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If you’re passionate about blogging, perhaps you’re wondering how you can monetize your blog without compromising your content. In this respect, Monumetric is an ad network that has some specific benefits for both experienced and novice bloggers who want a bit more control over the ads displayed on their website.
In a market dominated by huge companies, Monumetric is still a favorite choice for many. In this article, we’ll talk more about Monumetric’s plans, features, and what you can expect by becoming their partner as a publisher.

More About Monumetric

Up until 2016, Monumetric was known as The Blogger Network. They rebranded the company for two main reasons. The first, because they wanted to move away from the term “blogger” to attract publishers of all profiles (if they do remain one of the favorite ad networks for bloggers.)
The other reason is that the term “network,” has some negative connotations regarding the relationship between publishers and advertisers.
Their focus is on automatic dynamic display ads that are contextualized for the content you’re creating. The way Monumetric works is not by pushing the publishers to chase more page views, but rather impressions.
This means that you’ll earn more if someone spends more time on your blog, rather than how many people have viewed it. It directly encourages publishers to create more engaging content that will keep the readers longer. Monumetric has four different programs: Propel, Ascend, Stratos, and Apollo.


Propel is Monumetric’s plan for beginner bloggers. There aren’t that many ad platforms around that will give a blogger with 10,000 views per month the chance to become their partner.
Monumetric does, but the application isn’t free. This is the only plan that they will initially charge you. The $99 charge is considered a one-time-only implementation fee. The Propel plan is reserved for anyone that has between 10,000-80,000 views per month.
Using Propel will allow you to use their custom reporting dashboard, take advantage of the mobile optimization, and receive professional advertising implementation.


Ascend is the next level program, reserved for publishers that have between 80,000-500,000 views per month. There’s no implementation fee. The services include everything you’ll find in the Propel program, plus the assigned ad team and access to more customization options.


Stratos might be a good solution for publishers that have anywhere between 500,000 to 1 million page views per month. The program was purposefully designed to accommodate major publishers. Features that are unlocked with Stratos are testing and data teams and third-party DoubleClick for Publishers integration.


Finally, the Apollo program is for publishers with over 10 million views each month. Monumetric will provide all the support necessary to increase the performance and earnings for publishers in this category.

Monumetric Application Requirements

The company has made it clear about what the traffic requirement is necessary to apply and has given more than one option.
However, traffic isn’t the only requirement publishers need to satisfy to start working with Monumetric. Here are other crucial requirements to keep in mind before choosing Monumetric:

  • You must use WordPress or Blogger platforms
  • The sidebar of your site needs to be 300PX wide
  • Major advertisers have to approve your site
  • A minimum of all traffic to your website has to come from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

These requirements mostly focus on the technical quality of your website, as well as the origin of the traffic. But that’s not the only thing that matters. You can have the best-designed website, but you can still be rejected if the content isn’t of premium quality.
It’s essential only to use original and unique content that readers will find useful and informative. Also, if the content is in any way offensive, that will result in an automatic rejection.

How Long Does It Take to Be Approved?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for any ad network out there. Monumetric won’t give you the exact timeline from the moment you submit your application to receiving approval.
But you can expect it to be anywhere between one to three weeks, depending on how big your website is and how much they have to review.

What Happens After You’re Approved?

If Monumetric accepts your application, the onboarding process will begin. The service will start finding the most suitable advertisers for your website.
This could take some time, too, depending on how quickly they hear back from the advertisers. When you get approved for ads, someone from the Monumetric contacts you, and you begin developing your ad strategy.

How Much Money Can You Make with Monumetric?

Every blog and website are different, that’s why this question is difficult to answer. The earnings can range anywhere between $5-$30 per 1,000 impressions. But that will depend on things like your blog’s niche and the advertiser.

How Monumetric Payments Work

Another incredibly important feature of any advertising network is how they pay their publishers’ earnings. Monumetric gives you two options as the payment method, bank transfer, and PayPal.
When you access your dashboard, that’s where you’ll be able to set up the preferred payment method. When it comes to payment frequency, that’s where Monumetric has a unique approach. They apply a net-60 payout schedule.
Essentially, this means that all the money you make in one month will be paid out 60 days after the end of that particular month. If you make $50 in January, for example, you’ll receive a payout in the first week of April.

Advantages of Using Monumetric

One of the best things about Monumetric is that they offer personal support to their publishers. Not everyone will go through the application process successfully, so the publishers who do experience the full Monumetric personalized treatment.
They allow you as the publisher to disable any ads that you disapprove of on your website. Another major benefit of partnering with Monumetric is that they will place the ads on your pages for you. You’ll need to give them access to the WordPress of Blogger dashboard to do so, but they’ll do all the embedding.
They have a program for blogs with 10,000 monthly views, making them a powerful competitor in the industry. Finally, they also have a referral program. You will receive 2% of earnings from any publishers who switch to Monumetric on your recommendation; however, only for a year, not indefinitely.

Disadvantages of Using Monumetric

The net-60 payout system seems to be the most problematic aspect of Monumetric. For some publishers with large revenues, that might not be important.
But for small to medium-sized blogs, that might seem like an unreasonable period to wait for payment. Also, the setup fee for the Propel program could be too steep for some.

How Does Monumetric Compare to AdSense?

Google AdSense is the dominating force in the industry, and most other platforms are often considered as its alternatives.
For that reason, it’s worth exploring how Monumetric measures up to AdSense. The most striking difference between the two platforms is that AdSense is mostly self-service, and Monumetric takes extra care to provide personalized service.
With AdSense, you’ll have to do everything yourself and hope everything works out, so it’s perhaps not the best option for beginners. With Monumetric, dealing with technical issues and ad placement comes with more guidance.

Is Monumetric the Right Adverting Platform for Your Website?

Perhaps the first question should be whether it’s worth giving Monumetric a try? The answer is going to depend on what type of website you have.
But if it fits into Monumetric criteria, then it’s unlikely you’re going to regret it. If you don’t have a lot of traffic, the fee might seem steep, but fortunately, it’s a one-off payment. Many Monumetric users appreciate the personal support and variety of ads they can place on their site.
For creators that focus on quality and continuity, this could be the ad service that could bring the most passive income.

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