist podcasts you can listen to that don’t center around decluttering and the overall minimalist lifestyle.

The Minimalist Vegan Podcast

screenshot of the minimalist vegan podcast homepage

The Minimalist Vegan Podcast is hosted by two best-selling authors dedicated to bringing minimalism and veganism to listeners by offering recipes and information on a wide range of topics.

The Minimalist Vegan Podcast can help you eat simpler and live healthier. Consider listening to The Minimalist Vegan Podcast to help embrace zero-waste and plant-based foods.

The Slow Home Podcast

screenshot of the slow home podcast homepage

The Slow Home Podcast is dedicated to helping people slow down and embrace a slower lifestyle, away from the madness that often centers around human society.

This podcast can help you manage how overworked and sleep-deprived you may feel by urging you to let go of some portions of your life that are contributing to your emotional decline.

Office Anywhere Podcast

screenshot of the office anywhere podcast homepage

Office Anywhere Podcast takes minimalism to a new level and approaches your career with a minimalist mindset.

This podcast can help you discover the benefits of working remotely and effectively without missing a beat.

Office Anywhere Podcast urges listeners to embrace a simpler life regarding work so they won’t miss out on the things that matter.

The Alcohol Minimalist Podcast

screenshot of the alcohol minimalist podcast homepage

The Alcohol Minimalist Podcast is designed to help those struggling with substance abuse and addiction keep their urges at bay.

This podcast can help any adult children of alcoholics from keeping bad habits from their parents and learn how to best stay away from alcoholism.

Minimalist Moms Podcast

screenshot of the minimalist moms podcast homepage

The Minimalist Moms Podcast is targeted toward mothers who may have a difficult time maintaining a minimalist home while raising children.

The clutter of child toys and belongings can drive mothers crazy, but this podcast is a godsend and can offer many mothers a set of techniques and tips to embrace minimalism and enjoy a clutter-free home.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

Minimalist podcasts are similar to other podcasts about positivity, wellness, and travel since all of these topics are about improving yourself and your life.

  • Positive Podcasts: Positive podcasts seek to help listeners be more positive and remain happy.
  • Travel Podcasts: Travel podcasts are all about traveling the world and seeing sights unavailable anywhere else.
  • Wellness Podcasts: Wellness podcasts seek to help listeners embrace their bodies, mind, and soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers can help you understand minimalism more and offer insight.

vector graphic showing an illustration of minimalism with the big block text

What is the #1 minimalist podcast?

The number one minimalist podcast is called The Minimalists Podcast.

Where is minimalism most popular?

Minimalism is most popular in Japan and likely stemmed from that region.

Wrapping Up

Minimalist podcasts are a perfect tool for those who want to embrace a new way of life and make their life clutter-free and simple.

This concept is discussed in length through a variety of podcasts that seek to help others understand and embrace minimalism.

On minimalist podcasts, you can expect to hear stories about minimalism and learn how you can practice it in your life without a fuss.

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