Multiple Website Hosting – Is Shared Hosting Enough?

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Hosting more than one website on the same hosting account is possible. It’s called multiple website hosting and most of the best hosting companies provide packages allowing you to host as many domain names as you prefer.
However, the largest website hosting companies may not be the top choices for multiple domain hosting. They tend to pack their servers with a ton of accounts and give them unlimited everything. This can cause server issues and slower load times, which hurt your conversions and your SEO.
Top website hosting companies usually offer shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting options. Understanding which of these options is best for multiple website hosting is important. Will shared hosting be enough?

Necessary Features for Multiple Domain Name Hosting

Hosting more than one domain name on the same account requires a hosting account with the ability to do this. Most of the best website hosting companies provides very inexpensive packages, which only allow for hosting one domain name. However, you can upgrade for just a few dollars more per month to host multiple domain names.
Some hosting providers will offer an account with hosting for 5 to 10 domain names, while others will offer an unlimited domain name hosting option. You can decide which is right for you and upgrade, if necessary.
Along with the ability to host more than one domain name, you will need to make sure you have adequate disk space and bandwidth. Usually, the unlimited domain hosting options will also come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This will ensure you have enough resources for all of your domain names.

High Traffic Equals Slow Loading on Shared Accounts

Before we get into how high traffic will slow down the load times of your websites on a shared hosting account, it’s important to define high traffic. For shared hosting account, high traffic is around 1,000 to 5,000 visitors per day combined for your sites. When you reach this level, you’re shared hosting simply won’t cut it anymore.
If you don’t have 1,000 visitors coming to your site every single day, shared hosting is plenty for your multiple domain name hosting. You can get excellent shared hosting from FatCow for just $44 per year by Clicking Here Now!
If you do see more than 1,000 visitors per day or expect to eclipse this number soon, you will see your load times slow down significantly on a shared hosting account. This means it’s time to upgrade to a VPS capable of handling your multiple website hosting needs.
For those using a hosting provides without a VPS option, it’s important to compare web hosting companies for VPS hosting before choosing the right one for you. They are not all equal and won’t all provide you with the same resources for a reasonable price. FatCow offers VPS hosting packages starting as low as $29.95 per month with the ability for hosting multiple domains. Find out more about FatCow’s VPS hosting by Clicking Here!

Final Thoughts on Multiple Website Hosting

For most webmasters with two or more websites they need to host, shared hosting will be plenty. However, if you do get enough traffic to warrant the upgrade to VPS hosting, it will make a huge difference. VPS hosting can handle far more traffic without slowing your website load times down.
Get your shared or VPS hosting account from FatCow today and you will be able to host multiple domain names with ease.

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