mixx users

Mixx is a social site which is growing rapidly at the recent times. In my previous post, I wrote on 3 reasons why you should join mixx. If you have joined after reading the post, thank you for taking my words. Before you start using mixx regularly, create a plan and know the etiquette of using mixx. There are certain dos and don’ts in mixx. I’ll explain what you should do in mixx in order to be a good user. A good user is someone who has good quality submissions, friends and adds value to the community.

What is the benefit of being a good user?
If you are a good user at mixx, you become well-known and people will start to befriend you. They will be there to help you anytime. Above all, they will respect you.

How to be a good user at mixx?
1. Submit quality posts
2. Vote for your friends’ submissions
3. Comment regularly

1. Submit Quality Posts
This is the first requirement for becoming a good user in any social site, whether it is mixx or digg or even stumbleupon. Before submitting any post, think for a second whether the post will help the community. You cannot submit an article related to health in sphinn. Like wise, you cannot submit irrelevant news to mixx. Also the post should be good quality. The post should not have many ads in it. Start by submitting articles from big sites. Subscribe to the popular blogs and submit articles they post. Don’t post too much in a single day.

2. Vote For Your Friends’ Submissions
Once you submit quality posts, you will get many new friends. In order to improve the relationship with them, vote for the articles they submit. If someone is voting for your submission, go through their profile and see their latest submissions and if you find something nice, give a vote. When you get a lot of friends, you might not be able to vote for everyone’s submission but you can go through all the submissions and vote for the good ones.

3. Comment Regularly
Commenting is a good way to become famous in the mixx community. Check for the submissions in the popular category and also in the category which you like the most. Read the posts that you find to be interesting and comment on them. Every time you make a comment, you get points and this will add up in your total points. You are given a super mixx user status by considering various things one among which is your points. Commenting also puts your profile in front of many people and this increases the chances of new people adding you as a friend. By having more number of friends, there are more chances for becoming a good and popular user in mixx.

Now that you have good quality submissions and good number of friends, you are on the track to becoming a good user in mixx and probably a super user in mixx. What are your recommendations for becoming a good user at mixx? Please share your views in the comments.