Have you guest posted before?

If you go to any expert now and you ask him how to get more email subscribers, he will tell you to guest post.

He’ll tell you to do it because it worked for him.

Now, most of the blogs don’t accept guest posters, or it’s saturated with guest posts that you don’t get results as before.

It’s hard to get great results as before. Yet, Bryan of VideoFruit was able to get 500 subscribers from one guest post. He used one technique to get much more subscribers than any other blogger who guest post forever.

If you want to know it, continue reading. It’s easy to apply, so don’t worry.

Before we dive deep into this post, you may like to take a look at the previous posts of this series.

The technique Bryan used to get 500+ subscribers from one post

Bryan named this technique as expanded guest post.

If you would like to take a look at the post which generated 500 subscribers, click here, A Tale of Two Launches: One Made $43,380 and the Other -$1,385.

It’s interesting BTW. Check it and notice the difference between this post and any guest post you read.

How to apply the Expanded Guest Post technique?

In his post Expanded Guest Post: How to 100x the effectiveness of your next guest post, Bryan says that to apply this technique you need to follow 3 steps:

1. Use the phrase “For Example” a lot:

To make your post more effective, you need to provide a lot of value that you shock your readers and make them read the post more than a time.

One way to do this is to use this great phrase “for example.”

This enables you to provide much more value by giving live examples for people on how others did something and so on. They see what others did and start doing it themselves.

That’s why you need to use this phrase in your writing, not only in your guest posts, but also on posts you write on your blog.

2. Create expectation and Climax:


You need to build anticipation in your guest posts for readers to check your site at the end.

Bryan did this in his post on leadpages.

People would wonder, why did he share 3? Where are the other 7?

Of course, everyone reading this would want all the tips… that’s how he build expectation.

3. Offer a content upgrade:

one thing a lot of marketers do wrong is that they offer incentives not related to what they post.

Offer an upgrade that is related to the topic your published.

Here is how Bryan did it:

But how to create this content upgrade?

That’s what I’m going to cover in the next post.

For now, tell me what do you think about this idea? Will you try it? Post the link of the site you want to guest post on in the comments below and tell me how you plan to apply this techniqe.