moneyA major struggle most bloggers face is with “monetizing” their blog but my own personal experience has given me insight into one of the main reasons why most bloggers won’t make any money from their blog.

To put things in perspective, I didn’t start to make money blogging until after a year of blogging; initially, I knew blogging would eventually be a source of income for me but even after a year of blogging, when I made my first “real” income from blogging, it was by accident.

I recently decided to experiment with building a sustainable income via blogging so I started a brand new blog and documented my progress publicly; I wanted to see how easy things will be if I were to start again from scratch, without using my name, existing connections and the audience I’ve built online before.

The result of this experiment was stunning; within two months of starting my new blog, I already had my first $500+ income month. I was making four figures monthly as a result of my new blog within 3 months of starting it; I wasn’t using my existing audience, name or anything so I believe this could give some insight into why it took me so long to get results when I first started blogging without anything skewing the results.

While there are a lot of factors that influenced my success with my new blog and the impact the experience I’ve gained over the years had on this can never be overstated, I think the most defining factor that had to do with my success with my blog was something else. That factor was the fact that…

I Saw My New Blog as a Business

When I was just starting as a blogger, everything was a hit-and-miss situation. However, with my new blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve from day one.

In fact, it was more than that. My new blog wasn’t a blog, it was a business. I didn’t just start a new blog but I started a website aimed at promoting my freelance writing business, so everything I did from day one on my new blog was aimed at generating new freelance clients for me and making money.

In other words, the key reason why most people can’t make money from their blogs is because it is just a blog, not a business. In situations like this, the bloggers who own these blogs keep blogging for months and years, experimenting with various ads services until one clicks. They don’t have a real business and don’t really know how to make money.

With that said, the key to making money from your blog is to start a business, not a blog. So, yes, you have a blog but it’s only a medium to drive the success of your REAL business.

Every Business Has a Way to Make Money

Calling your blog a business doesn’t necessarily make it a business; a real business actually has to generate money and this is why it’s important to have a monetization model before you start your blog.

When I started my first blog that took a year to start generating income, I didn’t have a monetization model. However, when I started my second blog that started generating income in under 2 months, my monetization model was offering my freelance writing service.

Of course, I’m not encouraging everybody to start being a freelance writer. That won’t work; there are several unique ways to make money from your blog and here are some notable examples:

1. Make a Living Writing: A notable example of an effective way to make money from blogging is demonstrated by Carol Tice’s blog; Carol has positioned herself as the foremost authority online when it comes to making a living as a writer. Due to the authority Carol has built as a result of her blog, her flagship membership site, The Freelance Writers Den, generates six figures in revenue every year.

Carol’s approach is the continuity income model; in other words, her blog serves as an effective referral of customers to her membership site.

2. Smart Passive Income: Probably everyone reading this post already knows Pat Flynn due to the authority he has built through his blog when the subject of making passive income is being discussed online.

Pat’s monetization model is affiliate marketing; when people follow some of the tutorials on Pat’s website, they have the option to purchase recommended resources through Pat’s affiliate links and he makes money when they decide to do so.

3. Make a Website: This isn’t a “blog” in the real sense of it; it’s more of a website that leverages its blog as a way to further help the business grow.

Jock Purtle’s website features various tutorials on the subject of building a website, starting a blog etc. and he makes money via affiliate marketing when any of his readers decide to purchase a product through his affiliate link.

4. Copyblogger: Most of the people reading this article will also be familiar with Copyblogger; Copyblogger is the foremost authority online when the subject of copywriting and content marketing are being discussed.

Founded by Brian Clark, Copyblogger’s monetization model is to sell software products and services to its readers who find content on the blog helpful.

The above are some notable examples of monetization models and you can find more examples by reading this article on business models.


Ultimately, whether you make money from your blog or not will depend on your plan to make money from it before you start. So, if you want to make money blogging you better start planning to make money from day one.