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Best Murder Podcasts: 15 Examples

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It can seem odd to some that the popularity of movies, tv shows, books, and podcasts relating to murder has consistently risen over the years.

But, many are seemingly transfixed by the topic.

It’s intriguing to learn more about the detective work, psychology, and problem-solving that go into each case.

For those who can’t get enough, murder podcasts are available to listen to on the go or while working at your desk or cleaning.

In this guide, we list 15 examples of the top options to check out.

What Is a Murder Podcast?

Murder podcasts talk about unique and attention-grabbing crimes that have happened throughout the world.

Some cases are ones that top news channels frequently talked about, but others didn’t receive as much time and are new stories to listeners.

What Does a Murder Podcaster Talk About?

A murder podcaster will cover all the details that make a story one-of-a-kind.

Whether it’s the lack of evidence left behind, having no suspects, or a plot twist, you can expect to hear all the nuances involved in a case on a podcast.

What Is Included on a Murder Podcast?

Murder podcasts will inevitably speak to horrendous crimes that have occurred.

But many more elements go into the content, as we talk about below.

While podcasts aren’t always free, many are available at no cost.

Other Things You Can Find on a Murder Podcast

Murder podcasts differ substantially from other content because they cover an emotional topic that can significantly impact others.

You will find that a murder podcaster includes features to round out the story and provide different aspects and insight.

  • Overview: Oftentimes, people will tune into a podcast without knowing much about the case itself. So the host will devote a portion of the show to reviewing and summarizing what happened and where things stand currently.
  • Interviews: Many murder podcasts include consultations with a witness or expert on the case. At times the discussion will occur with someone previously unknown to be a part of the situation but whose involvement was later uncovered.
  • Evidence: When you are listening on an iPhone or Android device to the information rather than seeing it. Therefore, podcasters will speak in great detail about the evidence involved and what it means in great detail.
  • Theories: It is common for the host and guests on the show to offer ideas or personal thoughts about the murder and crime.

It’s helpful to know that some content is monetized.

Because podcasts earn through sponsorships, you may have commercials or advertisements between segments of your episode.

Types of Murder Podcasts

At first glance, you may think that murder podcasts come in one form.

But there are several different types that you can tune into via podcast or other content formats.

  • Fictional Murder Podcasts: When you think of reading a true crime novel and the fictional story playing out, you envision the same experience that a fictional murder podcast provides listeners.
  • Murder Podcasts for Tweens and Teens: These podcasts are for younger listeners. They lay the story out in a more gentle way. Additionally, some of the topics provide learning opportunities to those in that age group.
  • Murder Podcasts for Adults: A murder podcast for adults can comprise many different cases and styles. Some episodes and channels may target unsolved cold cases. Others may focus on crimes committed by women or serial killers.

Best Murder Podcasts: 15 Examples

You don’t always get what you’re looking for if you go online and type in “murder podcasts.”

While finding a podcast is easy, it can also be challenging to decide which one to check out.

And due to the popularity of podcasts, the number of great shows is only increasing.

How Many Murder Podcasts Are There?

While there isn’t an absolute number, it’s safe to say that there are hundreds of murder podcasts available online.

Many focus on specific genres, while others may dedicate shows or episodes to a particular case.

Fictional Murder Podcasts

As stated above, fictional murder podcasts bring stories that resemble real life but aren’t factual or accurate.

These podcast styles are the equivalent of a true crime novel from your favorite author and narrate a story from beginning to end.


What started as a fictional murder podcast is now a television series.

Limetown centers around a city in Tennessee with a small population of 300 people who seemingly disappeared overnight.

Gone without a trace, the podcast follows the case to find out what happened to the residents of Limetown.


Following the story of a man named John from the south, S-Town paints a fictional story about a man who brags about getting away with murder.

When John starts to pry with the help of a journalist, more killings begin to occur, and the small town ends up in turmoil.

Alice Isn’t Dead

In this fictional murder podcast, a trucker searches for the wife that many presume to be dead.

While the spouse feels otherwise, as she drives across the country in search of answers, she encounters many scary situations and individuals that make her think twice.

The Black Tapes

In this podcast, you follow along with a journalist.

This individual is determined to find the truth in a spree of crimes.

Their efforts come up against paranormal activity in ghosts and supernatural events.

How I Died

Many deaths have been taking place in Springfield, far more than usual.

A local forensic pathologist is trying to discover the cause of these deaths.

He has an advantage in finding the answer because he can talk to dead people.

Murder Podcasts for Tweens and Teens

Finding suitable podcasts for the younger crowd can be challenging no matter the topic.

And it’s even harder to pinpoint podcasts that center around murder and are also appropriate for this age bracket.

Serial Killers

screenshot of the serial killers homepage

As a twice-per-week podcast, each episode covers a different serial killer from the past.

In one session, you may learn about Jeffrey Dahmer and details about his murders.

The next could focus on a lesser-known murderer and why their case was more under the radar.

A Murder On Orchard Street

screenshot of the a murder on orchard street homepage

Produced by ABC News, this podcast is only nine episodes long.

It covers the murder of a New York City man and the effects his death had on his family and other areas of his life.

This series covers many aspects of death, including the grieving process and ripple effects.

My Favorite Murder

screenshot of the my favorite murder homepage

My Favorite Murder combines a serious subject and humor.

The hosts cover a different murder case with each new episode.

But they also have lighthearted breaks with humor to make everything easier to listen to.


screenshot of the criminal homepage

The podcast Criminal doesn’t just cover murder cases but a wide range of topics related to true crime.

They combat the intense issues by serving up short episodes of 30 minutes or less.

This time frame provides enough narrative without it being overwhelming to young viewers.

Sword and Scale

screenshot of the sword and scale homepage

This podcast covers some pretty intense cases.

But they speak to a different one for each episode.

So you don’t have to worry about listening in chronological order.

And you can pick and choose which ones are more suitable based on the episode description.

Murder Podcasts for Adults

The most extensive population to tune into murder podcasts is adults.

Therefore, much of the content is specifically for that demographic.

You will find many options within this genre to tune into, many even serving up several episodes a week.


screenshot of the suspect homepage

Taking a spin on unsolved crimes, Suspect tackles one case per season.

In the first, they investigated a murder during a Halloween party where the evidence went every which way.

Season two revolves around the disappearance of a 12-year-old female in Colorado.

LISK: Long Island Serial Killer

screenshot of the LISK long island serial killer homepage

In May 2010, the remains of a local sex worker came up on Long Island.

As the investigation went on, they discovered more bodies.

All of them were sex workers who were found in the same condition.

This podcast interviews those on the case and family members of the victims.

True Crime Obsessed

screenshot of the true crime obsessed homepage

Listeners appreciate this podcast for the times of humor that break up intense and distressing moments.

While the jokes are never specific to the murders and crimes themselves, they still offer a brief respite from the seriousness of the topic.

Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders

screenshot of the down the hill the delphi murders homepage

This podcast, produced by HLN, covers one specific case.

In 2017, two young girls were victims of a murder in Indiana.

A brief recording had a male suspect saying, “down the hill.”

This series, updated weekly, paints a picture of the case in its current state.

Crime Junkie

screenshot of the crime junkie homepage

Run by two best friends who have an obsession with true crime, Crime Junkie covers various cases by providing a unique perspective.

Keeping each episode brief at around 30 minutes or less, the hosts offer basic context and personal insight in each podcast.

Similar Podcasts Types To Check Out

If you like the idea of an intense storyline and ongoing episodes, there are other podcasts to check out that might speak to your interests.

  • Crime Podcasts: Instead of revolving around murder, crime podcasts focus on crime. You’ll find episodes that speak to those topics, whether it’s fraud, high-scale robbery, or massive theft operations.
  • True Crime Podcasts: While it may seem that crime and true crime podcasts are one and the same, there is one stark difference. True crime has a basis in actual events, whereas the other may include fiction.
  • Mystery Podcasts: This podcast style will provide a captivating script and intense information. Mystery podcasts typically follow cases of disappearance or other significant crimes and commonly have unique factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of interest in murder podcasts, and with that comes various questions related to the topic.

vector graphic showing an illustration of murder, with the words

What is the #1 murder-related podcast?

Many sources depict the murder podcast Serial as the top show to listen to on the topic.

As a fictional murder podcast, it has a production team with the same individuals as S-Town.

Has a podcast ever solved a murder?

There have been podcasts that have helped solve a murder, such as a case in Australia that was considered cold for many years.

Additionally, many podcasts have provided new insight that has turned into leads and re-opened cases that hadn’t undergone a review for years.

Wrapping Up

Murder podcasts are taking the world by storm.

There is something about the intensity of the stories and a bit of morbid fascination with the psychology and detective work that takes place behind the scenes of the crime.

The popular podcasts in this guide are highly rated by listeners and provide unique listening experiences for their target audiences.

With options for fictional story viewers, teens, and adults, you’ll never run out of quality options.

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