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Mom Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2023]

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Many people want to learn how to start a blog but never follow through.

This post breaks down every step of the process so you can get to work without losing momentum.

Check out some popular mom blogs and see what topics they cover.

Learn what products to sell to turn your blog into a side hustle.

You’ll read about other mom bloggers and see what makes them successful.

The Best Mom Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

What Is a Mom Blog?

Mom blogs are written by a mother or mom-to-be.

Sometimes the focus is on children and family, but it can easily center on cooking or fashion.

It’s still classified as a mom blog because the writer is a mother, and those details seep into her blog posts.

What Does a Mom Blogger Blog About?

They write about parenthood, relationships, home management, children, and more.

When you think about motherhood, you’ll find there’s no shortage of related topics to discuss and explore.

These thoughts and advice are what you’ll find on mommy blogs.

What Is Included on a Mom Blog?

The information above gives you a general idea of what moms write about on blogs, but the sky’s the limit.

Moms can write about any topic that impacts them as a mother, their kids, or their family.

They can share funny stories or practical advice.

The following gives you a good idea of specific content to include on your blog.

Pregnancy Posts

Many mom blogs cover the topic of pregnancy because every story is unique.

First-time moms often seek birth stories to understand what to expect when their baby comes.

Sharing a birth story is also a memorable record for your child as they grow up.

Parenting Advice

You might feel like you have it all together one day, then scramble the next.

No mom has all the answers, but sharing tips and tricks that have worked for you can benefit other moms.

Maybe you have a whiteboard that shows everyone’s activities or a great Google Calendar hack that helps your day-to-day life.

Moms love anything to simplify their lives, so write a post!

Activity Ideas

Kids are constantly bored, even in a room full of toys and books.

So moms turn to the internet looking for fun activity ideas.

If you post some engaging guides on your blog, moms will flock to your page.

Include a lot of pictures and break things down into steps.

List out supplies needed and how long the activity takes so moms know what to expect.

Personal Life

When you start a mom blog, you label yourself as a parent.

But that’s not all you are.

Sharing information about your personal life is a great way to engage with your audience.

They get to know you as a person, not just as a busy mom.

You can write about your daily life, career, and struggles; your followers will trust you and feel like you’re friends.

Travel Tips

Every mom wants advice on how to keep their kids occupied during a plane ride or road trip.

If your family travels, write posts about your favorite destinations.

Share information about special discounts, remarkable sights—anything to help other families out.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Mom Blog

The ideas above give you a general idea of the content moms search for online.

But that’s not all you can include on your blog, so consider covering some of the following topics.


Your body changes with pregnancy, and you don’t often prioritize your looks when you’re a busy mom.

So, writing posts about fashion encourages other moms to realize they can still look fabulous even while wrangling their children.


Moms focus most of their time on their kids, but they also have other connections to manage.

You could make engaging posts about how you stay connected with your partner or divvy up chores.


Whether you have one kid or four, your house will have tons of clutter.

Sharing tips about decluttering, organizing, and keeping the house clean is one of the most popular topics.

Home Improvement

You created a nursery for your baby, but you’ll need to update their room as they grow.

Sharing home improvements gives moms inspiration to update their homes.

Types of Mom Blogs

As the previous ideas show, there are many different topics to cover on a mom blog.

You can choose a specific niche for your writing and narrow your focus.

  • Mom Blogs for General: General mom blogs can cover any or all of the topics listed above. They don’t have a specific niche but write about what strikes their fancy.
  • Mom Blogs for Family: Mom bloggers who write about family share tips and tricks for managing multiple schedules and different-aged family members.
  • Mom Blogs for Parenting: These blogs focus on parenting tips and advice. They often feature children with special needs because those moms want to share resources.
  • Mom Blogs for Hobbies: Being a mom is hard work, but you still have time for hobbies. These blogs share crafts and activities moms like to do, along with tips on making time for it all.
  • Mom Blogs for Fashion: Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t dress fashionably. A fashion-centered mom blog will highlight clothes that make you look great and might even have suggestions for kids’ clothing.

Do Mom Blogs Make Money?

There are many motivations for starting a blog, and money might not be high on your list, but it’s certainly a perk.

Bloggers can make good money without doing much extra work.

You can write your standard content but include affiliate links to generate additional income.

What’s more, you could sell ad space on your site or write sponsored posts.

How Do Mom Blogs Make Money?

Mom blogs make money in several ways.

Affiliate links are the easiest way because you have a partnership with a company and share their products on your blog.

Recommend things you love, and moms will click your link to buy the item because they see you as a trusted source.

You can also create and sell customized merchandise.

How Much Do Mom Blogs Make?

There are different types of blogs that make money, but mom blogs have a broad scope, so they’re very successful.

You could make hundreds of dollars each month depending on what you’re selling.

Choose affiliate partnerships that suit you and your audience, and you’ll give yourself a passive income.

If you sell your products on top of that, you could potentially make a full salary.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Mom Blog

Affiliate partnerships with meal kits, children’s clothing brands, and fun family activities are big hits on mom blogs.

You can also sell your own products. Maybe you like to crochet or paint as a hobby.

List your products on your blog, and your followers will want to support you

You can also create mom-centric merch, like funny wine glasses or family management planners.

Best Mom Blogs: 25 Examples

Using the five niches above, we compiled a list of the 25 best mom blogs on the internet.

These popular blogs showcase personality and engage their audiences.

They make money in various ways, so check out what they have to offer and see how you can apply their approach to your blog.

How Many Mom Blogs Are There?

There are thousands of mom blogs on the internet.

Mothers love sharing their stories and finding a community in other bloggers.

Once you see examples of the diverse blogs in each niche, you’ll know how your voice will stand out among other mom blogs.

General Mom Blogs

General blogs cover a range of topics. Some posts might address motherhood, while others talk about travel, favorite books, or showcase DIY projects around the house.

You never know what you’ll get with mom blogs.

What Moms Love

screenshot of the what moms love homepage

Aly blogs about her kids and family, focusing on ways to make your busy life a bit easier.

But she also has gift guides and product reviews for moms.

In case you miss a post, she writes a roundup at the end of each month.

So, you can scan through it to see what you missed. Aly makes money with sponsored posts, ads, and affiliate links.

Italian Polish Momma

screenshot of the italian-polish-momma homepage

This lifestyle blog written by a mom has a little bit of everything.

She has set categories for parenting and motherhood but also talks about her career and favorite products.

The blogger makes money by curating guides for women and mothers, so she earns a commission when you buy through her link.

Another Mommy Blogger

screenshot of the another-mommy-blogger homepage

Sierrah is a mommy blogger with a great sense of humor who doesn’t box herself into a specific niche.

You might read a post about beauty products, then get an overview of her latest DIY project.

She also shares recipes and, of course, parenting insight. Sierrah makes money from ads and affiliate links.

Honest Mum

screenshot of the honest-mum homepage

Vicki shares her experiences as a parent on her blog.

But she also writes about her life, hobbies, travels, and food.

The author makes money by selling the book she wrote.

In addition, Vicki uses affiliate links, which is another source of income thanks to her large following.

Your Modern Family

screenshot of the your modern family homepage

Becky has kids spanning a broad age range, so her parenting content is very diverse and informative.

Away from parenting, Becky writes lifestyle posts, shares marriage advice, and offers tips for creating a budget.

Becky includes her favorite recipes and how they impact your health.

Her money is made through ebooks and printables.

Mom Blogs for Family

These blogs feature moms who want to share information about their families.

Posts include funny stories, time management advice, travel tips, and affiliate links to products that might help your daily life.

This Tiny Blue House

screenshot of the thistiny blue house homepage

Jenny writes about her family from a frugal angle.

She wants to show parents that raising a child doesn’t have to be as expensive as news articles scare you into thinking.

For instance, Jenny posts kid crafts you can make with little to no cost and recipes that stretch to feed a large family.

She makes money through affiliate links and selling ad space.

Journey to SAHM

screenshot of the journey-to-sahm homepage

Samantha is a journalist who wanted to become a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) after having her first child.

She couldn’t stop telling stories, so she created a blog as an outlet.

Now, through Journey to SAHM, Samantha shares tips on how you can keep busy in the home while maximizing time with your kids.

She makes money with affiliate links.

The Realistic Mama

screenshot of the realistic mama homepage

Alida is a mom who wanted to prioritize time with her family, though they were all busy.

She started a blog to share her planner layouts, meal planners, and chore charts.

With everything organized, you have more time to enjoy your family.

Alida earns money from her printables and affiliate links.

Family Felicity

screenshot of the family-felicity homepage

Brandi wanted to focus on her family by making everything else in life simple.

She sells toolkits that help you manage each day, week, and month.

You can easily organize everyone’s schedules with her tools.

She makes money through those kits and affiliate links.

Mommy On Purpose

screenshot of the mommy-on-purpose homepage

Carly uses her blog to share parenting tips, including great gifts for your kids, party ideas, and how to organize your finances.

She has posts on pregnancy and childbirth, as well as fun activities for older kids.

Mommy On Purpose makes money by selling digital planners, budget guides, and other family management tools.

Mom Blogs for Parenting

The parenting niche has a broad reach.

Moms write about kid activities, discipline, and struggles.

Likewise, moms-to-be also write parenting blogs covering pregnancy and preparing to welcome a new baby into the home.

Swaddles n’ Bottles

screenshot of the swaddles-n-bottles homepage

Caroline started writing about her pregnancy, then shared her birth story and how her family changed with a new baby.

She shares resources that helped her along the way.

The blog earns the author money through affiliate links and sponsored posts.

Coffee and Coos

screenshot of the coffee-and-coos homepage

Alexandra writes about pregnancy and motherhood, sharing tips and tools that made life easier on her journey.

She updates posts as her children get older, but some of her most popular posts are those from the first trimester.

They pull in traffic, giving her a source of income from affiliate links and ads.

This Simple Balance

screenshot of this simple balance homepage

June has five kids, so you know she has a lot of stories to share.

Her blog focuses on parenting multiple children from the angle of minimalism.

Since she has a low income, she shares tips on how to stretch your dollar to provide for your kids.

She makes money from ads and affiliate links.

Real Mom Recs

screenshot of the real mom recs homepage

This blog has all the information you could need for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting your kids.

There are guides for baby names, travel destinations, and roundups of resources that will make parenting easier for you.

Caitlin makes money by selling a planner and a pregnancy handbook and running affiliate links.

Smart Mom Ideas

screenshot of the smart mom ideas homepage

Elna tackles the business side of parenting as well as the fun side in her blog.

She includes lots of money tips, so you don’t have to worry about finances, but then she shares fun activities to do with your kids.

She makes money from ads and sponsored posts.

Mom Blogs for Hobbies

Moms have all sorts of hobbies and interests.

In many cases, these hobbies overlap with motherhood. These mom-written hobby blogs can inspire you to write your own content.

The Busy Budgeter

screenshot of the busy budgeter homepage

Rosemarie loves making budgets and wasn’t going to let motherhood throw off her savings goals.

She wrote up plans to save money without creating hardship for your family.

Even if you’re unorganized, Rosemarie’s tools can help you stay on track.

She sells her tools and has affiliate links to make money.

Sarah Titus

screenshot of the sarah titus homepage

Sarah Titus is a mom who made her graphic design hobby into a huge business.

She creates planners, stickers, wall art, and goal-tracking sheets.

Her creations get sold via Shopify on her blog.

In addition to her crafting, Sarah writes about her family and faith. Courses are another source of income for Sarah.

Pinot & Parenting

screenshot of the pinot parenting homepage

Amy offers tips for moms to find the right balance between motherhood and their interests.

She shares information about her hobbies and encourages self-care.

You’ll love her advice on food and wine pairings, which can elevate your dinners at home.

Amy routinely incorporates sponsored posts and affiliate links into her blog.

Micala Quinn

screenshot of the micala-quinn homepage

Micala Quinn provides useful advice for moms launching their own businesses.

With the resources on her site, you can get an idea of how to turn your blog into a profitable business.

While she has free resources, most of her income is from courses.

Fireflies & Mudpies

screenshot of the fireflies-mudpies homepage

Melissa is an artist who didn’t want to stop creative work when she became a mother.

She started creating crafts that moms could do with their kids.

Melissa makes money through affiliate links and ads but also sells a book of her craft projects.

Mom Blogs for Fashion

Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy in sweatpants with crumbs as accessories.

These mom blogs focus on affordable and attractive fashion.

Fit Mommy in Heels

screenshot of the fit-mommy-in-heels homepage

Lauren always loved fashion and didn’t want to give up her style when pregnant.

Given that, Lauren learned how to dress for her body shape and helped other women do the same.

You don’t have to blow your budget for the affordable fashion she shares.

Lauren makes her money with sponsored posts.

The Fashionable Housewife

screenshot of the fashionable housewife homepage

Sarah-Jean is a mom of five who makes time to be fashionable every day.

She shares her style with readers, along with parenting and health posts.

You’ll learn a lot about her lifestyle and homeschooling, too.

She makes money with sponsored posts and affiliate links.

Mom Generations

screenshot of the mom-generations homepage

Audrey blogs about staying stylish in motherhood. In addition to outfit posts, she shares ways to match with your kids and stay in shape.

Aside from fashion, Mom Generations posts kids’ activities and other parenting tips.

Audrey’s blog features sponsored posts and affiliate links.


screenshot of the fashionmommy homepage

FashionMommy is a blog by a plus-size mother who wants to support other curvy moms looking for the best clothes.

As well, FashionMommy posts about lifestyle and culture, especially relating to England, where she lives.

Her blog makes money with ads.

I Am Style-Ish

screenshot of the i-am-style-ish homepage

This Seattle mom loves saving money on groceries and spending it on fashion.

She not only shares her outfits but also posts advice on how to style certain clothing items and accessories.

The blog’s income comes from sponsored content and affiliate links.

How To Become a Mom Blogger

Starting a mom blog is easy if you follow the steps below.

You already have the desire to be a mom blogger, so start building your site today with these tips.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

Mom blogs cover various topics, from fashion to recipes to lifestyle.

That might seem pretty broad, so you can do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

The results show you what your intended audience searches online.

Craft posts around these themes to drive traffic to your blog.

Select a Niche

You saw examples of five different mom blog niches, but you might not know how to choose the right niche.

Take your keyword research and think about what you’re most passionate about.

Come up with a list of possible posts, and you’ll see they’re pointing you toward a particular niche.

Finding the right fit for your blog will make content creation fun instead of overwhelming.

Select a Name

Many blogs have clever names, while others are just the author’s name.

If you have trouble coming up with a blog name, look to other blogs for inspiration.

Use your name and interests as a jumping-off point and see what you can come up with.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are so many different blogging platforms available that you might not know where to start.

Our reviews and guides will help.

Free platforms give you a chance to dip your toe in the blogging waters without financial risk, but they offer limited customizations.

Think of the possible scope of your blog before committing to a platform.

Register a Domain Name

Your domain name is the URL people type in to find your blog.

It can be the same as the blog name you selected above.

If you have a long blog name, you could shorten or abbreviate it for the URL.

The best domain registrar can help you pick the right URL and extension for your blog.

Get Web Hosting

Web hosting is where you store your blog posts, images, and videos online.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting because it’s affordable and easy to use.

WordPress automatically updates the framework regularly, so all you need to do is choose a template and start posting.

Build the Blog

You’ve laid the groundwork for your blog with the title, URL, and hosting.

Now comes the fun part—building the blog.


Themes are used to change the layout and look of your blog.

You can search for themes that feature a landing page and complementary blog post layout.

These can be previewed to get an idea of how your content will appear to visitors.

Once you find something you like, install a WordPress theme and customize the colors and header image.


WordPress plugins add unique features to your site.

You can choose one that optimizes your page for SEO, so you’re the top result on Google searches.

If you’re selling products or services on your blog, you could install an eCommerce plugin.

There’s even an option to create a form to get email addresses for your followers so you can market to them.

Essential Pages

Though the bulk of your content will be blog posts, there are still some essential pages for your blog.

You’ll benefit from having an “About” page so your readers can get to know you.

A “Contact” page gives visitors a way to communicate with you beyond blog comments.

If you’re using affiliate links, you’ll want to mention that on a “Disclaimer” page.

Produce Content for the Blog

You’ve built your home on the web, so now your next step is to start creating content for your blog.

Likely, you’ve probably already got countless ideas for posts.

Each post will need engaging images to accompany the content, and, if possible, other multimedia.

Record video clips, too, because your audience will love getting to know you this way.

Launch the Blog Publicly

It’s time to show the world what you’ve been working on. If you feel nervous about launching a new blog, write out a step-by-step guide that helps you feel in control.

You have the website, domain name, and content.

Now you’re ready to unveil the project and start pulling in your audience.

Promote the Blog

When you launch your blog, you’ll promote it and get a lot of attention.

Make sure you keep that momentum even once the blog generates traffic by promoting new posts on social media and through email.

Besides these, there are many unique ways to promote a blog.

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out

You might feel drawn to mom blogs because of your life experience, but there are many other blog topics to check out.

Their posts and content could give you ideas for your own site, too.

1. Cooking Blogs

Lots of mom blogs share recipes here and there, especially for quick meals kids will enjoy.

But cooking blogs focus entirely on recipes, kitchen hacks, and appliance reviews.

Bloggers might make their own cookbooks to sell or generate income with sponsored posts by food and appliance brands.

2. Interior Design Blogs

Interior design blogs revolve around providing advice on transforming your home, with plenty of inspirational photographs to help.

They give you new ideas on how to maximize your space with furniture that serves two purposes or show you how to hang a mirror to make a room seem larger.

Popular interior design blogs can make money by sharing affiliate links for furniture brands or offering photography services to others.

3. Wedding Blogs

You don’t have to actively plan a wedding to enjoy reading wedding blogs.

Many wedding blogs showcase stunning photos that give people ideas for their own events and dinners, even if they aren’t planning a fancy wedding.

They also include posts with honeymoon and relationship advice.

Most wedding bloggers make money through affiliate links or event planning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve learned how to start a mom blog and earn money.

After checking out 25 examples of successful mom blogs, you might still have some questions.

Check out the following answers.

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best mom blogs

How can a mom blogger be successful?

A mom blogger can be successful by sharing stories and advice.

Ask for people to chime in with comments.

Post popular content, like quick dinner recipes or the best way to get everyone to school each morning.

After you build an audience, you can sell products or use affiliate links.

What are moms searching for online?

Looking at existing mom blogs gives you an idea of what moms search for online.

You’ll see popular posts about recipes, juggling housework and children, or finding fashion that doesn’t make them feel frumpy.

Doing keyword research is another great way to find out what your intended audience searches.

Wrapping Up

It’s a lot of work to build and design a blog, but once you have a strong framework, you’ll love the management side.

You get to create interesting content and form a community with your followers and other people who run mom blogs.

Monetizing your blog turns your hobby into a side hustle or, if you do well, even a full-time job.

Get started today so you can build your blog and connect with moms around the world.

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