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Mommy Blog Expert: Definition, Types & Inspiration For 2022

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Have you ever wondered about becoming a mommy blogger?

It might surprise you how easy it is to become one.

You do not need special qualifications, classes, or an aesthetic lifestyle to run a good mommy blog.

All you need is dedication, passion for your children, and a willingness to let others catch a glimpse of your wild, wonderful life.

If you are interested in becoming a mommy blog expert, here are a few things you should know.

Mommy Blog Meaning

A mommy blog is a subset of blogs for women by women.

Mommy blogs are written by mothers and usually focus on their journeys of family and motherhood.

Mommy blogs fall under the family, homemaking, food, and women niches of blogs, depending on their focus.

Who Are Mommy Blog Experts?

Mommy blog experts are women who have run successful mom blogs.

These women have thriving mommy blogs and are experts in their niche.

Many mommy blog experts have massive social media followings and make money from their work.

How Much Do Mommy Blog Experts Make?

Monetized mommy blogs can earn anywhere from $2k to $100k per month.

With a new mommy blog, especially if you don’t know how to monetize it, it may earn nothing.

As the blog grows, mommy bloggers often run ads and use affiliate marketing to make some money.

Bigger blogs can get sponsorship content and brand deals that increase their monthly revenue.

Mommy blog experts usually earn upwards of $200k a month.

Due to their success as mommy bloggers and the trust of their audiences, they release books, TV shows, and YouTube channels.

They can also host podcasts for women and charge more for brand deals which skyrocket their revenue.

How to Become a Mommy Blogger

Starting a mommy blog is relatively easy.

If you follow a few simple steps, you can launch your own mommy blog in minutes!

1. Choose Your Niche

You can decide to have a family blog, a mommy work-life balance blog, a religious mommy blog, a mommy style blog, a mommy tips blog, a mommy recipe blog, or whatever else you can think of.

Pick a topic you enjoy and focus on it.

If you are unsure, stick to sharing the general happenings of your life as a mom.

2. Do Your Research

Start looking for other mommy blogs in your chosen niche.

Subscribe to them and read some of their content.

Use trend analytics to check the trending searches in your chosen niche.

This will help you curate content around what people already like and discover what they want to know.

3. Find a Platform

Find a web hosting platform to be your blog’s new home!

You can run your mommy blog on Medium or use a blog hosting service.

Find a platform that is easy to use for a beginner and requires little to no maintenance on your end.

4. Come Up With a Content Strategy

As a mom, your time is limited, and your kid(s) can demand a lot of it.

Coming up with a content strategy allows you to research, write and schedule content anytime you have free time to spare.

Content strategy also helps you plan your social media content in case you need to take pictures, buy certain things, or hire a sitter to create content on a specific day.

5. Starting Posting Content

Don’t overthink it; just post. Get comfortable with sharing your thoughts, ideas, and life on the internet.

As long as you start posting, you will build a mommy blog.

The greatest hurdle is starting and once you start, you’ll gain momentum and get content ideas with feedback from your readers.

6. Promote Your Blog

Open a social media account on two or more platforms and begin promoting your blog.

Pick a social media platform you are familiar with or can easily create content for.

Focus on posting regularly and building an audience.

7. Measure Data and Adjust Your Strategy

Get familiar with analytics and start to use data to adjust accordingly.

It will take a while to understand and adjust accordingly, but the faster you start utilizing analytics, the better chances your mommy blog has of growth.

Top Mommy Bloggers

There are many bloggers focused on the mom blog niche you can check out for inspiration.

Some of the top mommy bloggers include:

1. What Moms Love

whatmomslove homepage screenshot 1

What Moms Love is a lifestyle mommy blog that posts content aimed at helping busier moms have easier lives.

They share product reviews, gift and organization guides, kid-friendly recipes, and more.

2. Swaddles + Bottles

swaddlesnbottles homepage screenshot 1

Swaddles + Bottles is a mommy blog that shares tips to help new and expectant moms.

It focuses on being a helpful guide through the pregnancy and early motherhood journey, almost like a manual.

3. The Busy Budgeter

busybudgeter homepage screenshot 1

The Busy Budgeter is a blog of financial tips for busy moms.

They offer helpful financial and organizational tips to help moms manage money better.

4. The Realistic Mama

therealisticmama homepage screenshot 1

The Realistic Mama is a business mommy blog that shares practical tips on building an online business as a mom.

The blog has a following of moms looking to increase their income or pivot to online business.

5. Start a Mom Blog

startamomblog homepage screenshot 1

Start a Mom Blog is a blog by a mom focused on teaching other moms how to start their own mommy blog.

It offers helpful tips and free and paid courses to help moms realize their dreams of having a successful mommy blog.

6. Sarah Titus

sarahtitus homepage screenshot 1

Sarah Titus is a Christian mommy blog.

The author focuses on sharing tips to help equip stay-at-home moms.

Her main goal is to support moms who stay home and raise their kids.

Wrapping Up

Sharing your experiences and building a community can help alleviate stress and loneliness as a mom.

Earning a little extra money is the icing on the cake.

Sharing your knowledge with the world and giving advice to other moms is a fantastic way to use your expertise as a mom beyond raising your children.  

Have any questions about becoming a mommy blog expert?

Please share them in the comments below, as well as your favorite mommy bloggers on the internet!

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