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Most Liked YouTube Comment: What It Is & Did It Get Removed?

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One of the most remarkable phenomena on YouTube is the most liked comment.

For no apparent reason, a seemingly ordinary comment was left on a Billie Eilish music video and would become YouTube’s most liked comment.

It was strange, but nothing other than mere coincidence and luck.

Or was it?

There’s a bit more to why the comment became so famous.

Part of it may have been pure luck, but there are some key factors that made it fit so well with YouTubes algorithms and played a cardinal role in the comments’ success.

Keep reading to learn everything about the most liked comment and what you can learn from it.

What Is the Most Liked YouTube Comment?

The comment with the most likes on Youtube is the comment left by Swedish YouTuber Seth Everman on the music video for “Bad Guy” by  Billie Eilish.

The comment reads “I’m the bald guy” and is a pun referring to the song’s title.

It currently has over 3.2 million likes and holds the record for most-liked YouTube comments.

Do You Get an Award for the Most Liked Comment on YouTube?

Unfortunately for Everman, there is no official reward for having the most liked comment on Youtube.

Did the Most Liked Comment on YouTube Get Removed?

While the most liked comment didn’t get removed, you may not immediately see it when you search up the music video.

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of thousands of comments, here is a link that highlights the comment.

Is the Most Liked Comment on YouTube on the Most Viewed Video?

Everman’s most liked comment is not on the most viewed YouTube video.

While Billie Eilish’s music video has over a billion views, it pales in comparison to the number 1 most viewed video, which is Baby shark, with over 10 billion views.

As a matter of fact, Eilish isn’t even in the top 30 most viewed videos – if you can believe it.

What Is the Most Liked Reply to a Comment on YouTube?

The most liked reply to a comment on YouTube isn’t as clear-cut as the most liked comment.

There are no records of this comment, and it remains to be officially documented.

We can assume that it’s by a well-known YouTuber or celebrity, but this is merely speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Why the Comment Went Viral

As we mentioned before, while there may have been some degree of luck involved in the comment’s viral success, it was no mere coincidence.

Here are a few reasons the comment was so successful:

1. Popularity

Seth Everman wasn’t just a random onlooker commenting on a video.

He was a pre-established YouTuber with quite a following.

Currently, he has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and actively posts on social media.

His popularity played a pivotal role in the recognizability and acknowledgment of his comment, which is one of the reasons it got so many likes.

2. Placement

Whether intentional or not, the most liked comment was quite cleverly placed on the music video (music videos always receive the most views on YouTub) of a popular artist.

Additionally, the song was trending at the time and was subject to much viral content.

As a result, there was a heavy flow of traffic to the video, causing an exponential degree of growth for both the video and the comment.

3. Performance

So let’s talk about the performance of the comment “I’m the bald guy” by breaking it down on a fundamental level.

Seth Everman is known for his sarcastic, deadpan humor and is well-received due to this type of comedy.

Everman, who is notoriously bald, made a remark referring to himself as a “bald guy,” which is a pun based on the video’s key phrase “bad guy.”

It’s such a simple phrase yet speaks volumes to the audience.

The reason it performed extraordinarily well was due to its short and concise nature as well as its keen relevance to the video at hand.

4. Push

“I’m the bald guy” wasn’t just a one-and-done deal for Everman.

He made numerous videos that sort of promoted the comment and made it even more successful than it already had.

These supplementary videos gave both him and his comment a monumental amount of recognition and contributed to it becoming the most liked comment on YouTube.

What We Can Learn From the “I’m the Bald Guy” Comment

While it may seem shallow on the surface, there is a multitude of things we can learn from the “I’m the bald guy” comment and apply to other aspects of content marketing.

1. Leverage Your Existing Audience

“Use what you have.”

Everman did exactly that.

He leveraged his audience and bolstered his popularity through a clever self-promotion scheme.

2. Build on Popularity

It wasn’t just his own popularity he built off of; it was Billie Eilish as well.

Using his satirical parody of “Bad Guy,” he used these two videos to build off each other and create a comment that would eventually receive millions of likes.

It wasn’t just that, but once he got the train going, he created a snowball effect and kept building on popularity through videos and social media posts about the comment.

3. Post-Short Content

There are a few things Everman’s comment and his parody video have in common.

The first is that they are short.

Short content, while seemingly lacking in depth, is actually quite effective in capturing the audience’s attention with a punchline without losing focus.

4. Post-Simple Content

The second is that they are simple.

The comment is only 4 words long, while the video is only 47 seconds long.

This will retain attention and ensure the audience gets the full joke.

5. Post Funny Content

Many people go to YouTube for humor and funny content.

This is something most prospective content creators should learn to leverage if they wish to build an audience.

It’s not an easy trade to learn, but once it is, it’s beneficial for enticing viewers and keeping them interested.

6. Post Relevant Content

Notice anything about the comment, Billie Eilish’s video, and Everman’s supplementary videos?

They’re all related to each other and thus mutually exchange viewers and fans.

Trying to post irrelevant content will be doomed to obscurity.

Instead, relevance is a great way to stay on top and be found.

7. Post Personalized Content

“I’m the bald guy” was a comment directly referring to Everman himself.

Even if the viewer didn’t know who he was, his profile picture indicated that he was bald and allowed everyone to understand his joke.

By being more personalized, his content seemed to speak to his audience on a more relatable level.

It wasn’t some generalized statement; it was unique to him.

Most Disliked YouTube Comment

Unfortunately, the most disliked YouTube comment has been lost to time as the indicator for dislikes on comments has been disabled.

While the option to dislike a comment is still there, it does not serve any purpose to viewers other than help YouTubes algorithm.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it!

The most liked comment on YouTube was “I’m the bald guy” by Seth Everman.

Coincidentally, there was a lot of thought that was put into the making and supplementation of this comment, which itself was a supplement to one of his videos.

Despite the simplicity of it all, this comment teaches a valuable lesson on content promotion and is a prime example of effective marketing done in real-time.

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