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5 Steps to Set Up the Right Monetization Model for Your Sites



blog monetization model

blog monetization modelMajority of the bloggers still rely upon AdSense, affiliate programs, banner ads etc to make money from their website traffic. The problem with these traditional monetization methods is that you need to bring a lot of traffic from search engines.

And even if you get massive search traffic, your income mainly depends on the CPC (if you run AdSense) or your blog’s niche (if you promote affiliate products). At the most, you would make $1 to $2 for every 1000 visitors you drive to your blogs. That’s really one of the worst ways to make money from blogging.

You are not only giving a bad experience to your blog audience by pasting ads all over your sites but you are also killing your website reputation. What if there’s another way to make money?

In this detailed guide, let’s talk about how you can make money the smart way by setting up a proper blog monetization model.

Setting up the right blog monetization model is not a rocket science.

Of course, making money from a blog is hard until you treat it as a business. The #1 reason majority of the bloggers don’t make money from their blogs is they don’t consider it as a serious business. They fail to invest both money and time.

If you want to make money from blogging, you need to remember one important fact: blogs NEVER make money, businesses do!

Now, let’s talk about how you can set up the right monetization model for your websites in 5 easy steps. Are you ready? Let’s get into the details without further ado.

How to create the right blog monetization funnel

Step 1: Invest money on your blog design

Here’s why your blog design is in step 1: “first impression is the last impression when it comes to online”.

If your blog design is not unique and compelling, your blog visitors don’t find it interesting to read your stuff. Blog design is the king when it comes to capturing the audience attention. Here are two things you should focus on.

Theme: Invest in your blog design. Either hire a professional designer or buy a premium framework such as Thesis, Elegant or Genesis. Don’t use free themes, never! They not only add cheap look to your design but they don’t give you theme updates or additional features like SEO friendly design, mobile responsiveness, easy customization etc. It doesn’t matter if you want to make more affiliate sales or increase your revenue, your design should be impressive.

Logo: The first thing noticed by your blog visitors is your logo design. Don’t use messy logos, if used right, having a compelling logo can easily create a huge impact on your audience. Make sure to get a professional looking logo. If possible, clearly use your elevator pitch or a tag line under the logo to make it easy for your audience to know what your site is all about within seconds.

Go mobile: Google is always rewards the sites with better user experience. After the mobile related update from Google, majority of the sites that are mobile responsive have increased their traffic. This is because Google started showing up “Mobile Friendly” feature under the title of the links on Google search results (so people can easily decide whether or not to click on the links).

Step 2: Define who you want to attract

Nichify your blog topics: You can’t jump into an ocean full of niche and become an expert. It’s really impossible to establish as an authority in a broad topic or niche. To make more sales and gain trust online, you need to become a go-to guy in a small area. Make sure to nichify your blog topics.

For instance, instead of talking everything about marketing, you could focus on covering “affiliate marketing tips for yoga experts”. You can make much more sales and build rapport with the target audience in that way. Are you getting me? Nichify your blog and you will quickly become an expert by creating problem solving content!

Aim for the beginners: Any blog that aims at the beginners won’t fail to make money. It’s much easier to educate beginners and make money by offering them your services or products than targeting the advanced audience. So if you want to make money from your blogs, make sure to focus more on targeting the beginners always.

Step 3: Create the right content framework

Your blog’s monetization model majorly depends upon the content you create.

You can’t attract more audience to read, like, comment, share or linking to your stuff without creating captivating content. You need to learn the art of creating amazing content that goes viral.

Majority of the bloggers spend 80% of their time on creating content and 20% or less on promoting it. If you are one among them, stop doing right away. Reverse engineer the process and start spending 80% of your time on promoting your stuff and remaining on creating it.

So how to create content that creates a lot of buzz? “Create content that’s already proven to go viral”. Wondering how?

Use Skyscraper technique.

This was originally coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko. According to this strategy, this involves in 3 simple steps.

  1. Finding content that’s already popular: You shouldn’t guess the content that might goes viral. You should spend your time on finding content that is PROVEN to create a lot of buzz in your industry. To do this, you can use tools like Buzzsumo. Enter any keyword relevant to your blog’s topic and it will give you a list of most popular posts. Then, choose one topic among them to create content around it.
  2. Making it even better: Once you find the most popular blog post idea that’s proven to work, you need to make it more detailed, better and insightful. For instance, if “5 writing tips for professional writers” is your theme, you should write something around “51 writing tips for professional writers to make money”. The idea here is to take a post that’s already worked well in the past and making it even more compelling, detailed and up to date.
  3. Promoting it to the right people: Once you create your masterpiece, you need to promote it to the right people to increase your blog’s exposure. How can you do that? You can use free tools like Topsy to find out the relevant posts around your blog topic and find out who tweeted it. Go and reach out to all of them telling about your new content. If they find it useful, they will definitely give you a shout out.

If you are a beginner to using this technique, I highly recommend you to check out this beginner’s guide to Skyscraper technique.

Step 4: Collect your visitors emails

All the above 3 steps are the pillars of a profitable site that makes money. But all the money you make from your blog or website really depends on step 4 and 5. So make sure to NOT miss these two things.

An email list is the surefire way to increase trust and sales no matter what your niche is. By having an email list, you can not only educate your subscribers about the content you promote but you can promote the products you really believe in.

This way you will make more money by creating awareness about the products you promote or create. Here are few simple ideas on increasing your email subscribers without irritating your audience.

Create a lead magnet: A lead magnet is nothing but a free incentive such as eBook, video, plugin or a theme given away in exchange of your subscriber’s email. A freebie is the most effective way to double or even triple your email subscription rates. You can either write an exclusive report around the topics your audience are interested in or compile all of your popular posts at one place and turn that into an eBook to make it as a lead magnet.

Create dedicated landing pages: Most bloggers who build their email lists don’t usually use specific squeeze pages or dedicated landing pages. But the people who use landing pages usually notice huge growth on their email lists or sales. It’s because landing pages are golden, they don’t give your audience too much distraction. More importantly, they always focus on just one call to action. So if you want to boost your email subscribers, use landing pages. I highly recommend you to check out LeadPages as they have few of stunning pages that convert like crazy.

Show more email opt-in forms: If you want to double your email subscription rates, double your email opt-in forms. Put your opt-in forms on your about page, footer section, top of the sidebar, above your logo by using Hellobar, end of the every post. These are the most visible places on any blog and if you place your opt-in forms on them, you will see huge subscription rates every single day.

Step 5: Create a blog sales funnel

Now, this is the final step of your monetization model that makes money. Have you ever wondered why few top blogs don’t use ads at all but still make thousands of dollars every single month? Because they all use blog sales funnel that help them make more money by running in the backend. I’ll tell you how.

Create an email autoresponder series: Once you started building an email list, don’t stop it there. You need to create a broadcast or an autoresponder series that sends automatic emails to your subscribers every week (or whenever you want).

The key point here is not to send any sales pitches but to build awareness and educate your subscribers about the type of products you want to promote. For instance, if you want to promote SEO related products, instead of pitching directly to your subscribers from day 1, educate them about how they can increase their traffic and sales using SEO.

Then, once you got their attention after a month or so (after sending 5 to 7 emails), you can start recommending them paid SEO tools that you personally use. You can then send them to your own product review pages so they can decide whether or not to buy your products. This is the most smart selling strategy that helps you increase your sales without sounding like a sales guy. Make sure to increase your affiliate product sales by promoting them on special days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday etc.

Build rapport with your subscribers: Without creating an awareness, trust and rapport with your subscribers, no one likes to even open your emails. You should make them wait to read your emails. It happens only when you create extreme value to them by sending epic newsletters.

Ask them to buy: Once you got their attention and trust, you can ask them to buy your products. If they really find your emails useful, they will start liking you and they genuinely think you are helping them by promoting the products you love. This is where the money rolls in. Don’t pitch too many products. Only recommend the products you personally use and believe.

The money you make from your blog’s sales funnel majorly depends on the products you promote. If you have your own products, you can really make a lot of money when compared to making money from affiliate products (where you will only earn small commission). The key here is to provide as much value as you can before even sending any promotional sales letter.

Final thoughts

We spend a lot of time in creating blog posts but we often forget to create the monetization sales funnel which is the most powerful factor in creating a profitable blog online.

If you are one among them, start focusing your time on defining your audience and setting up the right monetization channel to increase your sales.

In online, the money you make is directly proportional to the people you help. If you remember that simple thing, you are ready to roll!

If you like this article, share it with at least one of your friends so they can benefit. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be glad to respond to you in the comment section below.

Anil Agarwal is the guy behind Bloggers Passion blog where he blogs about blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, making money online and Black Friday hosting deals related topics. He also owns, a blog dedicated to web hosting solutions.


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Life as a solopreneur feels fun, freeing and highly challenging because you do not possess the resources of more established entrepreneurs or people working for a company. The #1 tool in your new blogger arsenal is a willingness to face, feel and release deep fears related to being a newbie. Do this; be golden. Fun, freedom and expansive success awaits you because your generosity, creativity and willingness to connect just accelerates your blogging success…yes…even as a new blogger. How cool, right? No new blogger needs to struggle, fail and quit before giving themselves a chance, because fear is the only thing standing between you and what you need to do, to succeed. For example, I routinely tell new bloggers to buy courses or eBooks for due diligence material. More importantly, I tell them NOT to rely solely on questions and answers through Quora for their due diligence campaign because free platforms pale in comparison to trusted, premium resources from the top bloggers, in terms of research materials.

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You do know promoting yourself freely constitutes one pillar of blogging success, right guys? Bloggers need to be clear, confident and relaxed enough with self to appeal to us. Who wants to follow someone with low self-esteem? We seek out bright lights, not bloggers slumming around in the blogging sewer, eh? But self-promoting is a fine art for the discerning blogger to master; go too far, bragging your butt off, and your arrogance repels readers. People despise someone who speaks about self all day long because these over-compensating buffoons, deep-down, fear they are not enough. Bad trait in a leader. I figured it’d be easiest to self promote by simply…..self promoting like the dickens.

Example; buy our new course. Yep, Sue-Ann and I plan to make you happy as a blogging pig in slop with our new course. Do you see how I got right to the point? No beating around the bush. I promoted me, and, Sue-Ann, clearly explaining why you need to buy our blogging course….by saying….buy it, and you will be a happy blogger. Promoting yourself through virtually all content you create is the easiest, simplest way to find the happy medium between being a shy guy or shy gal and being an arrogant, boastful, bragging clown. The real secret is to keep promoting self through all the self-conscious, anxious, money-related, appearance-related fears most of us cling to, before we become clear, confident self-promoters.

Put Attention on Your Readers

Do you feel disgusted with wasting time online? Do you want to drink up sweet blogging freedom, using your time online effectively, powerfully and efficiently? Buy my eBook:

How to NOT Waste Time Online

Let us rewind for a moment, shall we? Time to review how I promoted myself by putting attention on you, you rocking readers of Blogging Tips Dot Com. I promoted self because I promoted my eBook. I make money every time you buy the eBook. Cool. Feels good to me. But did you notice I asked if YOU felt disgusted, and if YOU wanted to drink up sweet blogging freedom, before I promoted ME? This is one secret to promoting your products and services without looking like a dingbat. I helped you by putting the attention on you, making my self-promotion about you and me. We both win. You access a freeing, fun, valued resources and I access an energy we call “money”. Fair exchange, methinks. I never come off as bragging, being boastful or outright being a cocky jerk because I make it about US. See how thinking about everybody, and bringing folks together, benefits everyone? Cultivate your sense of compassion guys; developing this skill helps you go far in blogging, and, in life.

Be Subtle in Sharing Your Accomplishments

Feel free to share your accomplishments if you feel doing so boosts your credibility. But never be a flat out braggart by speaking about yourself in boastful, self-centered, self-serving tones. Why? Doing so turns off folks because braggarts secretly do NOT believe in themselves, and need that facade of boastfulness to even dream of trying to succeed online. Every braggart is broken. Point blank. Even if you achieved immense worldly success and appear to be happy, the appearance is an illusion, as you do not believe in yourself, and people who do not believe in themselves cannot succeed in leading others. Be subtle in sharing your wins. Be delicate in sharing your feats. Humble yourself. Allow other folks to do the bragging so you promote yourself from a relaxed, chill, attractive energy.


Tap those Twitter and Facebook buttons to spread the word on this important topic of self-promoting. Let’s empower bloggers to taste sweet success by teaching them how to promote themselves the right way, shall we?

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First off guys; everybody requires different needs online. Some folks love static sites because a static website checks all boxes for you. Experience sweet success without blogging one bit. Can, and does, happen, quite a bit online for entrepreneurs. But since we blog on a blogging tips blog, you arrived to learn more about blogging tips, eh? Good. In most cases, blogs are better options than static websites for a whole host of reasons. I believe reason #1 is the dynamic, easy to update, nature of a self-hosted, WordPress dot org blog. Imagine wanting to share help via online content. Updating static sites is a slow, blocky, inorganic, pain in the butt process. Nobody wants to struggle just to share helpful content. Do you? Of course not.

Blogging gives you the platform for publishing helpful online content quickly, easily, seamlessly, thru a properly formatted, easy to digest medium. Yep guys; it is called a “blog post”. Think how easy it is for me to write and publish this post in 20 minutes and think how easy it is for you to read, process and use this blog post in a few minutes. We both win. But imagine if I tried to share this information through a static site? Not only would it require well over 20 minutes of my time, the content would be formatted in ugly, not easy to digest, fashion, and neither you or I would benefit as quickly and easily. We both lose.

Blogs offer unlimited branding and monetizing potential due to the rich library of blog themes, robust plugins and monetizing options available via a WordPress dot org blog. In essence, these blogs seemed to be designed solely for the purposes of standing out, offering service and yep, making a sweet online income, too. Not so with static sites. Updating a static site may seem like a pain but trying to customize the site to be a one of a kind web portal, seems highly difficult to virtually all entrepreneurs. Static sites do not boast the same massive library of themes for choosing, to maximize your branding potential. Plug ins? Pulllleese….non-existent. Monetizing potential takes a hit because some affiliate programs turn you down if you do not offer a rich library of trusted content on your static site, and as we already reviewed, updating your static website with fresh, helpful content proves to be a Yeoman’s task. Like, trying to walk this 140 pound dog, around NYC, as I am doing now.

How about the fun factor? Blogging – to my biased eyes hehehe… – feels much more fun because of the skills you learn, the energy spent practicing and the overall sense of fulfillment learning how to blog effectively on a WordPress dot org blog. I have oodles of fun and a genuine feeling of accomplishment learning all the in’s and out’s of blogging, and, I feel so good helping folks through this rich, robust medium. Again; biased eyes here. But for most entrepreneurs, blogging proves to be a richer, more enjoyable experience. Of course you face more challenges and you need to put in significant time and energy to learn and master multiple skills with blogging, but most of us want to enjoy the work, and, we want to work, to render useful service.


Do you want to taste sweet freelance writing success? I wrote an eBook to help you rock out your freelance writing business. Buy it here:

How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

Smash those Twitter and Facebook share buttons to help more budding freelance writers, OK guys? Let’s spread the word to empower a new generation of freelancers.



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