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More People Work on Weekends Thanks To Mobile Devices, Men Like Mobile Shopping Better Than Women

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A new report has stated that more people are working on the weekends and even in bed thanks to their mobile devices.

Good Technology has noted recently some US workers are putting in as much as a month and a half of unpaid overtime because of their mobile devices.

The situation seems to be the same in other parts of the world.

British workers put in as much as three weeks overtime without pay as they are constantly checking emails.

Workers in both countries also say the extra work and the devices are necessary to keep up with the additional workload.

Staying with the mobile theme, another survey has some interesting results when it comes to online shopping and these mobile devices.

A September survey by uSamp shows that men are clearly more involved than women when it comes to shopping with mobile devices.

In fact, not only are men more likely than women to make a mobile purchase, they are also more ready to pay for what they’ve bought using mobile technology.

According to the numbers, 45% of men have made a mobile purchase as opposed to just 34% of women and there are more gender differences when the numbers are broken down in the categories of what’s actually bought.

Men like the digital content and electronic supplies better than their female counterparts, but the ladies like the coupons to make purchases like clothing.

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